1. H

    Can I connect minidisc deck to Sony amp?

    Just bought a Sony MDS-SP55 from eBay and hoped to connect to my Sony amp DAV DZ 531W. Didn’t realise no power on the md deck will this work with my amp sorry clueless with these matters. Ramsay
  2. RadiantDuck

    Sony Minidisc MZ-R70 stuck in Service/Test mode

    Hi, new member, so apologies if it's the wrong place! And it may be a bit niche! I've picked up a Sony Minidisc recorder MZ-R70 which has an intermittent issue. It goes automatically into test/service mode. I've tried looking online and following what others have said such as just removing the...
  3. J

    A Minidisc player that beeps?

    Many apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place, it's my first day. I've got a Sony Minidisc player I've been trying to sell on eBay. Whilst testing to make sure it works, I tried to play a recordable MD I'd loaded some songs on, and all I could hear was a short tone followed by silence. The...
  4. F

    Sony minidisc ja333es error blinking

    Hi all, Hope someone can help me! My minidisc is in the screen the following blinking message “TOC”....appears. I cant turn the device on or off. Does this ring a bell for someone? Is it possible to do a kind of factory reset? Please let me know. Thanks Edwin
  5. Slow John

    Yamaha MDX minidisc Optical output

    I'm trying to rip my minidisc collection to FLAC using a Creative Labs Sound Blaster (SB1240). My old (and amazing, by the way) Yamaha MDX-596 - probably 17-18 years old - has an optical output that takes a Toslink cable and it works fine into the optical input of an amp, which means I assume...
  6. A

    Question Technics MD SJ-HD501 not being picked up through Amplifier

    So I recently got my Technics md sj-hd501 fixed after a MD reading issue (it was dusty as hell and needed a clean) the technician said he was playing music through the system in his workshop, but upon getting it back I for the life of cannot get my Sony amplifier to pick it up, the amplifier is...
  7. N

    Technics minidisc St-HD501

    Hi Can anyone help please. I’ve had this player for 20 years. It’s been well looked after. Not used the minisdisc much in recent years. A few week ago I inserted a disc and seconds later the disc was ejected. On the display it said disc error N1 F15. I read that it could be dust. Gave it a...
  8. D

    Question Where can I fix Sony MDS-JA333ES

    Hello, is there a recommended service centre which can repair a Sony MDS-JA333ES Minidisc deck? The disc tray is stuck and is no longer ejecting. Thank you.
  9. U

    Question Vintage Minidisc Separate Issue - Denon DMD-1000

    Hi all, I have recently acquired a perfect condition Denon DMD-1000 MiniDisc separate to add to my system. I bought it as faulty as the guy informed me that it was loading/ejecting discs erratically. Being an ex-VCR engineer, I immediately opened it up once received and found that there was a...
  10. B

    Anyone know the specs of the Sony MDS-JE510

    Hi everyone So I have a Sony MDS-JE510 Minidisc Deck I've searched online and couldn't really find anything. Does anyone know the specs of the DAC that this deck has? Thanks
  11. MoFoHo

    Retro-tech thread

    Hi all. After posting some pics of a Denon Minidisc deck I got off of Ebay on the 'recent purchase' thread, I was bowled over by the response. It seems Minidisc was a VERY well loved format, and probably the sight of a Minidisc deck brought back some memories... So I thought I'd try...
  12. L

    Repair Minidisc HiFi separate in the UK/EU. Recommendations?

    Are there any individuals or companies known to AVForums users that I should consider for such a repair? This is a Denon unit from the mid-90s. The fault seems to be minor: the unit doesn't read discs for long or sometimes not at all. Thanks
  13. Mel_P

    Sony Minidisc player - won't read minidisc - Error 13

    This seems to be a common error on minidisc players after a certain time (or probably period of non-use). You push the minidisc in - it says "Reading TOC" - BUT the minidisc doesn't spin round - and it is ejected with an "Error 13". I suspect it is some mechanical fault with the disc rotation...
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