1. Baz59

    Wanted Cambridge Audio Minx 20/21/22 in White x2

    I am after a pair of these but they must be White. Thank you.
  2. J

    For Sale CA minx min12 black speakers (pair)

    Hi. I am selling my minx min12 in excellent condition, boxed.
  3. Jigga Jackson

    Cambridge Audio Minx Min20

    Hello all, I'm just getting back into my AV obsession and need a bit of help chaps. I have 5.1 set up of Cambridge Audio Minx Min20 in black which look really nice in the small living room they are in, but one thing really bugs me; the centre speaker looks better in a horizontal set up but the...
  4. C

    Cambridge Audio Minx Min 22's as front height speakers

    Hi everyone, My first post here. Am so glad to have found this forum and find myself regularly browsing and absorbing all the knowledge here in my spare time! I am thinking of getting Min 22's as front height speakers and will be fixing them to the wall, facing the MLP. Currently have Onkyo...
  5. MJNewton

    Thoughts on a Cambridge Audio Minx based 5.1 system?

    Apologies in advance for the preamble but I feel the need to set the context... In around 2003 I bought my first 5.1 surround system - a JVC TH-A75R - and had it for around 15 years. I don't know at what level it was pitched at when it came out but I can only have been a few hundred quid and so...
  6. D

    Couch to wall surrounds DALI ALTECO C-1, Minx, other?

    Hi, The last time I frequented these forums I ended up with a 42" Panasonic G10 Plasma, Sony DA2400ES receiver, Q Acoustics floor standers for L, R, + surround, a QA centre and a BK XLS200 sub. It's all still going strong some 11-12 years later however a long overdue room layout change where I...
  7. T

    Looking for advice on CA Minx set up

    Hi all, Moving house shortly and looking to upgrade my Canton Movie 75 set up for the Cambridge Audio Minx. Trying to decide between the 3xMin 22 and 2xMin 12 or 5xMin 22. Is it worth going 22 all round? Also trying to decide between the X201 and the X301. main reason for choosing Minx is the...
  8. A

    Cambridge audio minx 22 or JBL Control 1 Pro for Atmos

    Im in the process of preparing for a long overdue atmos update and have shortlisted these speakers for atmos duties in 4 x ceiling mounted configuration. I have a big room to fill and compliment a Monitor Audio GR 5.1 setup I'm very happy with. Cost and appearance to one side, which model is...
  9. chinois

    Question Upgrade advice for CA Minx Xi + KEF Q300

    Dear all, I hope some of you could help me to decide on my next upgrade of my system. Currently, I have a Cambridge Minx Xi network streamer integrated amplifier with a pair of KEF Q300 speakers. I connect my TV using optical to the streamer, I also listen to internet radio on the streamer as...
  10. R

    CA minx xi radio sound distorted

    Hi I have had the minx xi box for several years and it's been great. Today while listening to radio 6 music the sound was severely distorted. On the display it had the message. " ICEcast stream" under where it says the radio station. I tried factory reset and re selecting radio 6...
  11. S

    Cambridge Audio Minx CA600P stands with Cambridge Audio Minx MIN22

    Does anyone have these Minx MIN22s mounted on the stands? I'm interested to know a couple of things: The base plate is rectangular with a long and short side. Can the tube/stand be orientated in any direction for example the base being perpendicular to a back wall with the speaker turned in...
  12. K

    Cambridge Audio Minx with Sx80 combination?

    Hi Everyone, newbie here. I’m currently running a 5.1 setup with a Minx 5.1 setup. i have a chance to pick up a pair of SX-80 speakers on the cheap and am wondering if they would work together, and more importantly work well together. Grateful for your advice! Karl
  13. D

    Use Minx 400M Bracket for other speakers

    Looking at getting some Minx Mini 12's for height channels. And I thought the mounting bracket looks to be amazingly small and unobtrusive. Has anyone adapted these to mount other brand speakers. e.g some Polk satellites?
  14. mitch

    Alteco or Minx

    I’ve currently got a pair of altecos mounted on the wall but I’m wondering about ceiling mounted a pair of Minx instead. How much of a sound upgrade would I benefit from if went down this route.
  15. D

    Atmos eltax or minx

    Hey currently have some estate uprising atmos speakers but was wondering if camberidge audio minx 12s or 21s placed at front height may give better effect, anyone have any thoughts on this ?
  16. M

    Cambridge Audio Minx Frankenstein Mixup

    Hi all, So i noticed the CA Minx speakers were on sale at Richer Sounds so Black Friday make me open my wallet. This is to replace my Boston Acoustic Soundware, mainly because the sub auto switches off when it ‘thinks’ it’s no longer needed... (it’s super annoying) but another reason is that...
  17. RobPotts

    minx min 22 and Gemini II

    Hi I have an old 1990's Teac Reference 500 system, rega planar 2 and currently B&W 602's, but they're sat on the floor at the back of the room next to the sofa. Due to space restrictions and my SO I am looking for some really small speakers I can attach to the wall in front of me and then run a...
  18. Jessica Jones

    Question White noise problem - Cambridge Audio Minx X300 Subwoofer

    Hi Apologies if this has been covered before but my Minx X300 suddenly started making a hissing noise whilst watching a movie on Netflix last week. Now the noise is constantly there when I switch it on. Is this a common problem on these and if so, is it fixable? I haven't even had the sub that...
  19. S

    Question Which surrounds with floorstanders in 5.0 please? CA min12/22 or Q acoustics 7000i or 3010.

  20. tonyadamson

    Bargain Cambridge Audio Minx series

    Just in case any of you out there were thinking of getting the Minx speakers, they have been reduced in price at Amazon and Richer Sounds Minx 12 are now £49 Minx 22 are now 89.99 Got myself a couple. Great bargain at this price. Selling fast though on Amazon!
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