1. H

    (Audio) Media library - MP3, FLAC or A.N.Other?

    Before recommending purely based off the thread title, at the very least read this opening bit - I understand .FLAC, .WAV is 'better' than .mp3 in terms of quality, however IS IT better for me in this scenario? I don't know - that's why I'm here trusting you guys. Onwards.... So I'm in the...
  2. ShamiVolley

    Social media Marketing concepts and Voters/Political Parties' relationship

    Hi everyone! How are you? I have always been interested in politics and social media; however, I never considered them together until I had the chance to research for my dissertation proposal. I found out how the political sphere can be read using marketing terms. Thus, I researched all those...
  3. jamct

    Marantz NR1711 not always detecting cable as default source when turning on TV.

    Intermittent fault when turning on the TV each day as Marantz NR1711 does not always detect Virgin Media V6 cable as 'default source' when turning on TV viz:- Each morning the TV, Virgin Media V6 and amp are all on standby. All 3 remote controls are handy. Actions: Turn on TV, the amp switches...
  4. Q

    For Sale Munari TV-Möbel Modena MO 110 High End TV Media Cabinet Grey / Glass

    For sale is our Munari TV-Möbel Modena MO 110 High End TV Media Cabinet Grey / Glass. We purchased this around 9 years ago for around £1200. It is still as new, not a mark on it and everything works as new. It is a contemporary look. This is a sold piece of high quality media furniture, it...
  5. P

    Best Service/System to replace Sky/Virgin Media?

    Evening all. Firstly, apologies if this isn't the best section to post this but seemed the most appropriate. Until about 9 months ago, I had been a sky customer for 8 years. Moved house and was finally in a virgin media area so switched to Virgin. Now I'm moving again, and back out of a virgin...
  6. D

    Netflix on virgin media error

    my son-in-law is with virgin media every couple of days he gets an error message from NetFlix saying he is using a VPN or proxy. but he is NOT his Netflix home page changes his icons change as well. tv shows that he has been watching are gone Netflix says to contact isp which he has they said...
  7. D

    Advice on basement media room layout....

    Hi all! New to the forums and looking for some advice on speaker/TV placement in the basement of our new house. See attached photos. As you can guess, this room is a little weird due to the two openings of staircase and hallways going back further in the basement. The measurement of the main...
  8. davee

    For Sale Loewe Connect42 Media+

    REDUCED PRICE Great looking tv with excellent sound in good working condition. Finished in unmarked piano black. Includes Loewe remote control and user manual This tv is not a Smart tv so when I want iPlayer or Netflix etc I use a Roku which I will include with the sale. Media hard drive has an...
  9. T

    SMB shared media files on Raspberry PI

    I know this sort of question has probably been asked a million times, but I'm struggling to find the answer I'm looking for. If someone could just point me to a tutorial or link, that would be great. Can someone tell me how to make media shares ("video", "music" and "pictures") on my Raspberry...
  10. R

    Virgin Media Coax Cable. HELP.

    Ok, I'm here again needing help with my tv. I have Virgin Media and I am moving the TiVo box and I need to make the cable shorter. It looks like a normal coax cable, but the connector where is screw in looks different and I can't see how it comes off. Anybody any idea? Ron
  11. RobTi

    Router to use on virgin media

    Hi so had a few problems with my hub 5 and they replaced it for a hub 3 and now I want to put it in modem mode and add my own router, so I live in a small flat with all my main devices wired but have 20+ wireless devices, I am on 100mb speed, any recommendations? Thanks
  12. gargoyle67

    For Sale Koch Media The C64 Maxi Computer with full working keyboard

    As per title this is the full version of the C64 (not the mini) with full working keyboard, More info here> Thought I'd use it, but I'm finding my Mister setup is better for me. Has a slight tear on the box left hand side just below the 6, nothing that...
  13. mickbirch2000

    vTuner problems with Bauer media radio stations.

    The vTuner streaming platform on the Lyngdorf 1120 " Streaming amplfier " is currently not working with most if not all of Bauer media radio stations, other stations work fine. I know there was a recorded message saying the service would be stopping a while back , the same message was on the...
  14. bartek158

    Sharp tv always ask me on startup would I like to browse media files on the drive ( USB) ?

    Hello I use Sharp SHARP 55BL5EA, I have some videos on USB Drive. I watch it rarely. But always when I switch on my tv I have to answer the question : "Would you like to browse the digital media files on this drive, now ?" and push "right" and "ok" button. I use to use my tv sat tuner pilot...
  15. snowy2004

    Media player advice needed please.

    Hi all, We are going camping soon and I am going to take either a TV or Projector with us to keep us entertained in case it rains! So I need a media player that will play MKV files (FHD and 4K) via HDMI. It should have a remote if possible. Internet connectivity not required but would be nice...
  16. Talgo

    Cheap media player required

    Hi Can anyone recommend a small cheap media player / streaming box to suit this please... to use in my motorhome connected via HDMI to a small 1080p TV.. would like to be able to use it when there is no mobile signal or WiFi.. (also when there is) would like to play rips and stuff I have...
  17. J

    5.1 surround media player for Denon AVR- x520bt AV setup

    Hi there, I’m installing an AV setup with surround sound for an exhibition and need to find a high quality surround sound capable media player. My setup uses a Denon AVR-x520bt with bowers wilkins 5.1 surround speaker setup. I will be playing an AV work through the setup as follows.. media...
  18. VHSguy

    What media is the most cost effective nowadays for regular recording from TV?

    I was just wondering, what is the cheapest media for recording from broadcast television and archiving? Is it to USB flash memory, hard disc drive or DVD etc?
  19. Nodeity

    Zidoo Z9X - Media Centre - Home Theatre - HDR, Dolby Vision etc

    Hi Guys, I'm a big fan of the way Kodi sorts and list files with a poster and description, I have managed to get some of that functionality going in my Zidoo Z9X in the Media Centre section, however I have noticed that certain HDR, Dolby Vision etc files, will play in the Media Centre section...
  20. Barnes1988

    Media Streaming Device (Fire Stick etc...)

    Good morning, We have just moved into our new home and didn't realise that new houses aren't fitted with aerials. We aren't getting Sky in this property and so I am looking to run the TV through the internet. I have heard you can be quite creative with fire sticks so wanted to know what the...
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