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  1. T

    Best 50/55inch TV for ~£600? Decision Hell.

    Hi guys, hoping someone can help make my mind up... I've read seemingly all the reviews of every TV on sale this year and several forum posts, and still not sure what to go for... Basically decision paralysis. I'm upgrading from a 10 year old, 40" LCD Samsung 1080p. So I suspect whatever I buy...
  2. rebum

    Upper mid-range LED TV buying decision (budget €2000)

    I want to buy a 65" upper mid-range LED TV. My buying criteria: Strict budget of € 2000, availability in central europe No OLED - the room is very well lit and there will be some direct sunlight in the evening (risk of image retention and possible damage) Android is preferred (may be...
  3. Bob Sacamano

    Mid-range bookshelf speaker advice

    Having inherited a bit of money, I’m looking to put together a new, mid-range system from scratch. So far I’ve picked up a Rega Planar 3 (with the Elys 2 cartridge) and Rega Brio amp, but am struggling to choose a pair of sneakers to finish it off. With Covid, going to a shop for a demo isn’t...
  4. B

    Looking to replace Sony DA3500ES, (older Arcam/Cambridge Audio or new mid range Sony)

    So I've just bought a new LG nano led TV, and found out that my ageing Sony DA3500ES doesn't have hdmi arc. Which is kinda annoying. I must have been using it with an optical on my old plasma but the remote used to work with the volume and on/off. So I'm reluctantly looking at replacing the...
  5. P

    Seeking recommendation for 4K OSD support mid range

    I'm looking for a mid-price Receiver that supports Volume OSD with 4K/60 video and Atmos. I've been using a Denon 2200W and recently replaced my older Epson 8350 1080p with an Optima UHD60. I thought I was safe with the receiver supporting 4K but have discovered some issues starting with it...
  6. E

    Mid Range or Budget?

    Hi Everyone, I'm moving my current TV into the kitchen and so I need a new TV for the lounge. I currently have a 10 year old LG 42SL8500. The viewing distance for the new TV will be 1 - 2 metres depending on where you're sitting. It will mostly be used for Netflix, SD/HD content, PS4 Pro. I'm...
  7. saf94

    Question PS4 Pro on mid range 4k TV - worth upgrading from original PS4?

    Hi guys. I am interested in getting the PS4 pro but would like to know whether it's worth the upgrade. I have a Samsung KU6400, mid range 4k tv, and would like to know how much of a difference it is from the original PS4 and whether there would be much noticeable difference on a midrange 4k tv...
  8. D

    Question 55” High End vs 65” Mid Range @ 10ft

    Hi guys, I’ve been painstakingly researching a TV to upgrade from my 9 year old 720p Panasonic 42” plasma, which has been fantastic for both SD and HD content. Main sources are Netflix streaming, Freeview SD & HD and iTunes rentals and purchases. Viewing distance is 9 to 10 feet. With a tight...
  9. M

    Cheap or Mid Range?

    Hi Everyone, My 4 year Samsung h6670 has just died on me and so I'm looking for a replacement. Wasn't planning on a upgrade so my budget is limited. Would love to be able to afford a Sony with decent HDR but the wife isnt letting me go that high. So I was wondering would it better for me to...
  10. Crauf

    Xa1 or p10 lite smartphone

    Narrowed my choice down to the Sony Xa1 and the Huawei p10 lite based on tariffs. Don't use the camera a great amount so the p10 lite is edging it especially as I've read a few worrying things about the Xa1 touch screen. Any views? I've always had Sony phones so I suppose in just worried about...
  11. C

    Mid Range CD Player

    As many of you will know I own a Yamaha NP-S303 Streamer, AS1100 Amp and a pair of Q Acoustics Concept 20's on dedicated stands. A bit lopsided I guess some of you will say with a £1150 Amp playing into a pair of £500 (inc stands) Speakers but I am more than happy with the sound I am hearing so...
  12. C

    Which Mid Range AV Receiver? Should I wait?

    Hi All, I'm having some real trouble choosing a new av receiver as an upgrade. Currently I have a Onkyo TX-NR1007. It's been a great receiver, but developed a small issue when it starts up. Prior to this I had a Sony STR - DA5400ES again was a great receiver but blew the B speakers. I'm soon...
  13. M

    Question Looking for a Low to Mid Range 4k HDR 10 TV

    Looking for high peak brightness, maybe above 600. Price- Max £800 Full Array Local Dimming would be nice.
  14. rulocal

    Question Mid Range Receiver with Preouts

    I currently use an old Yamaha DSP AX761 and use the preouts to route the Front Left and Front Right channels (in a 5.1) into my integrated stereo amp so I can run my DAC into the integrated and use the same front speakers for music. I am now looking to buy a new AV receiver as the Yamaha...
  15. Paulpen

    Question A simple mid range soundbar ?!

    After having my LG OLED55B6 for 6 months ive decided that id like a soundbar to help liven things up a bit. Not being wall mounted it will need to be able to sit infront of the tv without obstructing it. I was looking at the LG SJ8 as it seemed to be a good allrounder and would fit nice and...
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