1. paul1979

    For Sale Mini consoles

    Ps1 BNISB Sega mega drive mini - used2x (has box, all inners, ties etc and will look as new) 6button controller from saga. Can be used on mac, switch, mags drive used 2x but boxed all in mint condition
  2. J

    Sky Q Mini Box - Fine on Netflix, rubbish on Sky Q

    I've got a 2TB Sky Q box (wired), 3 minis (1 x wired, 2 x wireless) and two boosters (1 x wired, 1 x wireless) - Sky are also my broadband provider. What I don't understand is that I get really poor performance on the two wireless mini boxes when watching Sky Q (blue screens, freezing, x's...
  3. N

    sky mini box

    Anyone else had their mini box go down , mine isn't working at all now , it was interment at first but now not working at all, I have no booster as I only live in a flat. I paused sky sports last night hope that isn't the reason ! Also with the strain on the infrastructure at the moment is it...
  4. C

    Sky Q Ethernet/Wi-Fi Questions and Problems

    Hi, I have a 2tb Sky Q setup with a booster and 3 mini boxes. The system is basically the main box in the lounge at the front of the house, a room we don’t really use much, a booster provided by Sky in the hall with the signal going through to a kitchen with a mini box. The signal then goes...
  5. neuty

    Mac mini 3,1 Help.

    Hi All, rse Ive tried to be clever and install OS Catalina to my old Mac mini 3,1 which was running Mavericks. It took a fair bit of messing and playing around but I got it working. I say working is a stretch as its SOOOOOOOOOO painfully slow. I now realise I was better off leaving it as it is...
  6. craiginuk

    For Sale iPad mini 4 32gb space grey

    iPad mini 4 32gb space grey. Good used condition. Has had a screen cover fitted (still on) in my ownership. Built in microphone not working but otherwise 100% and works fine when using headphone mic. Have shown pic where screen protector is coming a way a little due to a bit of dust underneath...
  7. S

    For Sale Ipad Mini 5 2019, 64GB Space Grey, Wifi

    Purchased on 29/2/20 from Argos but I have since ordered the new 12.9" Ipad Pro ;) Boxed with receipt, charger etc as if you were buying it new. Will include a cheap generic case, not pictured. Cant post till Wednesday 25th March at the earliest though due to work commitments. Any questions...
  8. R

    Wanted Mac mini (2018) - i7 3.2Ghz

    Anyone looking to move one of these on...? Any spec considered, but must have the i7 3.2 Ghz processor. Thanks!
  9. aandpwoodley

    For Sale Mini DSP 2x4HD & WI-DG Bridge

    Both boxed in great condition, these are currently only for sale together, happy to post at buyers expense. Any questions feel free, Priced to sell so not taking offers, £200 for them both plus delivery Thanks Andy
  10. B

    For Sale 8bitdo Retro Receiver (Bluetooth) for NES / SNES mini

    Designed for using 8bitdo bluetooth pads with a NES/SNES mini, but believe you can also use this to use other bluetooth compatible pads with your console (e.g. Sony DualShock 4) - as per manufacturer's FAQ here - Retro Receivers for NES/SNES Classic Edition faq | 8BitDo Comes in original...
  11. diskou80boy

    Wanted MFF, SFF, Nuc or similar

    hi looking for a mini desktop could be dell ,lenovo , hp or similar intel.. looking at least i5 cpu , 8gb ram , quiet operational. budget around £200
  12. D

    For Sale .

  13. fizzrok

    For Sale LaCie Rugged Mini 5TB - Brand New

    LaCie Rugged Mini 5TB. Condition is New. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class.
  14. U

    Wanted Auralic Mini in Black

    Looking for an Auralic Mini in black finish. The standard psu is fine and no need for any hard drive. Unit must be in excellent condition, preferably boxed.
  15. JabbaNut

    Bargain The C64 Mini from £35.99

    I know of these offesr but have never used them, so do your own checks etc . Do also see if you can find them cheaper elsewhere too. https://www.zavvi.com/games/the-c64-mini/11563757.html? C64 SOLD OUT try £35.99 inc p&p...
  16. joker3001

    For Sale iPad Mini 5 64gb Wifi & 4g - Silver with white apple cover

    iPad Mini 5 Wifi and 4g Silver and White White Apple Cover Screen Protector on since I got it Back has a skin on it. Pics to come. J
  17. ShardsOfMe

    For Sale iPad mini 4 64GB Space Grey Wi-Fi + Cellular (see description)

    Selling my wife's iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular 64GB in Space Grey as she has upgraded to an iPad Pro. This was bought as a Wi-Fi only model from the local Cash Converters, however it is a Cellular model but the Cellular side (which appears to be locked to the O2 network) is iCloud locked -...
  18. ArthurSlough

    Wanted Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Intel PCI-E Mini

    Hello Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Intel PCI-E Mini... Anyone ?:) Cheers
  19. M

    Question DJI Mavic Mini vs Phantom 4

    I'm in a dilemma right now. Can you please help me? I'm about to go off to a holiday and I need a drone by next week. I live in the UK. Would you recommend buying: 1. second hand DJI phantom 4 (the basic version) from my cousin for 400 pounds? 2. A second hand phantom 4 Pro from my cousin for...
  20. goatlips

    Wanted Mini dsp UMIK-1

    Looking for a used good condition Mini DSP UMIK-1....
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