1. D

    Media player File Names Missing

    Hi, Today I picked up a 43" Nano TV, my first new TV for 22 years, and my first SMART TV. Loving it, but I would like to try to get to the bottom of an issue that is bugging me. For the last few years, I was using an old Sony LCD TV, and about 2 years ago I bought a Humax Freesat box, to...
  2. T

    New Media Player

    is there any new players out that are not android based
  3. Coulson

    For Sale M9702 (Oppo Clone) Media Player - Dolby Vision Folder/ISO

    Plays almost every media format including Dolby Vision and HDR10+ Folders/ISO. Hi Fi quality looking case so still looks like new. Compact so should fit in almost any situation. Network connectivity to both NFS and SMB. Oppo picture and audio quality. Backlit remote control. Price is £200
  4. B

    Virgin media first time install

    Hi everyone. I will be getting virgin bb very soon and was wondering about the install. Can somebody tell me how long it takes and exactly what the install entails? I live on the top floor of a flat. Thanks.
  5. A

    Media Player on LG 43UP81006LA 2021 TV

    Just received this, my first LG TV, to replace a dying Samsung. I connect the TV to my network using a wired connection. I have my music files on an external USB drive plugged into my router which has a Media Sharing (DLNA) Server built in. The structure I have is: Artist 01 ---- Year &...
  6. M

    Recommendation for streaming box w media player

    I'm after a streaming box with a couple of fairly simple requirements: - has free on demand streaming, especially iPlayer and 4OD - can stream Netflix - can play a variety of media formats, with expandable storage to keep files on I currently only have an HD TV but ideally I'd like something...
  7. C

    Simplest media player that can output hidef flac as LPCM over hdmi.

    I’m looking for a very simple media player that can handle up to 24/96 flac and output as stereo LPCM over hdmi. My new cars stereo does not have an aux port so I can’t plug in my Astell & Kern AK jr which is my primary portable for hidef. I tried Bluetooth but the connection can only handle 24...
  8. Gavb20

    For Sale Ps5 Media Remote

    Unboxed but in great condition £20 posted
  9. A

    Can I have normal tv or do I have to pay for a virgin media package with tv

    Hi, sorry if this is a really silly question! im moving into a new flat and this is the current set up (see photo). I’m trying to figure if I will have to go with virgin media for a tv/wifi package due to this set up. 1. Will I have to have cable due to this VM box? As opposed to plugging...
  10. DradleyBack

    (Another) Single garage conversion - small space family movie & games room

    After moving house almost 2 years ago our little spare bedroom movie room was left for the new owners. Previous house We didn't want to use a bedroom at the new house as our son is...
  11. luckysim0n

    Using as a media server?

    Has anyone set there PS5 up as a media server my box and wire count is surpassing the allowed limits of the wife So was thinking of using PS5 as a replacement for my Shield plus It will be an external hard drive plugged in to PS5 and using Plex well that's my plan unless some one has a better...
  12. gdourado

    Media player that tells me how low a music goes to?

    Hello, good afternoon. Hope everyone is doing well. I am curious about how low in frequency does the music I usually listen to goes. My speakers are rated at 52Hz at -3db reference. So I am wondering if I am missing much on the music I enjoy, is there any media player that gives that...
  13. D

    Btsport on media box conumdrum

    Hey all, So, we currently have sky and want rid as we are finding we are not really watching what sky offers. (Netflix/prime is just fine) The problem I have is we have btsports with sky. I don't want to lose btsports as I need it for ufc live content. I also need to record some events as they...
  14. vancreef

    Media Server issue on LG V30+

    Hi. This error first appeared on my phone screen approx a year ago and has gotten more frequent. It used to be once a month, then once a week and now daily. After this happens the phone will not play any media, video or audio. All alarms cease to sound, no ringtone or notifications, even the...
  15. Tjopper

    New Media Player - Advice needed

    I have a Mede8er med600x3d for years now and it has always done a very good job in playing content from the internal HD. As I have a 4K capable TV now it a looking for a new media player. As I am not familiar with the current media player market, I hope that some of you can give me a lead or...
  16. T

    Best brand of blank DVD media (dual layer)

    Anyone recommend a good brand of dual layer DVD discs? Why is it that dual layer have never been that popular compared to single layer blank discs? is there are a reason for this besides being a little more expensive as you'd think they would be popular, but most people I know have only ever...
  17. RobinOfLoxley

    Israel Collapses Tower Block

    A senior Hamas man lived in the block. Was that sufficient reason to raze it to the ground? Who else was in the block? Grenfell was one thing, this quite another
  18. gapamu66

    Archos Internet Media Tablets

    Hi all, new member here. I had to join AVForums as I have just looked out my old Archos 5&7 IMTs. They work perfect but I'm finding trouble buying plug-ins and add ons for them, I can't seem to find any that are fairly priced. If possible I would appreciate some help and hopefully find someone...
  19. B

    How do you organise your media?

    Initially I just kept tabs using memory some but that soon became an impossible task! I'm now using CLZ Movies, a paid for app on the Play store. I'm not one for buying apps and initially tried this one out and was impressed. Adding discs via barcode is a great function and is so fast to add...
  20. rikstar

    Virgin Media Hub 3.0 Status Light

    Can anybody help me with my problem? I should start off by saying i am not at all tech savvy but i have been having an issue for the past couple of days with my Virgin Media hub 3.0 and the light at the bottom of it. The problem with it is that out of nowhere instead of having a white light...
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