1. raigraphixs

    The Menu (TBC)

    Anya Taylor-Joy (Replaces Emma Stone) & Ralph Fiennes To Headline Searchlight’s ‘The Menu’ A thriller set in the world of eccentric culinary culture, centering on a young couple who visit an exclusive restaurant on a remote island...
  2. R

    Marantz NR1711 no set up menu on TV

    Chaps, I had a few issues setting this up and with the help of another forum member managed to get sound and vision. Great news.. However now it's up and working via ARC the unit display reads TV AUDIO then SUR TV . when I press the setup button it changes to AUDIO. if I press enter it...
  3. Giogiotheking

    Philips TV Ambilight 50PUS8505/12 50 Setting menù wont open

    Hello guys i just bought the Philips TV Ambilight 50PUS8505/12 50 on Amazon. i have a problem Everytime i press the settings menù wont open anything.. There is some way to reset the TV in another method? or i just go for the refund because the TV seems slow and cannot go into the settings menù
  4. C

    Apple TV 4K Search Menu Has Moved...How to Move Back?

    Most of the time the search function in my Apple TV 4k has been on the left side of the scrren. Now it's moved to the top of the screen. I didnt' ask for a change. How can I put the search menu back to where it was at the left of the screen? Thx!
  5. mxz10

    How can you calibrate the h9g if the menu changes your readings?

    I am trying to calibrate my Hisense H9G with ChromaPure and the X-rite i1 pro meter. So when the Hisense menu is open it not only covers almost half the screen it changes the gamma output and white balance readings. I was able to consistently measure significant gamma changes and subtle white...
  6. Thelawgiver

    Yamaha rx-v1 - Set Menu with No Remote Possinle?

    Hey All, desperately looking for some help here. I have had this for years but i moved and lost my audio settings. I wrestled with setup before but I just don't remember what i did back then to resolve my issue. Im running a 4 speaker setup. Two large front and two small rear. I need to enter...
  7. S

    LG BX 2020 no signs of clock in the home menu?

    Hi, just bought a new LG BX for my bedroom and it doesn’t display the current time unless I dig through the settings to adjust time. I have an LG SK8000 in my living room that shows time every time I click home -and it is nowhere the price of the TV I just bought. Is this just a limitation on...
  8. R

    Toshiba 32AV555D Slow menu

    I have just been given a Toshiba 32AV555D after my Panasonic packed up. The set works well but the program menu is so slow it is unusable. We change channel by inputing the channel number and that works ok but we cannot view the complete tv guide. Any ideas why this is like it?
  9. E

    Automatic home menu pop-up on switch on with latest update

    I use my 43UK6950PLB with a sky box and switch it on with a long press of the sky remote. After the latest update each time I switch it on, the home menu appears, obliterating a large part of the screen, sometimes it goes away after a time but mostly it doesn't, so I have to find the LG remote...
  10. jrn107

    Denon AVR-2803 - cannot output setup menu to TV

    Hi All, Some time ago, I bought a Denon AVR-2803 Receiver second hand. To all appearances it works correctly. However, I cannot get the setup menu to display on a TV, no matter what I do. I am trying to work out if this is a fault, or more likely something I'm doing wrong. I have the manual...
  11. pointyskull

    QN65Q70TA input question re: menu

    Just got the QN65Q70TA the other day, and I am still tweaking the overall experience. My question is the 'home' screen that pops up initially - with the account info, streaming channels, etc. When I turn on the TV to watch cable (which uses a box) the menu stays until I scroll just to the...
  12. Ziggypoptastic

    JVC LT-48C570 Service Menu or Firmware?

    Hi All, Been searching the net for the above and even called know-how tech advice line. I'm having an issue with the TV JVC LT-48C570 with the picture overscanning. Does anyone know where i could obtain the firmware update or service menu code? Thanks,
  13. RichardCliche

    Home Speaker system that allows you to play music off Android's own phone menu

    I have had SONOS for a few years, but it drives me up the wall that I cannot play music from the categories in which I store music on my Samsung phone's music App. I own most of the music I play, not stream it, so using the folders I am used to on my phone would be ideal. At the point now where...
  14. A

    Question PUS8545 Menu exit issue

    Hello! I just bought pus8545 and sometimes when i browse through the settings menu it auto-exits automatically. Did this happened to you before? Is a normal behaviour? I’m a bit worried, it’s really hard to replicate, it’s just random. Thank you!
  15. A

    No Sync menu on Samsung TV (ue78ku6505)

    I've just gotten a new TV (ue78ku6505) and I prefer to have all the cables run through my stereo. When doing this on my old tv and clicking the source button on the remote all the inputs connected to the stereo showed up in the menu on screen. Old TV was also a samsung. It suprises me that this...
  16. J

    LG 60UK6090PUA service menu?

    Is there a way to set the optical output to send 5.1 (either AC3, DD or DTS) on the LG 60UK6090PUA? I actually made it to the password screen (using a remote) and the only code that did anything was 0413 but all that seemed to do was factory reset it as I had to enter all the information in...
  17. Apeniche

    Philips "The One"58PUS8535 service menu

    How do I access the service menu on this TV? Looked everywhere online, but the codes I've found are apparently not working. Also, some suggested codes that involves buttons that apparently I don't have.
  18. I

    LG CX Secret Menu question

    Hello, Been a long long time since I posted and had to make a new account. Anyways I am trying to access the Picture Secret Menu (have picture mode highlighted and press 1113111) it doesn’t seem to work. Is there something I am missing? I am following these steps exactly Access the TV...
  19. B

    Pioneer PDP 428XD problem about Input3 despite of activated on menü

    Hi, i have problems on Pioneer PDP 428XD that i 've bought in the year of 2010 There is a problem about Input3 despite of activated on menü. i use TV receiver for Input1 with HDMI cable. i want to use xiaomi tv stick android media player with another HDMI cable for Input3. But no screen, always...
  20. Stonefox

    Question Dune Pro 4K media player Top Menu geriatric mod

    Hi I have an 87 year old mother who is loosing her memory due to senile dementia. She lives alone and watching series and movies is a very important part of her entertainment each day. I fill an external USB drive with video she likes and keep it loaded with fresh content as she watches on her...
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