1. dyson2004

    Dirac sofa mic positioning

    When using Dirac with my Arcam AVR850, I choose the sofa pictures to set my mic positions when measuring. The thing is, I'm not sure whether to follow the mic positions as recommended, as my sofa is higher than the one shown. I am not sure if the first mic setting should be exactly at ear height...
  2. rickinyorkshire

    Question Headset (with Mic)

    Hello all, Wondering if anyone could advise on headsets for the Switch. My lad has started playing fortnite and we like to Duo with me on the PC but he doesn't have a headset yet. Does anyone have any suggestions, looking for one <£20 if possibe Saw this on Amazon...
  3. Rambles

    Bargain Audyssey Boom Mic Stand under £10

    Professional Boom Microphone Mic Stand Holder Adjustable With Free Clips New 711005773812 | eBay
  4. C

    PC headset with mic...

    Hi all...I do a lot of video editing on my PC, mainly holiday stuff. Back when I first started editing our holiday videos, I used to do voice-overs whilst editing with a combined headset and mic. Got a bit fed up after a while and never bothered with the voice-overs. My good lady now wants me to...
  5. mjbtin

    Question Yamaha RX-677 calibration mic

    Thinking of getting this receiver local to me but the seller has lost the mic. Great if someone could give me the mic number so I can source a suitable replacement. Thanks Martin
  6. J

    Pioneer MCACC calibration mic borrow

    Hi all! I have managed to lose my Pioneer MCACC calibration mic. Would it be possible for anyone to loan one to me for a day? If you are in Surrey or south London I can pick it up, or I will pay for postage! Thanks James
  7. S

    Question DSP-AX630SE Connecting a Mic

    Has anyone any advice? I am using this Amp for my Yamaha Keyboard, and would like to use a mic at the same time. Is it possible to do this?
  8. N

    Using a mic with surround sound

    Hi all, just a quick question. I want a mic for my pc so I can communicate while gaming, however I currently have a nice 5.1 surround sound set up. Are there any mics available that will be able to somehow not pick up the sounds from the speakers? Any special technologies to look out for or...
  9. AOD

    Question Lavalier mic to go with Audio Technica 1701 wireless kit?

    So I was recently on the lookout for a decent wireless mic package to go with existing kit and spotted what looked like a bargain on Amazon: http://amzn.eu/5nVOmDI For the beltpack variant (eg transmitter, receiver but no mic) it came out at £126 which I couldn't pass up (immediately...
  10. IdrisDragon

    Answered Panasonic HC-160 External Mic

    I bought the above unit, but was mislead by a magazine article which said an external mic could be attached. It seems it can't. It has AV Mini HDMI and USB. The manual shows these are being for output not input. Is there anyway (cheaply) to attach an external mic so it will sync with recordings...
  11. Jessicaaka

    Question Best microphone under £200 for filmmaking and podcasting.

    Unsure where best to post this as its regarding video and audio. I have a fuji film camera and a snowball usb mic ,but I'm looking for a good quality external mic or recorder that could be utilised for both short films and possibly podcasts. We have £200 to spend and I've so far looked at Rode...
  12. G

    Arcam AVR 400 - calibration mic

    Good evening all. I have been setting up my speakers manually but have gotten some new speakers. Would like to have them set by the calibration system but my amp did not come with a mic for setup. I was wondering if any 3mm jack calibration mic would do??? There are plenty but trying to...
  13. P

    Stand for set up mic

    Hi Can anyone recommend a mic stand for audessy set up? Cheers
  14. dosdan

    Mic shock isolation

    Examples of mic mechanical decoupling from 10 important facts about acoustics for microphone users 9. Mechanical vibrations Mechanical vibrations in building parts result in audible sound. If a microphone stand is placed on a vibration floor, it may generate sound in the microphone. Also...
  15. M

    Help - Faulty Setup Mic For Onkyo TX-NR646

    Hi, I have 3 questions I'm hoping someone can help with but I'll briefly explain the situation first. I currently own an Onkyo TX-NR646 receiver and have recently purchased a new centre speaker. I went to run the speaker set up (which uses AccuEQ Room Calibration) using the original mic that...
  16. fatboy frank

    Bargain Good quality short mic stand for calibration.

    Anyone on the lookout for a decent Mic stand, could do a lot worse than this one, mine arrived today and seems good quality and compared to a couple i've had in the past, nice solid construction and with an extra long boom arm for those tricky sofa positions. Best price i've seen this model at...
  17. M

    Question Looking for a cheap (UK legal) wireless lapel mic with XLR receiver

    Hi and thanks for reading my thread. I have been using for a long time a wired lapel mic which although adequate is a PIA with wires around the floor, etc, etc. Most of the work I do is small 'to camera' talking heads and I am looking for a reasonable (I mean not talking TV/Broadcast quality...
  18. B

    Question Source for a replacement Yamaha triangle MIC stand

    HI all. I am just about to snap up a refurbished bargain of a Yamaha RX A3050. However, it is supplied minus mic, stand and remote. I can find a remote and a mic from the usual place, but I haven't found anyone supplying the required mic stand for angle measurments. Does anyone know where I...
  19. S

    Can I get a Replacement Mic for Denon 3805?

    I can't find it anywhere and I think my speakers need recalibrating. Can you get replacements or is there a 3rd party mic that will work?
  20. Lee Bryan

    Question Mic for Nion D5200?

    Hi I'm looking for a reasonable mic - maybe around the £30 price point to create some video content. There are 100s of models on Amazon, any suggestions or recommendations from the experst here?
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