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    Will usb2 speeds be fast enough for 4k playback?

    Hi all I am looking at purchasing the Minix Neo U1 android box but its usb ports are only usb2. My concern is that when Ultra HD blurays are released & I am able to make backups of my 4k movies on hard drives for easier playback, will usb2 be able to handle sending over huge MKV files with...
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    Question Does the Amazon Fire 4K TV pass through HD audio?

    Hey guys I am looking at the new Amazon Fire TV media player (the 2015 4k version). Can anyone tell me whether this will pass through TrueHD & DTSHD audio streams to a HD audio compatible AV receiver? I would be using Kodi to play ripped blurays via my network. Thanks
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    Chaning my WDTV box

    Hi guys Hoping for some help really I'm currently using a WDTV Live box with a hard drive attached to it, but i want to change it for different reasons. All i use it for it to watch films from the hard drive and i like that fact that it gets the film posters / descriptions etc for me I've...
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    Question WDTV Live Upgrade?

    Hi there, After some suggestion if anyone out there has some advice Basically i'm running the movie collection off a WD hard drive connected locally to a WDTV Live box, it does the job fine but it can be quite sluggish to navigate at times and can also freeze So i'm thinking about changing...
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