1. R

    Question Neff C17MR02.0B - Combination Microwave

    We purchased 5 Neff appliances in 2016 for a new kitchen extension. One of the ovens is a C17MR02.0B, after 1 year it started going wrong, we could not use the microwave in combination with the oven it just kept switching off. Called Neff and after 3 attempts to repair with days to Christmas...
  2. M

    Siemens Combi Oven - Microwave stopped working

    I have a Siemens combi microwave oven HT5HB86P which works fine except for the microwave. If I try to use the microwave functions the whole oven switchs off after about 2 seconds. It may be a coincidence but this fault developed after my wife put an aluminium tray in to microwave some potatoes.
  3. Tempest

    Is there a Microwave that won't turn on if it's empty?

    Does anyone know if there is a normal (no grill etc) microwave oven that will not turn on if there is nothing in the oven. Yes, I know it's very important that you should not run a microwave empty, which is part of why I'm asking this question. I understand there are some models of microwaves...
  4. N

    Neff C17MS32N0B microwave - don't buy before you read this|!!

    The Neff C17MS320B combi microwave is (supposedly) a top end item to match the latest Neff Hide and Slide ovens (as seen in Bake Off). This oven is a sold and marketed as a 1000w unit. The user manual says that the max time on full power (1000w) is 30 minutes which is pretty standard for...
  5. Tempest

    Programmable Microwave - Does such a thing exist?

    I've never seen one, and given how easy it would be to make, and quite handy for some people, perhaps with kids or the elderly, or anyone really. A programmable microwave. Before you say of course there is, let me explain what I mean :) I mean, being able to set a power level and a time, and...
  6. TB303

    Recommended Microwave? Built In, big, low radiation

    Hello People, I'm looking to replace an old built in microwave, we don't like it we inherited it in a flat we bought. My wife is especially concerned because it leaks radiation, she got a gizmo that measures radiation. It's a fairly big microwave:H454 x W595 x D563 mm so the replacement should...
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