1. Mcgreen

    Budget Hi-Fi setup

    I am looking for a pair of speakers for my setup at Uni. I want a pair that sound quality but don't distort at loud volumes (obviously for uni parties). I have seen some Mission 732's and also some Tannoy Mercury MK2's locally both at around £60. Both have a fairly decent sensitivity, would...
  2. K

    Tannoy Mercury V4i

    Hello fellas, As I am planning to purchase these floorstanders for a good price /a friend of mine coming from abroad/, please share with me your opinion about them. Are they harsh/aggressive, how is the midrange quality, is the bass fast and controlled? Does the aluminium tweeter sound...
  3. M

    tannoy mercury v4i

    Hi people hope your ok. just after a bit of advise, my amp (Yamaha 475) gives me options for my speakers LARGE or SMALL. I have a 5.1 setup and sounds grate but I can't tell a lot of difference between the 2 setups? can any help weather I should have them set to large or small. at the mo my...
  4. K

    Tannoy Mercury V4i vs Dali Zensor 7

    Hello guys! Please share with me your impressions of both speakers as I am unable to test them in my city. A relative of mine will bring them from abroad for a really good price so your help is really appreciated. Are the highs of the DALI really that bright? Are the V4i as good as the old V4...
  5. Cyberpistol

    Question Tannoy Mercury M3's, what amp?

    Afternoon all, Newbie here, though not completely new to AV I've just picked up a pair of Tannoy Mercury M3's for £40 and wondering if anyone has a good idea on what amp to pair them with? I'm also looking at getting a sub to add a bit more punch eventually. I'm good with things like...
  6. Cheesemane

    Answered Tannoy mercury m1

    I just remembered I have a pair of these speakers from about 20 years ago, seem to recall they were considered decent enough back then for relatively little money. Are these likely to be any use whatsoever as part of a modern surround setup, or are they just too old and rubbish in modern terms?
  7. G

    Tannoy Mercury M3 what spikes ?

    When I bought these about a year back they come with no spikes I have just bought a marantz 6004 amp, and I now want to get the best sound out of them I can, what size spikes do I need? :cool:
  8. BlueWizard

    Bargain Tannoy Mercury V4i Floorstanding = £260/pr

    How many and for how long, I don't know, but Audio Affair has some stock of Tannoy Mercury V4i floorstanding speakers for £260/pr (B-Stock). These were originally about £500/pr speakers so very nice discounts. I'm not sure what could possible equal them for that price. Tannoy Mercury V4i...
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