1. Lee Bryan

    Question Mic for Nion D5200?

    Hi I'm looking for a reasonable mic - maybe around the £30 price point to create some video content. There are 100s of models on Amazon, any suggestions or recommendations from the experst here?
  2. LinuxUser951

    Question about installing Samsung S3 mic back

    S3 mic - Google Drive The mic should be put in Side 2 with double-sided tape i guess? the picture where i have written "this side of mic". It should be visible or should be inside? thanks
  3. AshDavis3

    x2 wireless lav kit needed

    Afraid to say I know very little indeed about audio, I'm a cameraman but starting some work with a company who require me to have 2 wireless lavs in my kit. I will be doing wedding work with a Sony A7Sii so no XLR inputs. I will need to mic up 2 people at any one time (either priest and groom or...
  4. Dancook

    Live Music - GT Live Mic Sessions

    Just doing my own thing over here. Full set including some colour here GT Open Mic Sessions – Kings Head, Guildford 1 gt_open_mic_0202_kings_head-1 by dancook1982, on Flickr 2 gt_open_mic_0202_kings_head-31 by dancook1982, on Flickr 3 gt_open_mic_0202_kings_head-4 by dancook1982, on Flickr...
  5. tomas311

    Best lav mic for Panasonic HC-VX870

    Hoping someone can help me with this... I recently bough a Panasonic HC-VX870 camcorder (HC-VX870 4K & Full HD Camcorders - Panasonic UK & Ireland) and naively assumed I could use it with a Rode smartlav mic I already owned (this one: RØDE Microphones - smartLav Lavalier microphone for...
  6. matthewjh

    Question Would you use a Denon Audessey mic on a Sony 1050?h

    I've lost my Sony 1050 mic and my dad has offered his denon 2300 version. Will it be ok or will I need to get the Sony one? Matt
  7. R

    Cannot get mic to work on x41 on xbox one

    i bought a 3.5 adapter and plugged that into x41 turtle beach however i can hear my voice coming out of the head phones and the mic is not working the audio works perfect through headphones through optic cable just the mic does not any help would be welcomed before i end up spending more dosh on...
  8. M

    Question Which headsets work on mic port on s controllers?

    Looking to get my son a headset for his one S. Which headsets work on the mic poRT? Obviously needs to be able to speak on the headset as well as hear. Tia, Mike
  9. P

    Question Sennheiser with mic

    I've had trouble finding headphones I can wear comfortably for a while, and by chance encounter in Tesco I found the Sennheiser 201's quite nice, and pleasingly cheap at (IIRC) £17 Does anyone know if they do a pair with a microphone for gaming, but with the same size ear cups (around ear, not...
  10. P

    Question ARCAM Dirac USB Mic problem

    I just got a AVR390 and trying to run the Dirac setup, all speaker test works. When it go to the measurement section, it failed, the USB Mic is not picking up any signal, do I need to new Mic from ARCAM or any alternative?
  11. petrolhead

    Question Lavalier Mic - Now wireless lavaliere

    I currently have an Audio Technica ATR3350. Ifs an ok lavalier mic however the thing I hate about it is needing to make sure the battery was not flat. So I am looking for so it else. I will be using this with a Zoom 1 HD The choices I have are: MicJ 044 Azden EX-503 Giant squid My pref...
  12. shotokan101

    REW Mic - Options/choices ?

    Folks - having recently added a Sub (and looking at possibly another as well) I've been wondering about using REW to help tune the Sub Placement options. So REW Newbie question is what could I use as Mic for input to REW ? - any recommendations for cheapish options would be appreciated...
  13. floyd droid62

    Answered anti mode mic position

    hi i have a 14ft X 11 ft room bk monolith sits top left of front wall .when i run audyssey it reduces 80hz in my MLP 1ft from back wall .I sit right side of room in corner back wall(obviously) i have always run calibration mic in my MLP but as i seem to have 40hz boom should i place mic for...
  14. orangey

    Rodelink Filmmaker Mic - Help!

    I got the Rodelink Filmmaker last week to use with my Panasonic HC-750 camcorder. I made a short test recording with it and it worked great. But then yesterday I tried it record a video and for some reason it only worked for 30 seconds each time I tried before something, I'm not sure what, made...
  15. orangey

    Wireless lavalier mic for Panasonic HC-V750

    I'd like to get a wireless microphone to improve the sound on the vlog recordings I make using my Panasonic HC-750 camcorder. I jump around a fair bit and sometimes record fitness workouts so it needs to wireless and to be able to cope with a lot of movement. I'm hoping it'll be fairly...
  16. I

    Advice please... HD Prosumer Camcorder, MIC In and MP4

    Hi, Looking for an expert out there if you can help!? Looking for a quality camcorder that I can use for occasional video work, mainly interviews etc... Needs to support a MIC input, record in HD (MP4 format)... oh and be as cheap as possible, budgets and all!! I did get a Canon HF100 off...
  17. dosdan

    Is this "ray-gun" mic just a prop?

    Future Tech? Taken from I suspect this is just a prop to make bystanders anxious about being snooped on. Damn it! I want one. I want one with a red laser-pointer dot that shows you where you're pointing. I'm sure that wouldn't be misinterpreted... Dan.
  18. Chris4891

    Question Sourcing remote and audyssey mic for Onkyo TX-NR609

    As per title - wanting to find a reputable place to purchase (original and for my model receiver) Someone on here said Genserve but nothing on their website or do they ever reply to my emails
  19. tcrumpen

    Question Buying a Mic for Gaming?

    Hello people, i basically need a new microphone as the cheap one i bought 8 years ago is starting to die and i was looking at a condenser microphone for approx £25 but could use some help. I already have a headset so i need a dedicated microphone, yes i am aware that a condenser mic need...
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