1. Z

    Anywhere I can buy an IR friendly glass door for media wall?

    Hi All, I'm building a fake chimney breast as part of a home renovation and I'd like to house my blue-ray player and sky box behind some IR friendly glass - ideally a drop down door. I really like this but it seems an absolute waste of money to pay £200 for the whole cabinet when I actually...
  2. C

    Media room advise

    Hi, Currently I have a media pc connected to Epson projector, sound going though USB sound card to logitech z506 (basic I know) I would like to have the same experience I have on my android tv/firestick on the projector, being easily able to jump between Netflix, you tube etc. Could connect...
  3. M

    4k Media Players

    I am looking for some recommendations on a high end 4k UHD media player, thinking of Dune, Zidoo or Zapitti. Any insight into these and why I should choose one over the other would be most appreciated.
  4. H

    Hisense 558HG Windows 10 LAN media sharing problems

    I am having some issues that have started lately that I did not have when I set this up. I am streaming to two devices. My Hisense 558HG and a Roku 4k Roku Premiere. I have a Gigabit LAN connection on my motherboard, 16 gigs of ram. The computer is plenty fast. I can play HEVC and X265 files...
  5. T

    Question any media player run plex from internal drive

    I was wondering if there are any media players that can run plex on a internal drive
  6. D

    Radio or Device for Listening to Radio and Media on NAS??

    I have my music collection on a NAS device. I can listen to the music using my Pure Evoke Flow radio which connects via Wi-Fi to my network but it is a bit tempramental, and has the common problem with a fading screen. Can anyone recommend a radio or device which will play DAB radio and is rock...
  7. imightbewrong

    Help - Virgin Media FTTC latency gone bad

    I've put a thread in the ISP/Internet forum looking for some advice on my line issue - I guess GC has a lot more traffic so putting a shout-out to that thread here: If you have any comments please reply there - this thread...
  8. billybop

    Question Canon XH A1 Mini DV, DV, Flash Media Camcorder

    Advice please ive im just starting out taking videos, ive been offered this recorder for £250 to set me off on my way, would this be a good start for me to learn please any advice would be most welcome thank you...Ray:(
  9. V

    Distribution of Virgin Media TV around house

    Hi All, I wondered if anyone has sent the tv signal out of a Virgin Media Tivo box up to a roofbox distribution box in addition to the TV in the same room? I've had a tv distribution box for years and never installed it, but as it can get a signal from a tv aerial, CCTV, sat dish and also a...
  10. D

    Question Play media bigger than 4GB on home theatre using blurry player?

    Hello does anybody know the best way to play a 4k movie I made? I saw that fat32 is limited to 4GB. So what is the best way to do this? I have the Pioneer SC-LX 59 AVR and Pioneer BDP-LX 58. Is there a cheaper way than ripping blu rays?
  11. E

    Question Claritas 260M Compact Digital Media Server

    I've changed the above enclosure (after many years of good service) to a SilverStone GD09 case. I went for the newer case for the improved cooling and to be fair, it's not half bad. I'm wondering if it's worth my while trying to sell the Claritas. I've had it on e-Bay for the last few weeks -...
  12. TrebzUK01

    Raspberry Pi 3 / Glyph / Volumio Media Streamer Power Issue

    Hi All I built myself a little media streamer this morning and I'm having a strange issue with it. The spec is below: Raspberry Pi3 HiFiBerry + Standard HAT Glyph case As you will see in the image below I have used a 12v to 5v converter to bring the power down but when I plug in the external...
  13. C

    better speakers

    hello friends which is better polk audio s60 5.1 ,svs prime 5.1 ,systems-audio saxo 60 or nht media 5.1? pls suggest tks
  14. martimu

    Any media boxes compatible with WD red Nas drives

    Hi, If I can't get my QNAP working (or it's too expensive to fix) I might replace with a media box like a Zidoo or similar Given that I've got a couple of WD red 4tb drives are they compatible with media boxes? I need something that I can watch my MKV Bluray backups from and stream my flacs...
  15. J

    Question Samsung UN55KU6300 Smart TV Media Streaming Problem

    I have my TV and Computer on the same network. On my computer, I have turned on media streaming on my PC. I have checked the box to allow the Samsung Smart Hub access to your files and to stream content from my PC. I have used the File Explorer to place content in the Libraries on my computer. I...
  16. M

    Myth busters - Are Strong magnets bad next to magnetic storage media? Advise Pls

    Hi all, We have some old laptops, with old style HD drives. These are spinning magnetic discs no? We are buying a Ipad with a Magic keyboard. Apparently the ipad is held in place by uber strong magnets on the magic keyboard. Sooooo..... 1. Storage We currently are pilling up all the laptops...
  17. C

    Question Anyone using separate Facebook (or google) accounts .... eg. for gaming, social media...

    I am not a keen fan of the way Facebook/google track our every move. I have generally stayed away from simple things like liking videos on YouTube or using my Facebook/google ID to setup accounts on sites requiring registration I noticed that my Oculus account has my middle name as well...
  18. thedude

    Sky Sports/ Cinema 4k Content Virgin Media

    Now Sky has released their plans for HDR, I can't but help think my VM6 box is completely lost to sky again. I left Sky for Virgin but the lack of UHD is really alarming, although they support netflix i wouldn't use that as it doesn't give my DV. I'm wondering if they will hurry up with their...
  19. S

    Question Help me choose a 4K media player or 2

    I've finally made the move to a 4K setup with an LG C9. I'm running a 7.2 setup with a NAD T758 V3 receiver, which only has 3 HDMI inputs. I plan to run Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services directly from the WebOS TV, with ARC to the receiver for DD+ audio. This means that (hopefully)...
  20. antighsiothail

    Denying acces to internet on pc used as media server.

    Hi I've just setup an old Windows 7 pc as a media server on my home network. Everything works just fine but given that 7 won't get anymore security updates is it possible to stop that pc from having internet access while still being able to share files across my home network. It's wired directly...
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