1. Breaking Dad

    Question Player gets warm even in standby.

    Why would my UB300 Panasonic BD player get so warm while in standby? The metal plate on the underside of the player gets quite hot, which I assume means it consuming a fair amount of power as well?
  2. SFkilla

    Maniac (1980) (Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE)

    Full Metal Jacket (Steelbook) (2 blu-rays + Bonus Blu-ray) Purchase link: Release date: 01/10/2020 Status: Available to pre-order(TBA)
  3. zt1903

    Metal Gear Solid movie

    Seemed as good a place as any to discuss this. Kojima is writing the script, Oscar Isaac rumoured to be playing Solid Snake.
  4. pzboyz

    Question Need a face plate with SC Fiber coupler or has a keystone to accept a coupler.

    Subject says it all. Not exactly a home cinema but think you might be the right guys for this. Looking at using a 2 gang back box mounted in a plasterboard wall cavity, the face plate needs to be a brushed steel or nickel finish and either has am SC fiber coupler, or has a euro module like...
  5. Ascotbilly

    Metal Disc's / Vibration Stabilisers for Turntables - Snake Oil ?

    Afternoon all, comments welcomed on the above please.
  6. SFkilla

    Full Metal Jacket (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE)

    Full Metal Jacket (4K + Blu-ray) Purchase link: Release date: 25/06/2020 Status: Available for pre-order(TBA) Artwork TBA
  7. Diabology

    Diabology - Nobody Believes Me

    Hi! We are a teenage metal band from Los Angeles, and we recently released our debut album! It's free, links are below, and any comments/feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
  8. jamct


    On Monday 6th January I purchased the Jam speaker from Currys for £59.99 ( price also on Jam website), reduced from £99.99 for use in my kitchen as an attachment to my Amazon Echo Dot2. Unfortunately I noticed today, that it is now back to £99.99 from both suppliers. However I still recommend...
  9. drummerman

    Metal Remote Controller

    Love it ... but I nearly dropped it a few times. It's also cold to the touch ... :) so I was looking for a more tactile experience; Samsung QLED TV Remote Case SIKAI Shockproof Silicone Case For Samsung BN59-01265A BN59-01270A BN59-01291A Smart One Remote Anti-Slip Washable Dust-Proof...
  10. elsmandino

    Question Wooden vs metal gate - which is more secure?

    Hello, I need to put a driveway gate up, along the side of my house, and was wondering whether to go for wooden or metal. Wood would have the benefit of having complete privacy but I have read on some security pages that this gives too much disclosure to anyone that might like to jump them...
  11. Kinetic Frenzy

    Metal Gear Survive (Open Beta)

    Don't know a sausage about this game but there's an open beta available for it on PSN :smashin: Obviously feel free to discuss its merits and short comings below...
  12. Ewan154

    Dolby Digital Home Cinema metal signs

    Hi, Been looking at Dolby Digital metal signs on ebay for my home cinema. Found these Dolby Digital Home Cinema metal sign high sheen professional finish Theatre sign | eBay Are these signs any good?
  13. txcajun

    Question Hybrid Metal Building Gym 24x30 - Best Sound Setup?

    I'm building a house, and it'll have a 24x30 metal building, mixed with stick framing. It's main use will be a gym. I'm curious as to what y'all would recommend for someone who listens to mostly heavy metal? Also, my budget is probably around 1k for the entire system. Sound quality is the...
  14. Ugg10

    The 5th Member of Abbath

    Death Metal Pussy Cat \m/ OK, so a bit off the wall this month and had quite a time trying to get a shot to put in. Taken with flash head on - tried ambient but could not get the right level of contrast. Lots of editing, played around with contrast, highlights, shadows,used SilverFX pro plug...
  15. G

    Metal or Plastic Shed?

    Looking to replace a wooden shed that is past its best. What would be better, a metal or plastic shed? Looking to store garden machinery in it so it has to be robust.
  16. topgazza

    TZ Owners Weekly Friendly Photo Comp. - Theme "Metal"

    The theme for this week's TZ Owners photo comp is "Metal.... " PICTURE ENTRIES ONLY ON THIS THREAD PLEASE UNTIL 8PM SUNDAY 16th April... Thereafter any comments will be welcome! All entries are required to be "OOC" - Out Of Camera with no cropping or Post Processing applied - other than...
  17. raigraphixs

    Metal Gear Survive (XB1 2017)

    A 4 player co-op survival set in an alternate universe.
  18. zt1903

    Metal Gear Survive (2017) IGN can exclusively reveal Metal Gear Survive, a four-player stealth co-op game set within the Metal Gear universe, due for release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2017. Set directly after the events of Metal...
  19. Mensy

    Question Metal Sheet to mod my wall mount Tv stand

    Hi, im after some advice on what metal to buy il try and explain it as best as possible. My TV stand is this I have a oled and because the oled mounting holes are at the bottom of the tv, the oled is far too high once mounted. So im after something i can attach it to the mounting brackets...
  20. D

    Can you help me find this song by the description

    Basically, it's a metal/rock song. I use to listen to it a lot but it's completely gone out my head - at the start there's this man, he's dragging a body in a carpet. It's in a field surrounded by trees. He puts it in a car, and then the car just goes up in flames. It's a band - not a single...
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