microsoft xbox series x

  1. Don Rogers Tash

    Game Tags.

    Mine is Hypnotoad4466 on Xbox. If you fancy an easy I am.
  2. Kravenius

    F1 22

    Anyone interested in or tried this years iteration? I'm on the fence at the moment although I really enjoyed 21. Think it's partly down to thinking this years F1 cars are crap.
  3. H

    Astro A50 2022 firmware has a problem that you may not be aware of?

    Hi, AT THE MOMENT THIS LOOKS AS THOUGH THE PROBLEM IS ONLY WITH THE XBOX AND NOT WITH THE PS THAT I KNOW OF... ASTRO GAMING released the long-awaited fix for the PS5 where the base station doesn't charge in fest mode. Logitech who down ASTRO GAMING has released a new firmware which is the...
  4. Don Rogers Tash

    Klonoa Remake.

    Got this on pre-order as I loved the original on Playstation. Anyone else ?
  5. T

    For Sale Xbox Series X

    Bought in December 2021 Microsoft online warranty expires 11/02/2023 In excellent condition with no scratches or marks. Boxed with everything it came with. Also included is 2 Rapthor rechargeable 2800 mAH battery packs and USB charger.
  6. Billy Goodgun

    Evil West - 20/09/22

    This looks like great fun, and is releasing on September 20th 2022.
  7. X

    Help with choosing disk or digital

    Good morning guys. Im interested in buying new console from xbox,and as you know there are two kinds of it. Because I want to get console with supporting 4k tv i will buy xbox series x and I have a question about disks. If I will buy a disk, first i have to download the game from it right? but...
  8. X

    Xbox series x,disk

    Good morning guys. Im interested in buying new console from xbox,and as you know there are two kinds of it. Because I want to get console with supporting 4k tv i will buy xbox series x and I have a question about disks. 1. If I will buy a disk, first I have to download the game from it right...
  9. Indiana Jones

    Blade Runner Enhanced Edition (23/06/2022)

    I only just read that this is coming next week after having been delayed indefinitely in 2020 :eek: I have always wanted to play it as love point and click games and being from the team that created Command and Conquer you know it has to be excellent so will be snapping this up :)...
  10. namicist

    For Sale Xbox Series X £330 delivered

    Boxed excellent condition lightly used console Selling as i use my pc more. £365 with RMSD included i am going away saturday so i can post up to sat morning or a week later once im back, All boxed ready to go.
  11. Eijin

    Help please

    I’m running xsx via marantz sr7015 to lg gx 65 all of those things were “green “ until just now for no reason. Couldn’t get dts x Master so went to settings and majority of my sound options are gone. Weird too when I used to choose sound option this menu wasn’t showing up on tv could only see...
  12. Billy Goodgun

    Flintlock: the Siege of Dawn

  13. Billy Goodgun

    Diablo 4

    Doesn't seem to be a Series X thread for this. Gameplay showcase looked incredible!
  14. Montefor

    For Sale Xbox series X Halo Infinite limited edition.

    Xbox series X Halo Infinite limited edition new. I purchased this around November 2021 directly from Microsoft but unfortunately the console was dead straight from the box so Microsoft replaced a brand new console, it was only switched on to check it was working okay, The Halo Infinite game is...
  15. steviedr

    The Plucky Squire (Releasing in 2023 PS5 - multiplat)

    Just posted today on the Nintendo thread by @BMox81 , its multiplat It did catch my eye last night - looks decent, watch until the end..
  16. O

    xbox series s turning off by itself.. power button fading when turned on!

    Hi all, I've had my series s for about a year now and I had no problems in the beginning. I stopped playing xbox altogether for about 2 months only to find that when I returned.. there were issues with the power supply. Whenever I turn on the xbox the power button fades (which indicates low...
  17. cogujada

    How to update squads in NBA 2K22 XBOX SERIES S

    Hey guys, I have GPU and gold in my XBOX series S, so I downloaded NBA 2K22 from the Game Pass, the problem is the squads are not fully updated (simmons in sixers, for example). How can I update the squads?? THX
  18. Dexy

    Xbox series X and ElGato

    Does anyone use an ELGATO with the xbox seriesx? Ive had an HD60 for years now and have started recording some footage, was looking at recording party chat or just my chat, does anyone know how this is set up?
  19. BarryMcKelvey

    Call of Duty, PS5 or Xbox Series X....??

    Hi As the thread title suggests, I'm looking at pre ordering Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I've always played Call of Duty on the PlayStation, now I have have both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X, I was wondering which console Call of Duty plays better on? In case anyone hasn't seen the...
  20. Bennyp281080

    For Sale Guardians of the galaxy Xbox series x / Xbox one

    Played once.
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