1. TheReloaded

    HELP! Corrupted OS on my PC and no other PC for installation medi

    Hello, I really need help. I enabled legacy support on my BIOS so that I can run Linux Mint on my secondary drive but then when I tried to run Windows again, it won’t boot. (Yes I did disable legacy support again.) I have no other PCs to install an installation medium to my USB. Any ideas on...
  2. bruce-leroy

    You know you’re addicted to physical disc media buying when....

    You go into a shopping precinct for other purposes. The original intention is not specifically looking for BD discs. Despite not really wanting anything and knowing you have more discs than remaining lifespan to watch them....You walk pass the Poundland store, do a U turn, and go in and see if...
  3. N2TE

    Standalone Samsung TV Media Player App

    Is there a media player app available for the Samsung QLED TV? I'm helping a friend who wants to be able to open a video player app on his new Samsung TV, browse to a shared folder on his PC HDD over his home-network, double-click on a desired video file (i.e. mp4, avi, mkv, etc) that resides on...
  4. S

    Question Can your Panasonic TV play media from USB?

    So... I know this is a basic question, but it’s something I’m not getting much answers for online. I currently have an LG 49 UJ650, which I’ve been fairly happy with. Picture is fine, and turns out it’s a media powerhouse; plays files straight from USB drives, portable hard drives, and my mains...
  5. N

    Question Need help for buying simple media box for my dad

    Am wanting to update my dads media player so he can enjoy the tv shows and movies I send him as the one he currently has doesn't support h.265 / HEVC files and that is becoming quite popular (plus low file sizes). I send him the files on a USB stick he plugs into the player - he does NOT have...
  6. albriscoe

    For Sale Gyration Media Centre Keyboard and Remote with USB dongle

    Hello I'm having a massive clear out and came across this, its a Gyration Media Centre keyboard and remote which i used for 10 mins lol. I seem to remember it was circa £125 but obviously not worth anything like that now. Links tell me it was around $200 from the US...
  7. JabbaNut

    Nokia Media Streamer a new Android TV-Box with certificates for streaming for India.

    " As we know there are few Android TV-Boxes with certificates to watch streaming content in the highest quality, now only in India we have the new Nokia Media Streamer. A new microscopic device that reminds us of the Xiaomi Mi Box S but has more limited specifications, a smart box certainly...
  8. R

    Newbie to NAS: help required to set up a N54L as a media server

    I've inherited an HP N54L which has been used for film back ups. I believe it has been configured as RAID1 with 4 x 3TB drives. I'd like to convert this into a media server on my network to stream music to my analogue hi-fi via a suitable streamer/DAC. I've read the FAQ's section on here but it...
  9. J

    For Sale SOLD - Zidoo Z9S 4K UHD Media Player

    A high quality media player running the latest version 2.3.33 of Zidoo's Z9S firmware on Android version 7.0.1 which quickly boots to the Zidoo home screen. The main links on the home screen are to the installed Apps, the Zidoo Media Center which is primarily a file manager, Zidoo Home Theater...
  10. Steven

    Portable Media Devices & Headphones Classifieds are here
  11. T

    Question media player and PLEX

    is there a media player with internal hard drive that can run PLEX for the videowall
  12. Morbs1990

    Question Media Player advice

    Hi All, I'm after some advice for streaming media with high definition audio through netflix, stan and USB storage device. I have a denon x1600h receiver connected to my hisense 4k hdr tv via arc (tv doesnt support earc). I also have a sony 4k player which has the netflix app but doesnt allow...
  13. dpullen87

    For Sale *SOLD* Zidoo Z9S Media Player

    Selling due to upgrade. Boxed with all the bits and pieces, excellent condition. Will be sent Royal Mail signed for. £105
  14. peppadapig69

    For Sale Zidoo Z9S Media Player

    Zidoo Z9S Media player for sale. Fantastic player which has served me well but have decided to upgrade. Condition is excellent and comes boxed with all the accessories. Still has warranty remaining. £120 including postage.
  15. P

    Samsung Q9FN and m9702 v3 media player => howto Dolby Digital or better?

    I have the 75" Samsung Q9FN with the OneConnect box. I use the ARC HDMI connection to my Pioneer receiver (sc-2024). If I play Netflix or Disney+ from the TV, I get full surround sound. I also have a m9702 v3 media player (so-called 'chinoppo'), which connects to hdmi2 on the Samsung...
  16. Z

    Anywhere I can buy an IR friendly glass door for media wall?

    Hi All, I'm building a fake chimney breast as part of a home renovation and I'd like to house my blue-ray player and sky box behind some IR friendly glass - ideally a drop down door. I really like this but it seems an absolute waste of money to pay £200 for the whole cabinet when I actually...
  17. M

    For Sale Xbox One Media Remote

    Remote in good condition and full working order. If you have any questions please let me know. Matt
  18. C

    Media room advise

    Hi, Currently I have a media pc connected to Epson projector, sound going though USB sound card to logitech z506 (basic I know) I would like to have the same experience I have on my android tv/firestick on the projector, being easily able to jump between Netflix, you tube etc. Could connect...
  19. M

    4k Media Players

    I am looking for some recommendations on a high end 4k UHD media player, thinking of Dune, Zidoo or Zapitti. Any insight into these and why I should choose one over the other would be most appreciated.
  20. H

    Hisense 558HG Windows 10 LAN media sharing problems

    I am having some issues that have started lately that I did not have when I set this up. I am streaming to two devices. My Hisense 558HG and a Roku 4k Roku Premiere. I have a Gigabit LAN connection on my motherboard, 16 gigs of ram. The computer is plenty fast. I can play HEVC and X265 files...
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