media player

A media player could refer to:
Media player (software), software that plays digital media
Digital media player, home appliances that play digital media
Portable media player, portable hardware that play digital media

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  1. chaz

    Copying from media player 4TB Hard to other bigger Hard Drive?

    Hi have a small Problem again I have a Zidoo 20 Pro which at the moment has 3.5 4TB hard drive which is now full of Films I now wish to copy it to a empty 8Tb Hard so i can load the rest of my films onto the 8tb drive. Can someone help me how to do this Please
  2. O

    Question Remove info from media player LGG3

    Guys, i have 2 external hdd's attached to my LG G3 TV. On the tv it is showing them as expansion USB1 and expansion USB 2. Ideally i would like to label them differently, i can change the name of the hdd's on my pc,but it makes no difference on my tv. Any ideas please?
  3. M

    Deinterlacing via software, DVD/BD player or leave it to the TV?

    Hello everyone, I wonder, is it usually better to deinterlace interlaced videos (e.g. a DVD) on a DVD or UHD/Blu-ray player and thus output it as progressive video, or is it better to let the TV do that? Does the latter maybe especially make sense if motion interpolation (I know...) with a...
  4. Wildkarrde

    For Sale Egreat A5 4K UHD Media player

    Upgraded so moving this on. It has played everything I've thrown at it, been a great Android box. All is included, only thing missing is the HDMI from the box. Remote has barely been used as use a Harmony remote. 1x USB 3.0 port and 2x USB 2.0 ports. HDMI 2.0a with HDCP2.2 HDR, 4K, 10bit...
  5. gregeeh

    Numeric KeyPad not working

    Hi all, I have a Harmony Elite that I use with my DVD, TV and Media Player. Works great except for one thing. When I'm watching Movies, TV Shows FTA etc via my Media Player (Kodi) the Numeric Pad on the remote touch screen does not change the TV channels like it used to. Pressing numbers used...
  6. Surebrec

    Question Best media player software for syncing music & playlists between devices?

    As the title says, what are the best media player software that allows syncing between devices (PC & Android phone)? I used to use WMP, but when I got my old MP3 player, it wouldn't sync correctly, so I started to use it less and less for that reason. I gave VLC a try and for the life of me, I...
  7. chaz

    Geting a new media player

    Hi I am thinking of upgrading my old Media player which is a EGREAT A8 which is now over 6 years old but still working There one I am thinking of geting is this Model Zidoo Z20 PRO This model has been upgraded and the Q is a lot better it seems from my EGEAT which went Bust. This Model looks...
  8. ManicRobot

    Question Roku Express 4K HD Streaming Media Player - Live TV Channel

    I have just bought one of these and I was interested, after seeing some YT videos, in Live TV with a conventional TV channel guide. However, there is no sign of this as far as I can see, on my device. I swear I saw a vid with BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV 1, CH4, CH5 etc. showing in a guide on a Roku...
  9. x3racer

    Need help choosing a media player

    Hi, lookink for help choosing a media player. Must have a usb port with 256 g capacity. It will be just for music files. My current usb port on my Onkyo tx-nr509 is acting up and won't open the master folder. It will only play if I press the play arrow and only in order. I have over 30 g's of...
  10. Moyt

    NAS Network-attached storage recommendations for media player and mobile devices

    Seeing what NAS setups can be suggested for me. I'm completely new to NAS even though it's been around for a while, but hopefully I get to grips with it. Basically, I bought a media player the Zidoo z200 Pro which connects to my AV receiver, TV etc. Originally, I was going to just buy a 14-16...
  11. chrishands

    Apple tv alternative (for slideshow)

    I work in a showroom which already has a couple of screens up showing slideshows of images. The first one (that was here before I arrived) is a 42" JVC FireTV, and I have the Amazon Photos app running a slideshow. The second one, a Samsung 32" in my office has a 4th gen Apple TV attached to it...
  12. reddwarf4ever

    Have a G1 Media player, problem with ID3 Tags

    Have a G1 Media player, I have a problem with ID3 Tags, In windows and MP3TAG the albumartist field shows as Various but in the G1 media player all the fileds show as Unknown, been looking at TAGs to see if thats the issue, I have ID3 V3.2 Plus APE as I use MP3 gain for volume normalization, any...
  13. G

    Zidoo z9x pro kodi install possible ?

    Hi Thanks for reading. Have just purchased a zidoo z9x pro media player and am wanting to use hdmi out to reproduce the picture, and the analogue audio out jack for the sound, but it is not working. Is this possible at all with the z9x pro. And i am trying to install kodi as the main media...
  14. belmont_sri

    Media player with watch count to replace Movian

    Hi Currently using a PS3 running Movian and some dowloads are popping a cpu to slow message so looking to replace it. I just use a usb drive to watch stuff from the main thing I'm after is a watch count so you know what you have previously watched I've recently picked up for cheap an A.C Ryan...
  15. charentejohn

    Sorting Media player items (on USB) permanently

    Is there a setting to keep the sort criteria. I took the time to put stuff in folders starting 1,2,3 etc so they would appear in that order. I think we are into google 'nanny state' territory but worth asking. I think they may be showing in the order they think I would like, usually most used...
  16. S

    Question Pioneer N30-50-70/N30A-50A-70A users - need help..

    Hello, who has an old Apple device with the ControlApp (Pioneer) installed to control the media player, could you please write the IOS version? Apple device: Settings > General > About > iOS Version ___
  17. G

    Local media player advice needed

    Hi Thanks for reading I’m looking for a local media player to play music and movies from local hard drive. My audio system is 5.1, so am needing a media player that can upmix my stereo files into 5.1 and downmix 7.1 to 5.1 Also need a media player with excellent picture and sound quality. Is...
  18. grunviz

    4k disc player with apps

    Hi there - I am thinking about adding a media player back into my TV set-up (LG C8 and Denon 3300 amp). I am thinking I need a 4k player, SACD would be nice, with other apps also available, netflex et al. Plex client capability would also be good. I don't need for CDs, as I have a set-up in...
  19. D

    Question Sony FMP-X5 media player and Netflix in 2023 supported ?

    Hi. Back in the days Sony first launched 4K they released a media player, really only for Netflix. It was bundled with their first native 4k projectors. I’ve had one sat in a box for many years and thought I’d try it. It allows me to navigate Netflix but whenever I select a film it crashes...
  20. Silver Arrow

    Question Zappitti Media player question please.

    Hi All Perhaps a long winded post, with a few questions at the end if I may. We have an old (15 years ish) Zyxel NAS. Mainly used for storing and accessing a music library, will be used for photo’s when we get around to sorting etc and also has ripped copies of our DVD and BluRay discs. We...
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