1. rebum

    Upper mid-range LED TV buying decision (budget €2000)

    I want to buy a 65" upper mid-range LED TV. My buying criteria: Strict budget of € 2000, availability in central europe No OLED - the room is very well lit and there will be some direct sunlight in the evening (risk of image retention and possible damage) Android is preferred (may be...
  2. A

    Mid range 4K TV advice Sony/Samsung

    Greetings everyone, amazing forum here - I have learned a lot today, but still would hear some suggestions. I'm after a new 4K TV, I had Sony 49xd8077/8099, but it got damaged and I need a replacment, currently using old KDL-40S2510 as an emergency solution. My budget is £500-650, I would...
  3. rborovec

    Looking for Goodmans Achromat 400 midrange driver

    Hi, have a nice pair od Goodmans Achromat 400 speakers from the late 70s, but one of the midrange drivers is giving me problems, mostly on guitars and pianos giving strange vibrating, purring overtones. I am afraid I am loosing it so I am looking for replacement. Which type exactly is that...
  4. IziBartek

    Opinions on mid-range phones

    I am looking for a good mid-range phone. I have been looking at the Huawei Mate 10 Lite for the last few days and was wondering if there's something better out there? Any opinions are appreciated
  5. K

    Going from older high end (LX82) to newer midrange

    Hi, My current setup has a pioneer LX82 which I was very happy with. However, After moving to a new place, it seems that the surround speakers went "missing". I have tried to calibrated with MCACC several times as well as manually increase the level - but still I'm missing something in the...
  6. Nelly

    Advice on which new budget - midrange to pick

    Currently using a Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 provided by work, its ok but find the camera isnt great plus its only 16GB internal which is frustrating as despite having an SD slot not many apps can move to SD so easy to run out of space. I do like that the A3 isnt huge & can be used easily with 1...
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