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  1. F

    Game sharing on Series X/S, and keeping old consoles

    Hi guys, I’m trying to understand how game sharing might work for my circumstances with the release of the series X. Can any body shed light on my scenario below.All games bought digitally console 1: my series x Console 2: cousins series x Console 3: my one X I want to pass to my son Console...
  2. gabstar01

    Will Xbox series x be compatible with Marantz sr6012?

    Will the xbox series x be compatible with my marantz sr6012. Will it be able to handle future games at 120fps? Will I need to buy new receiver? :( Thanks
  3. nick270881

    Question Help me understand the OneX/SeriesX games situation

    Hiya, I’m trying to understand the situation with XB1 and Series X Games and what will play on what... As I understand it...XB1 games will work on the new Series X but what about the other way round? Do games for the Series X still work on an XB One X? Looking at Black Ops Cold War there seem...
  4. Trist

    Planet Coaster (10th November)

    I’m really looking forward to this. Seems like they’ve done a good job porting it over to console.
  5. WoodsMonk

    Play and Charge Kit or Rechargeable Batteries?

    What do you prefer to use? I usually go with the P&C kit but looking at Rechargeable Batteries this time around, So does anyone have any recommendations on the best batteries (looking at eneloop pros?) and charger thanks.
  6. shagaboopon

    Buying a TV for Xbox Series X and undecided on BX/CX 55/48

    I'm just looking for some thoughts as I'm looking to buy a new TV to go with my Xbox Series X and as such I wanted a TV that has all the headline features such as 120Hz, VRR, Dolby Vision and the only TV's that seem to tick all the boxes is the LG OLED range. I already have a 65" B9 downstairs...
  7. B

    Currys pre-order payment and order £2000 for Xbox x ?

    Hi All. I managed to pre order a Xbox x before they were sold out - at the time payed £5 deposit and then said email me in 28 days which is today - they say I must put a unique code in email in then £2000 plus £5 is added as payment but they won’t take this payment- it just makes sure I get Xbox...
  8. I

    Xbox detail Backwards Compatibility Enhancements This is just - wow. To be clear this is NOT enhancements for specific titles to create next gen versions - this is the Xbox Backwards...
  9. paul1979

    Question Xbox

    My daughter is thinking of a pc or Xbox. She wants to upload videos etc of games. I know that a pc can but I am bot sure about Xbox or what capabilities? Can you upload game play? Can you add voice over? can you edit? what length?
  10. Demon Luci

    Choose 2 Titles to Buy with Your Launch Day Series X/S

    I know for some people it will be more and for some it will be less but I tend to think buying a couple of titles with your shiny new console to play right away seems reasonable and about my average over the years I reckon. So what 2 tiles would everyone plan to pick up right away? I‘m...
  11. Saxo Appeal

    Are the Xbox Series X case details confusing you?

    I was under the impression that all the Xbox Series X games which are upgraded would have a Series X badge at the top right of the case or have Smart Delivery This is what I’ve now grown to look for, although... I’ve just created the below which places another spanner in the works! As you can...
  12. B

    HP Omen 32" Monitor. Sound Output On Series S/X?

    Hi, first post and this forum looks like the perfect place to ask this question. I have an HP Omen 32 (OMEN by HP 32 32-inch Display - Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support). This monitor doesn't have speakers built in so I have a external 2.1 speaker setup with a standard aux cord...
  13. I

    Xbox - Machine Learning Auto HDR

    This is just amazing. Xbox have added an Auto-HDR machine learning based feature that will add HDR to games that aren't HDR compatible. Sounds like the results are brilliant. For this sort of an AV enthusiast forum - isnt this the holy grail? HDR on old media......amazing stuff and tech.
  14. S

    AV Receiver + Xbox Series X + possible new TV questions

    I have a Pioneer VSX531 with a Hisense N6800 and my Xbox One X. I understand the Pioneer is supposed to have 4k passthrough but I've never been able to get it to work, the 4k test on my Xbox always said that it couldn't receive a 4k signal when HDMI through the amp, so I reverted to plugging...
  15. U

    Did I screw myself with my set up? (Samsung TV, Soundbar, Xbox Series X)

    Hello, I'm excited for the next gen consoles coming out, specifically the Series X. I know they are promising 4k 120fps for future games and I'm stuck on a few things with my set up and I would love to hear from you guys. The current TV I have is a Samsung 2019 q60r 55" paired with a q70r...
  16. Saxo Appeal

    Harry Potter ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ (2021)

    This game looks amazing, and will be fantastic on the Series X I know it’s being released in 2021, but Smyths are selling it for £54.99....and I’ve pre ordered, they don’t take payment until dispatch If your a Potter fan, then this is a must!
  17. K

    Amazon £5 off Promo, works for additional controller etc

    Amazon are doing a promo where you get £5 credit for adding their Assistant on your browser I added it onto Chrome and then when clicking the addon icon it showed the offer for £5. It did take about 5mins...
  18. t-force

    Dolby Vision playback on discs?

    Hi all, Has anyone seen a definitive answer yet as to whether the XBOX Series X and S will support Dolby Vision on UHD blu-ray discs? I believe they've confirmed that it will be an option for games at some point, and that it will be supported for various streaming apps as it was with the XB1X...
  19. K

    TV for Xbox series X

    I’m sure there’s a million threads in relation to this but I can’t find one that suits my specs exactly. I’m looking for TV that will allow me to make the most of some of the features on the series X. I currently have a basic 1080p Samsung tv that is around 7 years old, so it’s not hard to...
  20. H

    Question Is it worth waiting a few months before jumping in and buying the Xbox Series X?

    Wondering if I should wait until December to maybe see if there is any better deals being offered than then £450 maybe even a bundled game? Are any type of deals on price or games bundles very unlikely for the first year? Maybe some of your experienced gamers will know how these things tend to...
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