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  1. Dami

    Series s

    Alright so I'm planning on getting either the series x or s which ever I can get at the time. But my question is I have a external HD for my Xbox one with the majority of my games on it. Can I hook that up to the series x/s and play them after downloading the games on the new console??
  2. adbailey18

    For Sale Xbox Series X - New @ RRP

    As title, brand new in box, with receipt. £450 collected £480 delivered Cheers
  3. tebbo65

    DTS-X Home Theatre Error Message

    When I try to engage DTS-X for home theatre on the XSX I get an error message saying my AVR doesn't support DTS-X. I am using eARC to passthrough sound from the XSX - TV - AVR. DTS-X discs played on the XSX flag up as DTS-X on the AVR as do files played from my Vero 4K+ and Oppo 203 which also...
  4. L

    Best time

    Good morning living in the UK is there a good time of the day to download games for xbox,I suppose it's when the rest of world is sleeping.
  5. tebbo65

    1-2 second black screen issue

    Hi all, this only happens during action heavy scenes when playing Gears 5. Screen will turn black for a couple of seconds with audio still playing, very annoying! XSX connected directly to LG65 c9 OLED. (Have tried a different HDMI cable). Running in PC mode on LG. Changing to Game mode makes...
  6. BBrem

    Mouse/Keyboard functionality in Halo

    Playing Halo MCC on Series X. Using Corsair mouse/keyboard. 1. System won’t allow me to shut off controller manually to save battery. (I can navigate with mouse and keyboard just fine). When I shut it off I get a message that I need to reconnect the controller to continue. I’ve tried changing...
  7. Coldste

    Enough space for ventilation?

    just got the series X and already loving it. Does it look like there’s enough space for ventilation? there’s plenty of space behind the console but the back of the cabinet is enclosed
  8. Billy Goodgun


    Announcement trailer.
  9. Billy Goodgun

    Diablo II - Resurrected

    Diablo 2 remaster coming. Trailer here:
  10. Billy Goodgun

    Plague Tale: Requiem

    Reveal trailer.
  11. Billy Goodgun


  12. Billy Goodgun

    Party Animals

    Game Pass and announcement trailer.
  13. Billy Goodgun

    Back 4 Blood

    Couldn't see a thread in here, only in PC forum... Announcement trailer Closed alpha campaign gameplay Characters and zombies trailer Official card system Release date trailer PvP showcase Back 4 Blood PvP Showcase | E3 2021
  14. Billy Goodgun


    Game Pass trailer.
  15. Billy Goodgun

    Forza Horizon 5

    Announcement trailer and gameplay demo.
  16. Billy Goodgun


    Announcement trailer for Game Pass.
  17. Billy Goodgun

    Redfall (2022)

    New IP from Arkane Studios.
  18. Indiana Jones

    Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

    Quite like the look of this.
  19. raigraphixs

    Bethesda’s Starfield (11.11.22)

  20. raigraphixs

    Rainbow Six: Extraction (September 16)

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