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  1. robloxian

    For Sale Minecraft Starter Collection (Xbox One) - Digital Code

    Includes: Full Game, Plastic Texture Pack Villains - Skin Pack Greek Mythology Mash-Up pack Minecraft: Skinpack1 700 Minecoins.
  2. Montefor

    Wanted Xbox one X Gears 5 edition

    Looking for an Xbox one X Gears 5 limited edition in very good condition May consider other Xbox X Thanks
  3. dUnKle

    Controllers for “little” people

    My daughter is 6 and just discovered Xbox thanks to a few Disney games on game pass / games with gold problem is, she is a very small 6 and the controller is just to big can anyone suggest a well built (preferably cordless but no issue if not) “mini” controller ? I have seen the 8bitdo...
  4. M

    X box face plates

    Does anyone know if you can buy new Power A Fusion Xbox controller face plates
  5. bellso

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Hullo Been playing this the last couple of months, and really enjoying it. The handling and tweaking of the GT cars seems pretty decent to me, and since getting a Series S, the framerates are much smoother. Joined a Facebook group that holds regualar races and league events with a private...
  6. colcraig72

    For Sale Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

    Boxed in very good condition, has not seen much use. Selling my XBox One X so this is no longer required. Official Play and Charge Kit for XBox One. £10 plus postage of your choice.
  7. harpsmatt

    For Sale Xbox One S 1tb (boxed) and Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon Steelbook Edition

    For sale is my Xbox One S 1TB console. The console comes boxed and is in fully working condition, comes with the controller and all leads. (doesn’t include the game pictured on the box) £150 delivered by PayPal gift please. also for sale: Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon steelbook edition for sale...
  8. C

    For Sale FREE GTA 5 - Xbox One - CLOSED

    Evening all, During these tough times I'm hoping I can make someone's day that little bit better. Please leave a comment below and I will pick a name at random on Friday, 8pm. Postage will be included. All I ask is that you try to pay it forward.
  9. raigraphixs

    Indiana Jones (TBC)
  10. burd up

    For Sale FREE - The Division 2 - Xbox one game

    Thanks for checking out my listing, was going to trade into CEX but thought would give it away instead. :smashin: just post a comment below and ill choose a winner by Wednesday. :) Postage is included!
  11. Krooner

    Wanted Xbox one controller.

    Anyone selling a cheap controller? Don't mind if it's one of the first ones without the Bluetooth, just need something for occasional 2 player FIFA.
  12. LeeDicko

    For Sale Rock Band Rivals - Band Kit - Xbox One. Used but in very good condition.

    Here I have for sale Rock Band Rivals - Band Kit. This is the whole band kit. It works on Xbox One and Xbox Series X Included in this bundle is the following - Drum Kit / Drum Sticks Microphone Guitar / Guitar Strap Rock Band 4 Game This is a real fun party game, ideal for when lockdown is...
  13. Spurs4ever

    For Sale (SOLD) Xbox One S 1TB (Disc Version) - Boxed with official play & charge - £150 delivered

    I have for sale the following... Xbox One S 1TB (Disc version) Out of warranty, but fully boxed in excellent condition. Comes with an official play & charge kit (unboxed). Looking for £150 delivered for this I can add an additional black v2 controller (boxed) for an additional £25...
  14. the_jinj

    Wanted Xbox One S console

    Looking for a Xbox One S console and controller(s) in good condition with no faults etc, boxed or not. Anyone? :)
  15. W

    For Sale Dirt 5 - Xbox One / SX / SS - perfect condition

    Physical edition, unseal but as new aside from that. £25 posted.
  16. samo8076

    For Sale Mint condition xbox one x controller

    Hi, Selling my spare official xbox one x controller. Only selling as got two with the series x. After £25 delivered via PayPal friends and family.
  17. Saldawop

    Hdmi audio fix

    Just bought rocksmith 2014 (ps4 slim ). What do I need to buy to be able to fix the lag? I see audio splitters and audio extractors. Are they the same thing? For anyone that has bought one, can you recommend a particular item? Thanks
  18. G

    For Sale XBOX ONE -Gears of War 4 with 4 additional Bonus games

    XBOX ONE - Standard Edition - Gears of War 4 with 4 additional Bonus games Gears Of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, and Gears of War Judgement Brand New and unopened - 18 rating £10 including postage
  19. xMK9x

    Wanted New Xbox One Controller

    Does anyone have a new non Series X controller that they would like to sell? The series x controller is too small for me..
  20. BigPlonker

    Wanted Kinect Xbox One X adapter

    Looking for the cables to connect my kinect to an Xbox One X. Can anyone here help or is ebay my best bet?
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