1. Ightenhill

    Annoying menu issue on musiccast

    Never had this before but now when I use the musicast amp (to a WSX 50) when I scroll down the album art after two seconds the list jumps back to the top.. Im using a WD Ny Cloud and Twonky as the server
  2. D

    Pioneer VSX-LX504 Setup Menu Won't Display

    Does anyone have a VSX-LX504? I recently purchased a newer TV (slightly upgraded TCL 75inch series 6) and when I try to use the graphical menu (home button) on the pioneer remote, I get the following onscreen error: "Notice - This OSD signal is not supported on your TV. Please contact customer...
  3. J

    Sharpe classic collection Blu-ray. Final disc menu problem

    Has anyone who owns this box set had a problem with the episode selection menu on the last disc.? In my case, the episode selection menu only appears for a split second making episode selection impossible. Has any one else had this problem?
  4. BloodOfDoom

    Samsung QLED Q60A Menu Glitch

    My Samsung QLED Q60A that I have a owned for about a year now has a strange line that appears and disappears in the settings menu. It seems to only be triggered when I cold boot the tv. The line appears on the bottom and right corners of the settings menu. I am unsure if this line is being drawn...
  5. S

    STR-DN1070 - Cannot get 4K output of the menu

    Hi! I had an older Sony DN1040 and it could output the amp’s menu in [email protected] to any of my Philips TV’s 4 HDMI ports when 4K scaling was set to Auto. Now with STR-DN1070 - the menu is displayed in [email protected] on any port. No matter if I use HDCP 2.2 compatible port on my TV or non HDCP compatible...
  6. SnakePlissken006

    Cannot pin games to start menu windows 11

    Hi For some reason there is no option to pin my steam games to start menu. It has the option ticked when I install games but does not appear. After game is installed it let's me create desktop shortcut but all the options to pin that shortcut to start menu are missing and it won't let me drag it...
  7. Mike1975

    DUNE HD REAL VISION 4K - No Audio with BD-ISO full menu playback

    Hi guys! Playback of one certain BD-ISO with FULL MENU: No audio during the movie, but working audio while in the menu and also working audio while playing back the extras like trailers etc. Playback of the same BD-ISO with no menu (or "light menu"): Audio is working! Playback of the same...
  8. L

    Samsung ambient light sensor (engineers menu)

    I have multiple Samsung TV's and am wondering if there is a setting in the engineers menu that allows me to increase the sensitivity of the ambient light sensor (Not min backlight level). The trouble with the factory setting is it never sets it bright enough for the current ambient light...
  9. d0x360

    LG C1 can't open secret menu for..

    Getting rid of the LG logo at shutdown. I factory reset my C1 (USA) last week and just today tried hitting mute 5 times for a good few min. Then I tried 3 times then 7. Still no menu. I can only assume that they changed something with firmware 03.25.25 Did LG hide this somewhere or change...
  10. lalc

    QE75QN800A automatically opens up a menu and begins to play by itself

    I got a brand new QE75QN800A that is two weeks old. It's now beginning to show issues with the menu popping up, moving around playing by itself, shutting down automatically etc. It switches off, increases the volume, decreases etc. Please see the picture to see the menu that pops up. I spoke to...
  11. O

    LG UP7000 service/hotel menu with service remote

    Hi, I purchased a new 2021 55 inch UP7000 for my rental unit. I am getting a lot of noise complaints about loud tv usage and therefore want to put the TV in hotel mode and limit the max volume. My understanding is that the hotel menu is in the service menu(?) and to access the sevice menu, you...
  12. L

    Q70R- secret menu

    Hello guise, Recently I wanted to change few options in my QE49Q70R QLED TV. This is only 60Hz panel. In my opinion the colours of this TV are .....inaccurate. The faces looks kinda reddish and grass look like a green field.... I lower te colour and disable contrast enhancements but the picture...
  13. A

    toshiba tv model 50L420U

    toshiba tv model # 50L420U,I did reset tv and cannot go further from this message;Initial setup Menu language English ? please advice. I am from canada
  14. W

    Issue with Adding New Pinned Tiles to existing Start Menu Group

    Having an issue where if I pin something new to Win 10 Start Menu, for example, Recycle Bin, it creates a new group specifically for that item alone and wont let me add the tile to an existing group or let me add any existing tile to that newly created group. Checked group policy and nothing is...
  15. sebna

    How to access service menu on LG OLED?

    Hi all, I am looking for a way of accessing service menu on LG OLEDS to be specific C6 and C9. I used to access it with app on my phone and its IR blaster but I have new phone without IR blaster and app no longer starts on the old phone. I should have record IR signal to open service menu on...
  16. D

    Q90R service menu

    Hi everyone. Is there anyone could give me the Q90R (55') PWM_INI_2D, PWM_MOVIE_INI and PWM Mid default values on the service menu? I forgot to take a picture. Thanks 👍🏻
  17. A

    Virgin Media HDMI Splitter. Sound & Menu but no picture

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help please. I am taking the HDMI out of my Virgin V6 box into the below HDMI splitter, and trying to extend into another room over cat6. I also need the 1080i signal to pass through the HDMI transmitter into the Sony TV in the same room as the V6 box, which was...
  18. E

    Denon AVR-X2700H freezes DVD menu (Sony Blu-ray player)

    Sony UBP-X1100ES Blu-ray player connected via HDMI3 input to my Denon AVR-X2700H receiver. I'm playing DVD disc 2 of Warner Bros Looney Tunes "Golden Collection". I can navigate the main menu, I can "play all", I can skip from one chapter to the next or previous. However when I select "Shorts"...
  19. R

    menu button in the remote works fine inside apps but not in home screen

    Hi. It's weird. The menu button in my Hisense u6g remote control works fine in apps, but it doesn't work in the home screen. When I press the menu button in home screen, the menu doesn't appear. If I use the menu icon at the top of the home screen, then all is fine. The problem is the remote...
  20. w4tchmaker

    How to access the service menu on Samsung KS9000 from 2016?

    Hi there! I can't figure out how to access the service menu on my Samsung UN65KS9000 TV, which is a model from 2016. I'd like to disable the awful Pulse Width Modulation / Global Dimming "feature" which reduces the luminance on dark scenes when the TV perceives a certain threshold of pixels...
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