1. H

    Kef LS50 Meta

    Has anyone gotten these on sale yet?
  2. W

    Mixing LS50 meta with B&W HTM6 S2 centre

    Hi all, Hoping someone can confirm/dissuade me from something! At our new flat, we currently have a pair of ls50 metas. These were picked because 1. they sound amazing 2. my partner thinks they look great (very important!). In searching for a centre, I'm constrained by the media unit that...
  3. G

    KEF LS50 Meta + Audiolab 6000A missing the mark

    Hello all, This is my first post, in fact I signed up to seek some wisdom from you all. At the end of September last year, after a foolishly brief audition, I brought home a pair of KEF LS50 Metas and an Audiolab 6000A. As a pairing it's just not hitting the mark. A couple of bits of info to...
  4. grassoz

    Cambridge Audio + Kef LS50 Meta Bass Issues

    Hi, I've just upgrade my amp from an old Akai to the Cambridge Audio CXA81 to pair with the Kef LS 50 Meta. I listen to a lot of bass heavy music like dub, reggae. Unfortunately this pairing is terrible, the bass is too heavy, on some song even seems distorted. Definitely unpleasant to listen...
  5. P

    Which amp (with HT bypass) for LS50 meta?

    Hi all I am thinking of getting a new HT setup with 2 LS 50 Metas as Fronts, an LS50 Meta/LS 50 / Q650C as centre and Dali Spektor 1 rears. I plan to use a Denon 3700H as AVR, and an SVS SB 2000 Pro as Sub. Usage would be 50% music, 50% PC gaming/movies. I was planning to go for a Klipsch setup...
  6. G

    Amp for LS50 Meta

    Hello, can you please recommend an amplifier that can properly drive the metas? i was looking into musical fidelity m5si, hegel h95/h120 and naim uniti atom. thank you
  7. R

    Question Kef LS50 Meta & Denon AVC-X3700H

    I am considering buying my first surround sound system and I wanted to ask for help & thoughts here. Goals: Living in London our living room is strangely shaped: the wall with the TV has an angle of about 15deg, one of the walls is half opened towards the kitchen and the ceiling is half normal...
  8. KKooki

    Yamaha AS-2100 Pairing? LS50 Meta? A4 Spendor? & Thoughts?

    Hello, I am looking for a new set of speakers for my AMP (which was recently an upgrade) and I was curious what other people are pairing them with? By budget would be about 1500 - 2200 Euros. Ideally floor standing speakers but I don't just want to get the most expensive but something that...
  9. jonnybee123

    Kef LS50 Meta vs Focal Aria 906

    Kef LS50 Meta vs Focal Aria 906's review I started reading and watching the reviews on the net regarding the new Kef LS50 Meta. There are so many rave reviews out there at the moment I became curious to hear for myself if they were any match for my similarly priced Focal Arias on dedicated...
  10. R

    Kef ls50 meta mid/bass driver rattle

    Hey, Wondered if someone could help me out on this. I purchased the ls50 meta today and when playing the song Shadow Journal by Max Richter, there is an audible rattle coming from the mid/bass driver when the song hits the lower frequencies. Particularly the right speaker, although having...
  11. Ed Selley

    KEF LS50 Meta Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    KEF has updated their ‘affordable high end’ standmount with some new thinking that keeps the striking aesthetic. Is this the best way to blow a grand? Read the review. Write your own review for Kef LS50 Meta
  12. L

    KEF LS50 Wireless II vs. LSX (vs. LS50 Meta)

    I was all set to invest in a pair of LSX, but then along came the new gen LS50 Wireless II. Granted > twice the price but broadly comparable as I'm not a hardcore audiophile (but definitely appreciate detail, depth etc.) Question - For day-to-day use, in a living room, are the LS50 Wireless II...
  13. Fergal82

    Kef The New LS50 Collection & Owners Thread

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