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  1. D

    Media player File Names Missing

    Hi, Today I picked up a 43" Nano TV, my first new TV for 22 years, and my first SMART TV. Loving it, but I would like to try to get to the bottom of an issue that is bugging me. For the last few years, I was using an old Sony LCD TV, and about 2 years ago I bought a Humax Freesat box, to...
  2. T

    New Media Player

    is there any new players out that are not android based
  3. Coulson

    For Sale M9702 (Oppo Clone) Media Player - Dolby Vision Folder/ISO

    Plays almost every media format including Dolby Vision and HDR10+ Folders/ISO. Hi Fi quality looking case so still looks like new. Compact so should fit in almost any situation. Network connectivity to both NFS and SMB. Oppo picture and audio quality. Backlit remote control. Price is £200
  4. A

    Media Player on LG 43UP81006LA 2021 TV

    Just received this, my first LG TV, to replace a dying Samsung. I connect the TV to my network using a wired connection. I have my music files on an external USB drive plugged into my router which has a Media Sharing (DLNA) Server built in. The structure I have is: Artist 01 ---- Year &...
  5. M

    Recommendation for streaming box w media player

    I'm after a streaming box with a couple of fairly simple requirements: - has free on demand streaming, especially iPlayer and 4OD - can stream Netflix - can play a variety of media formats, with expandable storage to keep files on I currently only have an HD TV but ideally I'd like something...
  6. C

    Simplest media player that can output hidef flac as LPCM over hdmi.

    I’m looking for a very simple media player that can handle up to 24/96 flac and output as stereo LPCM over hdmi. My new cars stereo does not have an aux port so I can’t plug in my Astell & Kern AK jr which is my primary portable for hidef. I tried Bluetooth but the connection can only handle 24...
  7. gdourado

    Media player that tells me how low a music goes to?

    Hello, good afternoon. Hope everyone is doing well. I am curious about how low in frequency does the music I usually listen to goes. My speakers are rated at 52Hz at -3db reference. So I am wondering if I am missing much on the music I enjoy, is there any media player that gives that...
  8. Tjopper

    New Media Player - Advice needed

    I have a Mede8er med600x3d for years now and it has always done a very good job in playing content from the internal HD. As I have a 4K capable TV now it a looking for a new media player. As I am not familiar with the current media player market, I hope that some of you can give me a lead or...
  9. M

    cheapest 4K Atmos Media player

    I am new to all this, but i think i know what i would like but no knowledge on the matter. I want to make backups of 4k Blu Rays with Atmos sound. I will be ripping them on to a 4/6TB external hard disk (using MKV format or ISO whichever holds the lossless audio track). I want to watch the...
  10. castortroy2009

    How to long press on an Android Media Player to save images or open link in new tab?

    I just got my AZW MINI M8S PRO AMLOGIC S912 device & I cannot figure out how to download images within Android Microsoft Edge or Chrome. Long holding left mouse click does nothing. I want to download a new wallpaper but I can't because I can't download the image from google. Thanks
  11. H

    Does the native media player have better picture quality than third part apps ?

    I don't like the subtitle handling of the native media player and I'm thinking of using other third party apps like Kodi & MX Player. But I've read somewhere on reddit that third party apps don't produce the same picture quality as the native app, is this true ?
  12. S

    Network Media Player for 3D+Atmos

    Hello all, I am looking for a network media player that will play bluray ISO images from my NAS. The 2 main requirements are that is must be able to play 3D and Atmos movies. I initially thought my 3D TV stopped playing 3D properly as I tested it with 2 different HTPC's with different setups...
  13. B


    Hello everyone I am new to this forum and in general to old style TVs, so apologies if all this is a bit unclear My goal: I have 4 video files on 4 different USB and would like to show them in these TVs that I've bought. No sound, video only. Color. No need for these to be coordinated, but...
  14. T

    new media player needed

    i am looking for a new media player that takes a internal drive and marks files that have been watched, is there anything out there worth buying
  15. R

    Best budget media player

    Could you please recommend a media player: for watching movies primary via USB or DLNA media player will be connected to TV or Soundbar media player must support Atmos, DTS,... almost all types surround sound no need for media streamers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc... no gaming I know...
  16. A

    New media player showing pink screen when going through AV amp

    I recently started a thread asking which media player to get to replace a Mede8er MED600X3D. After a lot of helpful advice I eventually got a Nvidia Shield Pro 2019. As I was doing the setup I noticed that the screen was pink but just thought that that was normal during the setup process. After...
  17. NeilPrior

    DVD / Media Player that plays MKV files?

    Hi. I'm looking to kill two birds with one stone and get a DVD player that has an in built Media Player that plays files off a plugged in USB memory stick. Now, I've found several but many of them seem to have serious limitations with regards to what file types they support. Specifically, I...
  18. A

    Question What media player to replace Mede8er MED600X3D?

    I have been using a Mede8er MED600X3D for 7 years and it's used most days, nothing wrong with it I just wanted to see if there was a new model available, on checking the web site I see that they never updated it and they are no longer for sale. I use it with a USB hard drive for viewing TV...
  19. C

    Denon DN-300Z Media player

    Don't know if this is the right post section, the Denon DN-300Z is an all-in-one rack mount Pro unit which i will be using with my home stereo system. Does its integrated CD player has great sound quality if connected to a Rotel A12 integrated amp? Is the sound just as good as a Denon, or any...
  20. Stonefox

    Question Dune Pro 4K media player Top Menu geriatric mod

    Hi I have an 87 year old mother who is loosing her memory due to senile dementia. She lives alone and watching series and movies is a very important part of her entertainment each day. I fill an external USB drive with video she likes and keep it loaded with fresh content as she watches on her...
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