1. Overbeyond

    Mic for DSLR

    I use a Fuji XE1 camera and I would like to fit a Mic to hot shoe. I just want to pick up ambient noises; birds, light wind etc. The built in mic makes wind sound like noise. Any suggestions please. A budget model will suit as anything over 100Euro is beyond what I can afford. Is such a Mic...
  2. Zippy77777

    Galaxy Buds+ Mic working with Windows 10?

    Hi all Love the buds and was really hoping that I could use them as wireless headphones for Windows 10. I have them setup and can hear audio perfectly but when I go to try and talk to someone they just either can't hear me or I am super quiet. Is there a way round this coz I really was hoping...
  3. drinkturps

    Question Looking for a wireless headset and mic with an easy access mute button (meetings, music, gaming)

    The title says it really. I'm looking for a set of wireless headphones (bluetooth or dongle does not matter) that has a microphone with easy access to a mute button. If the mic has an LED on the end to see if you're on mute or not would be a bonus or indeed an audible beep to indicate you are on...
  4. F

    connecting a mic to my ps4

    right I've been looking at not really found much, I've got some bose SoundLink® around-ear wireless headphones II. i plug them into my controller and play like that, can i get mic to plug in so i can chat with my mates, or can i pair my AirPods pro??? cheers
  5. u8myufo

    Question Calibration Microphone.

    Just finished setting all the gear up after moving house and wanted to re-calibrate the Amp (Sony str-dn1080) and speakers. Only prob is I cannot find the mic. But do have the one from an old Onkyo 818 which I once had, is it likely that it would work?
  6. D

    Neewer 7000 Mic not working

    Hi, My son got an Neewer NW 7000 mic for his Birthday and I am trying to set this up on his XBox One. Followed Instruction Manual (supposed to be plug-in and go), but no joy. Tried using it on a game and it is not picking-up any sound. I've tried plugging the USB into various different UBS...
  7. D

    NW 7000 Mic set-up for XBox One

    Hi, My son got an Neewer NW 7000 mic for his Birthday and I am trying to set this up on his XBox One. Followed Instruction Manual (supposed to be plug-in and go), but no joy. Tried using it on a game and it is not picking-up any sound. I've tried plugging the USB into various different UBS...
  8. Countjedi

    Question Borrow a Audyssey Mic or similer

    I have just changed my speaker set up at home and tried to recollabraate the speaker's last night. One slight issue it goes through testing the first subwoofer, but goes no further in the set up. I think this could be a mic issue and before I buy a new mic I was wondering if anyone in the...
  9. S

    Using Ext Mic with Panasonic HC-VX980 camcorder

    I want to use a Sony ECM-44 mic with the Panasonic HC-VX980 camcorder. The manual says "A compatible plug-in powered microphone can be used as an external microphone." but forgot to define compatibility! Has anybody got any info on the pin-out? Is it 3 or 4 pole, where is the power, tip or sleeve?
  10. JamieKitson

    Stereo Mic USB Type C Adapter?

    Is there such a thing as a stereo mic USB type C adapter for mobile phones? The only things I've been able to find are type C trrs adapters for headsets with a mono mic and bulky type A audio devices. It leads me to wonder whether there's a headset pass through on the type C sockets.
  11. J

    Question Philips 43PUS6301/12 (43" Ambilight) - Smart remote voice control not working

    Hi all, Whilst the TV did not come with a smart remote, I have eventually got hold of a remote with a voice control button. The TV does not have a microphone build into the body. When I press the voice control button, it brings up Google Assistant, however, the TV cannot hear me. This is the...
  12. M

    Question Sony ICDUX560 is the external mic port TRS or TRRS?

    Hi friends, I'm in need of a new voice recorder and the Sony ICDUX560 looks good. In order to purchase a compatible lapel mic to use with the external mic port, I need to know which connection the recorder can work with. Has anyone used this recorder and knows whether it works with TRRS, TRS...
  13. noiseboy72

    Thinking of putting together a calibration system for hire, any interest?

    Hi All. It appears that over time I've amassed all the components to do a basic calibration of an HT system. I've got the Xrite i1 Pro meter, Chromapure software, a calibrated USB mic and the REW software. I've got the software loaded onto a dedicated laptop and some 5M cables for USB and HDMI...
  14. largeruk

    Question Cheap but decent IEMs with mic?

    Hi to all Would really appreciate some advice/pointers/recommendations re a cheap but decent sounding pair of in-ear headphones. Do such things exist?! I listen to a mix of stored music, music streamed via Spotify, podcasts and audio books. I'm no hi-fi buff - as evidenced by currently using a...
  15. HeavenlyWarrior

    Question How to use Cortana hands free without having to use a Kinect?

    Hi, As the title says really, I have a bunch of smart home products at home and my business account is with Microsoft as I use their products for work. I'd like to use Cortana to control the lighting etc at home as well as add events to my calendar etc - but I hate the idea of having to buy a...
  16. chitchopper

    Question Google mini & Lenovo Smart Display mic range?

    How can I limit the range of the mic of my Google Mini? Both my mini and my smart display are connected, problem is when someone video calls me I only want to answer through my Lenovo Smart Display since the display has a built in screen that can do video calls. Since both have full-range mic...
  17. Killak

    Question DSP UMIK-1 mic foam wind shield

    Hello everyone I've lost the foam wind shield from my Umik 1 microphone. Will it make much of a difference if I don't have it or can anyone recommend any replacements?
  18. P

    Question Broken Audyssey Setup Mic for Denon 2311 (DM-A409)

    Hello I recently purchased a Denon 2311 from a forum member but unfortunately the setup mic is broken - Its the 'Eiffel tower' shaped mic which I think was also included with Onkyo, and Marrantz amps etc. Looked in to buying a replacement and they are available on Ebay for £30+ which seems...
  19. TaurusDevil

    Headsets, With Mic, For Glasses Wearers.

    I'm looking to get a headset with a mic, i wear glasses to game. Any recommendations?
  20. N

    XBOX ONE wireless headset with mic

    We have gone thru our 5th wired headset as they all just stop working for one reason or another. Time for a wireless one but there are so many out there and some ludicrously high prices. Anyone recommend a tried and tested decent headset under £100?
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