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  1. M

    For Sale Xbox one x. Boxed. Please read description.

    Xbox one X. Boxed. This is NOT a Series X. The console is good condition, there are a couple of small scuff marks on the case but you have to REALLY look for them, I tried to include photos but they don't show up all that well. I have included a 4K HDMI cable, it's a better one than the cable...
  2. conrail

    FIFA22 player mode

    been given FIFA22 for the x-box one, have set up player mode, been playing for 3 weeks now and I am onto my 5th club, started off with club 1, brought on as sub in 89th minute, at final whistle I was told I did not fit in the managers plans and was transfer listed, this keeps happening with each...
  3. thepopcop

    For Sale Forza Horizon 4, UFC 4, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War - Xbox One / Series X

    Price includes Royal Mail delivery with proof of postage: Forza Horizon 4 - unsealed in mint condition - £16 Forza Horizon 4 - sealed - £21 UFC 4 - sealed - £13 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - sealed - £20 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Series X optimised) - sealed - £21
  4. C

    Easy car games like burnout for 5yr old

    We have a One X that my 5yr old is now using. The only game he plays mostly is the burnout Paradise. He is not great with the controllers but this is so easy to play if all he is doing is turning and going forwards and no need to turn the car in the right direction..... I was wondering if...
  5. W

    Has anyone upgraded the one X hard drive to SSD?

    Probably been discussed here already but has anyone upgraded their one x to a SSD? Is it worth doing and was it easy? Which drive did you use and was there a noticeable increase in performance? Thanks
  6. W

    Upgrading the xbox one x hard drive

    Probably been discussed here already but has anyone upgraded their one x to a SSD? Is it worth doing and was it easy? Which drive did you use and was there a noticeable increase in performance? Thanks
  7. duncandx

    For Sale Xbox One Series X

    Selling Xbox One Series X in as new condition. Very light use. 1TB model comes complete with 1 controller and Cyberpunk. £400
  8. conrail

    x box 1 controller extra button?

    Hi guys, I have received an x box 1 controller plus 2 rechargeable battery packs, I have charged the controller/battery but still included the photos to show what I have, as a Christmas present from my grandsons, different from my current controllers, battery is totally different from my other...
  9. M

    Power Supply for Xbox One

    I need to buy a Power Supply for an Xbox One. Can anyone recommend a good replacement and best place to buy? Should I get the Microsoft one? Is the supply in the photo’s the correct one for Xbox one 500gb? Let me know & thanks!
  10. C

    For Sale Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War - Xbox One and Series X / Alan Wake Collector's Edition Xbox 360

    Hi all, Selling my copy of CoD Cold War. Bought 2nd hand off ebay. Disk is in great condition but not perfect. The case says it's Xbox One and Xbox Series X edition. £20 Also selling Alan Wake Collector's edition on Xbox 360 (UK edition) in very good condition - outer sleeve slightly tatty in...
  11. Damian1978

    Audio, boot screen but no dashboard??

    Hi guys, Strange one here but since the last update (I think as don’t use my 1st feb One much) I have no dashboard displayed so can’t use my One. Get audio via my AVR and the Xbox splash screen then Hi Damian but then screen is black. Hold down the Xbox button on the controller and can log...
  12. joner7777

    Is xbox one ok for music streaming

    I have always used a xbox one x with Spotify through a Marantz Sr 7011 avr and KEF Reference speakers. Thing is, would I notice much difference if I bought a streaming device considering my ears are 65 . I am very impressed with the sound quality from Spotify, is a xbox a good way of processing...
  13. C

    Xbox one monitor

    My Son has asked for a 27" monitor for Christmas. As the xbox one only outputs at 60hz would it be better to have a 60hz 1ms display or should i go for 144hz as the price ain't to different. Don't want the higher Hz monitor to actually cause issues with gameplay though. Any recommendation...
  14. adamguest1985

    For Sale Xbox One S - 1TB Gradient Purple Limited Edition, Boxed, Excellent Condition

    1tb Xbox One S, Gradient Purple Limited Edition Console & pad, boxed with HDMI / Power cable. All in excellent condition, has had very little use, if I'm honest. Looking for £185 delivered. (CEX are selling this at £275 currently, if you can find one in stock, of course.) Any questions let...
  15. T

    For Sale Various Xbox One games (some sealed)

    Hello I have been gradually selling down by collection of disks as have moved to digital. Still have the following available: Sealed and unopened: Alien Isolation Nostromo Steelbook - £40 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - £18 Deus Ex Mankind Divided (Day One Edition) - £4 Doom - £7 Forza Horizon...
  16. M

    Can I have games on both Xbox One S and Xbox Series S consoles?

    Hi, I have a 12 month old Xbox One S and really enjoying it, but I cant help but look at getting a Series S as well. Am I able to have both consoles at home, under my same username for both? And how does it work for games, ie, I have Dirt5 on Xbox One S, if I also had a Series S would I be able...
  17. CatManDo


    Hi all, According to the announcement yesterday of all the extra backwardly compatible games, Rio should have been included. However when I find it on the store it just says 'Game not available'. Has anyone else been able to download this please? Thanks
  18. M

    Xbox One X dashboard won't display on Yamaha RX-V385 + Viewsonic PX748-4K

    Running into a weird issue here, I've hooked up my One X to the Yamaha RX-V385 receiver which is in turn outputting video to the Viewsonic PX748-4K projector. The Xbox dashboard will not display, all I get is a no signal message on the screen. However, once I insert a game disc or a bluray and...
  19. deans6571

    Upgrade my Xbox One X to Series S ?

    Quick simple question really (couldn't find a similar discussion when I searched)..... Have had the One X for about a year and a half (bought second hand on here actually :) ) but now seriously debating whether its worth the update to the Series S (can't afford the Series X so that's not an...
  20. Waynej

    For Sale Far Cry 3 Classic Edition £11.50

    £13 £11.50 PPG/BT inc. del. Mint condition, been sat on my shelf for ages and I just finally got around to getting this easy 1K completion ahead of me jumping into the latest game. This Xbox One game is also enhanced displaying higher resolution when running on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X.
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