1. beasty54

    Mercedes Servicing - Too pricey?

    I've just picked up a 68 plate Mercedes A180d, 98 miles on the clock and £12k less than a brand new equivalent. I've done it on PCP with no deposit as it was a last minute decision so the rates aren't great but overall it's not too bad for what looks like a brand new car. Anyway, i was stupid...
  2. Wahreo

    New Mercedes GLC Apple Car play.

    2019 car and finding the whole user interface over complicated. Can I use Apple car play instead? Many thanks
  3. welshy

    New Mercedes A-Class 2018

    I fancy this as my next car. I currently have a Seat Leon FR 1.8Tsi 2013 reg. Not seen many real world owner reviews yet so wondering if there are any? Also on the UK Mercedes web site there is no way of ordering the model shown in most reviews UK prices revealed for all-new Mercedes A-Class...
  4. wack

    Anyone know anything about Mercedes CDI engines and 4Matic gearboxes

    Bought a Cat C 2015 220CDi 4Matic a year ago,it was a cat C because the previous owner seized the engine up at 2900 miles so the engine was replaced by a specialist, it had to go to Mercedes to have all the software replaced and updated , it's been fine up until now,i've put 5000 miles on it...
  5. raigraphixs

    Mr. Mercedes (US)

    Stephen King’s (11.22.63) Mr. Mercedes to be adapted into ten hour-long episodes and will debut later this year (date tbc) LOST and Game of Thrones helmer Jack Bender is directing. CAST Leading the “Mr. Mercedes” cast are Brendan Gleeson (“Harry Potter”) as Detective Bill Hodges, Harry...
  6. J

    Mercedes GLC Coupe

    Popped into Mercedes today to have a look at the GLC Coupe (the wife has wanted a 4x4 for ages now), both of us being car mad we've had our last 5 cars on PCP as we swop them so often it just makes sense, also having a good friend who works at the local dealership is always helpful. I've...
  7. Solomon Grundy

    Disappointed with my new car

    I recently changed my car for an E Class 220d AMG Line Mercedes and after a couple of months I am disappointed. Firstly, it seems to be an impenetrable mix of buttons and switches, many of which do the same thing. There is no touch screen, just a big knob (not me) controlling things in the...
  8. smallclanger

    Mercedes B-Class Sports Executive 180 CDi

    Just bought this model (8 months old). Firstly fantastic customer service from Sandown Mercedes in Salisbury, treated us like royalty. When we arrived to collect the car, it was covered in a block sheet, cordoned off behind red ropes with a sign welcoming us to the new car. They filmed a video...
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