1. mmurdoch

    Answered Moving from Sky to Virgin Media

    Hi Put notice in to Sky to end my TV & Multi screen as my 60% deal was coming to an end. I'm now considering Virgin Media for my TV as they have the new V6 box which is apparently better than the crappy old Tivo boxes. I know VM don't have Sky Atlantic which is a pain as I do actually watch a...
  2. freeflyer

    Question Dell Precision T5600 as a Plex media server & Time machine backup ?

    I am looking for a media server and was originally looking at a NAS (e.g. a Synology DS216+II or QNAP TS-251+) but they don't have the processing power to transcode on the fly. I was recommended the Lenovo TS140 Thinkserver which is now obsolete and replaced by the TS150. There is a computer...
  3. riverboat2001

    Question Ditch MS epg - but need media extenders

    Hi All, I have been using Win7 Media Center and the MS epg. Mine is using a twin Freesat card. My epg has now been missing for over about six weeks. Is everyone else with this setup still missing an EPG? (just want to make sure it's not jut me) In our house we have four xbox 360's that are used...
  4. H

    OSMC Vero 4K Media Streamer Review & Comments

    The OSMC Vero 4K benefits from tailor made software, superb manufacturer support and some excellent hardware on which to build. There are minor limitations but, chances are, they will be ironed out soon, making this one serious little contender. Read the review. Write your own review for OSMC...
  5. R

    Virgin media router & denon cell n9

    Hi folks I bought a denon ceol n9 last year and to begin with all was good, worked fine. Then I changed my broadband from sky to virgin. To begin with it worked the same, then one day the router just stopped seeing the receiver. I've been into the router settings to confirm this. The router...
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