1. S

    For Sale Microsoft XBox Game Pass/Game Pass Ultimate codes

    Hi, I have some XBox codes to sell (edit: UK region). Each one is valid for 12 months of Game Pass, or 5 months of Game Pass Ultimate (which includes XBox Game Pass, XBox Live Gold, and Game Pass PC). If you already have Game Pass Ultimate, they go straight into your account as 5 months of...
  2. B

    Wireless keyboard Microsoft. Keeps typing itself

    hi guys. I found an old Microsoft wireless 3000 keyboard.. However when I use it it auto types and it has a mind of its own. Nothing is pressed again it? Any idea? Is it interference?
  3. King Tones

    Microsoft Rewards

    So seems a lot of new gamers in this section recently and a lot of people have ordered a Series X or Series S. So you want to make gaming or subs a little bit cheaper.... Well Microsoft has got you ! Welcome to Microsoft Rewards... You get Points for Searching via Bing on mobile and desktop...
  4. R

    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 - price predictions?

    Hi, I've been planning to buy a Microsoft Surface Laptop for a while, but I've been waiting to see if the price of the Laptop 3 reduces ahead of the launch of the new generation. I wondered if anyone knows when Microsoft usually drops its prices around the launch of a new model, and whether the...
  5. pratibha91

    Microsoft edge vs Google Chrome

    Windows has upgraded its internet explorer to edge, whose interface is almost similar to Google chrome. But speed may vary. So, can you share your opinions about this which is better to use?
  6. TheReloaded

    Question Anyone else have an offset blue and red square on the Microsoft logo of Office 2019?

    Hello everyone! I have installed of MS Office 2019 and the first thing that stuck out to me is the offset blue and red square on the Microsoft logo. This "bug" is driving me mistake. Do I have OCD? Anyway, that's not the point. Can anyone confirm that this is not just me or it is? (Anyone...
  7. Wardster

    Question Advice for £50 ish earphones/headphones with a good mic for Microsoft Teams

    Evening guys, I am looking for some advice, I need a good paid of earphones/headphones for use with my laptop for Microsoft teams. I struggle with the Logitech over the head cans that I have, as wearing glasses causes discomfort, hence would prefer in ear. I don’t want to pay a lot as they will...
  8. L

    Best place to pre-order an Xbox Series X?

    Hi all, I was just wondering what the best place will be to pre-order an Xbox Series X (when they're available to pre-order)? I haven't ever pre-ordered a console before, and I haven't even bought one brand new in years, so I don't know which places are best? If anyone has had any experiences...
  9. G

    removing microsoft edge

    Hi all, I have one simple question.... How do i remove the microsoft edge program on my windows 10 laptop Ive tried uninstalling it from the program list in control panel/apps but the option is greyed out and i cant seem to find another way except for using the powershell which im not too...
  10. jjgreenwood

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Power of the cloud comes of age.
  11. A

    Is Microsoft Flight Simulator reason enough to buy XBox One?

    The new Microsoft Flight Simulator looks stunning. It might be the reason to buy a XBox now. What do you think about it?
  12. 6

    Lost Microsoft Edge

    Had a problem with my email, kept getting message could not connect to server. Managed to fix that but one of the things I did was a system restore and used the fix on the account. Email worked ok but the Microsoft Edge does not respond anymore, had to google Microsoft explorer to get on the...
  13. eliotcole

    Beware Windows 10 Local Accounts

    This isn't a massive ooooh nooo the boogieman ... Microsoft's online offerings are sensational, and they do a really good bit of work with their cloud products which I'd rate over any other (including Google Suite on 8 out of 10 points) however I think that those cloud services should be nowhere...
  14. MrSossidge

    Microsoft Office and Ebay

    I usually purchase a 12 month product for MS Office on ebay. They are genuine boxed items with a code inside. It is time again to purchase but there are now a rake load of what I would regard as dodgy listings. There are some listings spouting a disclaimer along the lines of I am assuming that...
  15. Ono

    Question OMG Microsoft / Live games and my new PC!

    Got my new PC set up and logged in via the XBox app in Win 10 hoping to see and reinstall some games which were on the MS Store thing - Gear of War games, Forza andf Minecraft. It no longer says I own them now and have to rebuy! Am I doing something wrong here? Are they all linked to my old PC...
  16. Spence0108

    Question PS5 vs Xbox series

    With more details coming out for each console (more so xbox) just wondering what people are edging towards more. If they are going to stay loyal to there chosen brand or change it up. Im personally edging towards more PS5 as the exclusive games edge out Microsoft for me with the likes of god of...
  17. Mr Noble

    Microsoft holiday gift

    If you receive marketing emails from Microsoft store etc , check email if you have this one click on the squirrel and you get £5 Xbox live credit 👍
  18. U

    Which Microsoft Office 365

    I have Microsoft 10 on my PC, and use Office 2010. It appears my Outlook 2010, is now not supported by my email server provider. I’m looking at subscribing to Office 365. There‘s just me and the misses that use the pc and have just the one email account. The misses has been saying she would...
  19. richardb70

    Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)

    Haven't seen a dedicated thread for this. New trailer out and my word this looks tasty.
  20. N

    Microsoft Edge keeps popping up

    Every time i start or awake my PC from sleep mode Microsoft Edge keeps opening up.It very annoying as i use Fire fox and dont use ME at all . Ive had the PC about a year but this started a month or two ago How can i stop it thanks
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