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  1. AnthonyG

    Can you redeem foreign Xbox 360 Game Codes?

    Hi can someone who may have tried this offer a definitive answer. Can you, similar to like you can for XboxOne games, purchase a foreign Xbox360 Game code and redeem it onto a UK account using a VPN connected to that regions store? My reason for asking is I really want to play SoulCalibur II HD...
  2. happychappy69

    Xbox 360 what PSU

    I've found an old 360, but have no psu for it, the attached photo is the only assistance I can give - can anybody help with what psu us required for it As always many thanks
  3. JayLuhmel


    Hi, my xbox 360 is not playing sound on my lg tv, I'm using the component cables (green,blue,red) and I have the white and red plugged into the audio out port. I'm assuming that is wrong but my tv only has 5 component ports. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. King Mustard

    Xbox 360 controller to Xbox Series S/X controller worth the upgrade?

    The Xbox Wireless Controller was updated a third time, this time for the Series S/X consoles. The third-gen Xbox Wireless Controller and Wireless Adapter for Windows is currently £52 on Amazon, which is the cheapest it has been for a while. However, £57 is still quite a lot of money...
  5. meldogjr

    Im looking for gta 5 xbox 360

    ill pay just need xbox 360 gta 5
  6. W

    Old game, Bubble Shooter

    hi , I am looking for the game on Xbox simmilar to Bubble Shooter. If you know one can you write the name please
  7. alan280170

    XBox 360

    I’m having a clear out and still have 2 360’s and games, is there any value in them or would it be less hassle/less time just to give them away/throw out. Thanks in advance
  8. G

    Question XBOX 360 suddenly freezing

    Hi all Just today, I was playing Mass Effect 2 and my xbox froze. I have spent some time experimenting but have had no luck. Here is a run down of what has happened. When the game froze, I had to turn the console off and when I turned it back on, it showed three flashing red lights on the...
  9. J

    Newbie question...

    Are Xbox 360 controllers compatible with xbox one?
  10. V

    Question Help setting up Panasonic TV to surround sound and xbox 360 that has only inputs

    Hey there I have been searching everywhere online for a easy way to make this happen and i just cant figure it out.. I have a panasonic TBM2AX147-1(NOT SURE IF THATS MODEL # I FOUND IT ON THE SIDE OF TV) 50inch flatscreen purchased second hand and a xbox360 connected to it via HDMI. it works...
  11. T

    Jamo Sub 360 Not Working

    I noticed the other day that my Jamo Sub 360 had stopped working. Check another power point and power cord but no good. The sub just wasn't powering up. I thought I'd open it up to see if there was something obvious that might need replacing, had the fuse gone for the power? I opened up and...
  12. B

    Question Xbox 360 hard drive transfer problem

    folks, I am trying to transfer content from my old hard drive on to my new(er) Xbox 360. Basically the old hard drive doesnt fit the newer square hmdi model. I have the transfer cable however when it I go through settings etc to get to the transfer page the xbox only recognises the old hard...
  13. F

    Any difference in graphics/content etc from a backwards compatible Xbox 360 game VS an Xbox One game on an Xbox One X? (both "Xbox X enhanced")

    Hi guys, newbie to the forum. I've just ordered an Xbox One X and am now looking at a few games to go with it. Keen to buy Skyrim and Forza Horizon. The local game store has a deal for 4 Xbox 360 games for $20. Skyrim and Forza are both included in the deal, while their Xbox One counterparts are...
  14. I

    360 Interactive Video for Oculus Go

    Hi All, Thank you in advance for your replies to this topic. I have a 360 video which I would like to edit and make interactive for the Oculus Go device. Please could you let me know how could I add pause sections with call out messages in to the video, and where the user would need to use...
  15. A

    Question Telecamera 360° su visore VR

    Hi everyone, I have this need, I would like to connect a 360 ° (4K) camera to one or more low latency VR viewers, can someone help me? In VR viewers, usually designed for movies or games, is it possible to see a 360 ° streaming camera live or even via cable? I need it for a training course...
  16. A

    Question Is it possible to edit two 180 3D footages into a single 360 3D???

    Hi, there. I am wondering if I can shoot rear and front view with my INSTA 360 EVO in STEREO 3D and then create a 3D 360 just by editing them. Is it even feasible? And if so, how can I manage that? thanks
  17. JAYKOP

    Question Whats the best i9 9900k 360 aio liquid cooler on the market????

    Any advice or info much appreciated...
  18. A

    360 pan tilt gimbal, FPV

    Hello Im looking for a gimbal that can pan 360 degrees and tilt like 180 degrees or so. I found this one but dont know where to get it: Is there any similar gimbals out there? As cheap as possible.
  19. A

    360 pan and tilt fpv gimbal

    Hello Im looking for a gimbal that can pan 360 degrees and tilt like 180 degrees or so. I found this one but dont know where to get it Is there any similar gimbals out there? Im not gonna use on a drone, i gonna put a sony 30x zoom compact camera on it and record animals over distance, like 1...
  20. N

    Single 360 degree smart speaker suggestions

    I have removed my separates system from my 23x12 living room. Apart from the TV, all that's left is a single Echo that I'm using for radio and background music. But I am missing my Hi Fi when I sit in the room when my wife is out. I don't wish to add back wires and boxes but I'm wondering about...
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