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  1. snowy2004

    Media player advice needed please.

    Hi all, We are going camping soon and I am going to take either a TV or Projector with us to keep us entertained in case it rains! So I need a media player that will play MKV files (FHD and 4K) via HDMI. It should have a remote if possible. Internet connectivity not required but would be nice...
  2. Talgo

    Cheap media player required

    Hi Can anyone recommend a small cheap media player / streaming box to suit this please... to use in my motorhome connected via HDMI to a small 1080p TV.. would like to be able to use it when there is no mobile signal or WiFi.. (also when there is) would like to play rips and stuff I have...
  3. J

    5.1 surround media player for Denon AVR- x520bt AV setup

    Hi there, I’m installing an AV setup with surround sound for an exhibition and need to find a high quality surround sound capable media player. My setup uses a Denon AVR-x520bt with bowers wilkins 5.1 surround speaker setup. I will be playing an AV work through the setup as follows.. media...
  4. nwgarratt

    Which Media player to get?

    I have been out of the game with media players since getting a WDTV many years ago. I have been using a Samsung TV to do all my media but have started getting problems playing certain 265/HEVC videos. It is hit or miss whether they work or not (might also be audio related). Am I better of...
  5. smipx

    Advice on a simple media player (no streaming) that can play FULL-HD + ATMOS w HDMI 2.1

    Hi All. I have some files I would like to download and play on my Atmos enabled Soundbar so am looking for a simple media player that can handle the Atmos via HDMI 2.1 and play 2160p. Not interested in streaming - just downloading files and playing them . What would be a good cheap option for...
  6. H

    MPV: Set default audio delay when converting to AC3? Also, video config and cache settings (Jellyfin)?

    I've got a few questions but I'll start with most to least bothersome. Windows 11 mpv-x86_64-20220313-git-7ac4b7d Jellyfin MPV Shim (2.0.2) AAF Optimus (6.0.9600.2311) MSI Z170A M5, ALC-1150 Onboard SPDIF > Sonos adapter > HDMI > Sonos Beam gen1 I passthrough AC3 and convert 6ch AAC/EAC3...
  7. C

    AU8000 Tizen media player

    So I switched from my Android TV Sony to the Samsung 65AU8000 just yesterday... I am still in the experiencing and configuring phase but my first "problem" is to realize that there is no "media player" whatsoever on this tizen operating system? Or am I doing something wrong? Now the main idea...
  8. P

    Media Player on hx800

    Hi could be being stupid . I have a hx800 and for the life of me cannot find a media player! I have a NAS with films on and all my older tvs (including an old panasonic using its media playet) apple tv etc can see it but cannot find a media player or way to look on this tv . Any one help or is...
  9. NoLifeDGenerate

    Looking for a good media player box

    Ok, the VLC app on Xbox has somehow become completely useless. Even videos that used to play fine just go black after a few minutes and keep playing audio only. Makes no sense. I'm looking for a standalone media player. I was looking at a Dune-HD Pro Vision 4K Solo, but they never restock their...
  10. V

    dune media player and Kodi

    Hello. I would like to buy the following multimedia device, but before I do, I would like to know if it supports kodi / Real Debrid. I absolutely need this application. Do you know if he can do it? Dune HD Max Vision 4K Thank you..
  11. A

    HELP… Pioneer Media player

    Hi, this is probably a really stupid question but I’m struggling to get a straight answer via google… So I’ve got a pioneer Kuro tv with speakers and the pioneer media player (PDA-V100HD) I thought I needed the media player plugged in for the sound to work but it doesn’t need to be plugged in...
  12. RC99

    Recommendations for very basic media player

    First time here so I hope this is the right place to post. I joined because this area is completely outside of my experience and I'm confused about the apparent huge range of media player options available. Very simply, I need a media player I can attach to my daughter's Samsung PS42C450B1W TV...
  13. tosalet

    Help! QPLove 11 media player / Tivimate recording

    Hi, after many attempts with my QPLove 11 media player I cannot change Tivimate recording destination from original ROM path used is (/storage/emulated/0 ) to either USB stick, path used is ( /storage/3C82-50E7/tivimate ) or SD Card, path used is (/storage/3161-6230/tivimate) . Recording works...
  14. Unintended Consequences

    Dune HD Real Vision Media Player Programming Samsung Universal Remote?

    I’m trying to set up the universal remote to work with my Dune media player/AVR/Samsung Neo QLED TV. However, when I select “OTT box“ the Dune brand is not listed. With this in mind, does anyone know if it will work if I select another brand?
  15. P

    Looking for a 4k streamer/media player that supports 23.976 and 24.00 fps

    As per the thread title, I am fed up with with the frame skipping caused by outputting 24.00 fps content at 23.976 fps, which leads to a frame being dropped roughly every 42 seconds on some newer Netflix content (and Disney+ too I think). Streaming apps should ideally switch refresh rates...
  16. G

    Best media player for me

    I want to buy a media player, I currently have an Egreat A11 media player. The point: better picture and sound quality (via HDMI / optical) Dolby Vision support is also required. Which one can you recommend? Zidoo Z1000 Pro? Thanks.
  17. P

    Recommendations please for media player

    Hi all - can anyone please recommend a small and inexpensive media player for playback of mkv files, inc h265? Apps compatibiliy not important, solely needed for local playback of files from a USB drive. Thanks in advance
  18. Nice Monkey

    Guide on which brand media player to select (Dune, OPPO (clone), Zappiti and Zidoo)

    Guide on which brand media player to select This for playing local content including native DVD/BD/UHD in ISO or Folders with or without their respective menus. Regarding Video format support and Picture Quality including DV and HDR10+ all mentioned media player models are good and offer...
  19. A

    Portable media player with Gapless/Scrobbling/Playlists/ReplayGain

    I've been using iPods for over 10 years (Classic until it gave up the ghost; Nano since). Have a carefully curated music iTunes library with hundreds of playlists (too many to recreate or even manually export). In an ideal world, Apple would release a shiny new classic with 1TB of flash storage...
  20. Z

    No access from the DUNE media player to my QNAP NAS

    Hi all, my new DUNE HD Real Vision 4K media player (firmware 210415_1106_r17) is not able to access to my QNAP NAS folders via SMB. But my QNAP is shown in the network browser. When I am entering user ID and password, no access is possible. Fun fact: if I connect my former DUNE HD SmartBox 4K...
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