1. dav3evans

    Wanted Meta Quest 2

    Hey all, I'm interested in picking one of these up to try VR again, now I can do it wirelessly. Looking for something within warranty/with PoP if possible please. Thanks! :)
  2. pressslav

    For Sale Sony HT-A9 + SW-5 Sub (immaculate, as new condition) **Reduced**

    Evening, I'm selling my beloved HT-A9 + SW-5 combo, in AS NEW condition, no signs of use whatsoever, non-smoking and pet-free home. Bought from an official Sony Centre near London, they should have a warranty until end of November. I have all the documents, receipts, warranty cards, booklets...
  3. Nivek TT

    Meta Quest Pro

    Looks like someone left one in a hotel room and it's now all over the internet... Looks really compact. Those new lens are delivering!... Still Meta tho!
  4. kingolympics

    For Sale Meta Oculus Quest 2 64GB VR Headset - White (Refurbished by Meta)

    Oculus Quest 2 64 GB for sale for £240. It was refurbished by Meta on 5 September 2022 so the headset is in perfect condition. It does not come with the original box but does come with everything else. One controller has a very small scratch on, I will add photos below.
  5. M

    For Sale KEF LS 50 meta speakers new

    KEF LS 50 meta speakers new boxed comes with stands cables 800 cash only
  6. R

    Denon AVR-X4700H with KEF LS 50 Meta LCR troubles

    I recently did a mini home theater set up with three KEF LS 50 metas and hooked them up with a Denon X4700H as the front stage along with a SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer. Spent about 5 grand on this setup. Primary usage is movies and TV. Occasional music from Youtube on a Fire stick attached to the...
  7. T

    Meta Increasing The Price Of The Quest 2 By $100!!!

    Linkage here: A bit of a crazy decision imo, especially with a cost of living crisis going on. 😲😲😲 But it has been crazy cheap to buy since it launched...
  8. Wez68


    I,m currently running Kef LS50 Meta speakers with my Naim Atom , and whilst I do love the combo , I wondering if it ,s worth jumping on a pair of B&W 705 S2 SIGNATURE speakers that are available at a very good price , I love the looks of the 705,s , would they be a step up in performance over...
  9. E

    Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 & Kef LS50 Meta

    Since my earlier post I have read as much as I can on the Lyngdorf 1120 and have come to the conclusion it is what I am looking for. I like the sound (and looks) of the Kef LS50 Meta speakers but I have one concern. The lounge is 26 ft long but only 11ft wide. I will be sitting opposite the...
  10. RazerShack

    Alternative to KEF S2 for LS50 Meta

    All, Any recommendations for cheaper stands than KEF S2 for use with KEF LS50 Meta in white? Thanks in advance.
  11. D

    Kef LS50 Meta and Naim?

    I have Kef LS50 Meta speakers, currently driven by a Harman Kardon HK6500 (1990, high current, 70 wpc). There is the opportunity to purchase a Naim NAC 102 and NAP 180 combination with Teddy Pardo TeddyCapPlus. How well will these play together? I will not have the opportunity to try them...
  12. surr3a1

    Help me decide on an amp for KEF LS50 meta

    Hi all, I now own a Bluesound Powernode which powers the KEFs. I like the sound of this combo but I know that it can be better if I get a just a Node and add a separate Amp. I had auditioned the KEFs with Arcam SA20(or 30 not sure) before I got them and the sound was a little better with more...
  13. laffs

    Opinions on LS50 Meta Package

    I'm looking for opinions on this package deal for a NAD D3045 plus LS50 Meta. How is the pairing? The amp has all the features I'm looking for and 60Wpc. I'm becoming set on the LS50's which leaves me...
  14. B

    DM41 & KEF LS50 META Newbie question

    I have recently purchased a pair of KEF LS50 Meta for my DM41DAB, although the sound has improved it not the leap forward i was expecting especially when playing vinyl. will an external DAC help and how do i connect it? and will this improve Spotify when played via Bluetooth?
  15. H

    Kef LS50 Meta

    Has anyone gotten these on sale yet?
  16. W

    Mixing LS50 meta with B&W HTM6 S2 centre

    Hi all, Hoping someone can confirm/dissuade me from something! At our new flat, we currently have a pair of ls50 metas. These were picked because 1. they sound amazing 2. my partner thinks they look great (very important!). In searching for a centre, I'm constrained by the media unit that...
  17. G

    KEF LS50 Meta + Audiolab 6000A missing the mark

    Hello all, This is my first post, in fact I signed up to seek some wisdom from you all. At the end of September last year, after a foolishly brief audition, I brought home a pair of KEF LS50 Metas and an Audiolab 6000A. As a pairing it's just not hitting the mark. A couple of bits of info to...
  18. grassoz

    Cambridge Audio + Kef LS50 Meta Bass Issues

    Hi, I've just upgrade my amp from an old Akai to the Cambridge Audio CXA81 to pair with the Kef LS 50 Meta. I listen to a lot of bass heavy music like dub, reggae. Unfortunately this pairing is terrible, the bass is too heavy, on some song even seems distorted. Definitely unpleasant to listen...
  19. P

    Which amp (with HT bypass) for LS50 meta?

    Hi all I am thinking of getting a new HT setup with 2 LS 50 Metas as Fronts, an LS50 Meta/LS 50 / Q650C as centre and Dali Spektor 1 rears. I plan to use a Denon 3700H as AVR, and an SVS SB 2000 Pro as Sub. Usage would be 50% music, 50% PC gaming/movies. I was planning to go for a Klipsch setup...
  20. G

    Amp for LS50 Meta

    Hello, can you please recommend an amplifier that can properly drive the metas? i was looking into musical fidelity m5si, hegel h95/h120 and naim uniti atom. thank you
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