1. bizon

    What TAG McLaren processor have I bought?

    Hi all! Hope there are any TAG McLaren owners left in this forum... I recently purchased a dirt cheap AV32R processor. But I'm so confused with all the updates that were available for this processor. How do I know which updates this one has? How do I know if it has the 192 kHz DAC? Please see...

    TAG McLaren AV32R SL (PDF Users Manual)

    Good afternoon Team TAG ..... Has anyone got a PDF version of the manual for the TAG McLaren AV32R SL they could send me if I send them an email address via PM? TIA if you can assist
  3. DistortedVision

    Question Tag McLaren CDT20R vs CD20R

    I will be connecting to a DAC20. Is there a significant difference in audio quality between the CD20R and CD20R in this configuration? The CD20R is more readily available for sale?
  4. DistortedVision

    Recommended speakers for Tag Mclaren System

    I am putting together a Tag McLaren system which will be a hi-fi in one of the bedrooms: T32R Tuner CDT20R CD Transport 60i Amplifier DAC20 DAC What speakers would you recommend? My first choice would be Monitor Audio GS60 but they rarely come up for sale on eBay etc. The alternative would be...
  5. DistortedVision

    Question Tag McLaren T32R and DAC20

    I'm looking to selling my T32R tuner and DAC20. Both are mint with no cosmetic damage. I have the original box for the T32R but not for the DAC20. How much can I reasonably sell these for?
  6. Mr Yakimoto

    Question Tag Mclaren AV32r DP using external Aqua La Scala DAC

    After a silly amount of years Ive jumped for an external DAC. Why? well i am going to be in possession of the Antipodes EX/CX Solution Renderer streamer package. The better connection to use is USB, and we know that the av32r dp doesnt have that. I now have a Aqua La Scala DAC, which can...
  7. L

    Question Tag McLaren 100x5R or Lexicon LX7 advise

    Hi all!! I have the opportunity to buy one of them, the Tag Mclaren and the Lexicon. The Lexicon costs 400 pounds more than the Tag. My doubt is: which one would be the best choice? My speakers and AV are: Monitor Audio Silver 10 (L/R) Monitor Audio Silver Center Magnat supreme (surrounds)...
  8. S

    Rotel or Tag McLaren?

    I've currently got a Yamaha RX-V767, rated at 95W RMS per channel, 7.1 hanging off it. It's my 3rd Yamaha and to be honest I really like it, and never need to go above -10dB (goes up to +16), but recently upgraded one pair of speakers to some heavier-duty Tannoys, and I don't think it's really...
  9. AMCross

    Tag McLaren Aphrodite

    For Sale - Tag McClaren Aphrodite Anthacite CD Player incase anyone is looking for one
  10. AMCross

    Tag McLaren Paint Finishes

    No point in complaining now but has anyone else noticed how the paint finish durability is on tag kit mostly the silver colors loads of equipement with chips even people who you would expect to look after their expensive kits have issues
  11. P

    WTB: Tag McLaren shipping boxes

    Hi, Would anyone have boxes for sale for the following components: AV32R and 250x3.
  12. M

    Tag McLaren in 2018

    I have for a long time been a fan of firstly Audiolab and latterly Tag Maclaren products for audio only, I feel that the DVD32R is one of the best legacy cd transports available and getting one in working condition is still a very good proposition sonically and aesthetically. My question is does...
  13. I

    Question Tag McLaren 125M Monoblocs

    Looking for some Help Please,I've a Pair of Tag McLaren 125M Monoblocs i'm going to put up for Sale,what are they Worth Please in Today's World,Any Help on their Value would be Much Appreciated. Kind Regards, Ian (Stoke-on-Trent) :smashin:
  14. S

    Question Searching for a Tag Mclaren Tagtronic Programming Cable

    I am looking for a Tag Mclaren Tagtronic Programming Cable to re-program my Tag Mclaren F3 series AV32R pre-amplifier. An audio technician told me that the said pre-amplifier must be re-programmed to keep it running again. I could not find any Tagtronic Programming Cable in Australia. Willing...
  15. G

    Tag Mclaren Calliope Speakers Sale

    I am the proud owner of a set of Calliope Speakers from Tag Mclaren. These speakers have been in my ownership since they were purchased from the dealer in 2006. I have them paired with a Mcintosh preamp and Mcintosh amplifiers. The sound is great but now I want to look for a different design of...
  16. R

    Tag Mclaren DVD32r and AV32r Dual Proc

    Well, my DVD32r no longer reads disks so I am forced to move on. Both the DV32r and AV32rexp dp 192 are for sale - check them out in the classifieds - just in case you are interested. Hope they can go to a good home on here. Thanks
  17. P

    help tag mclaren dpa32r

    Hi, I bought a failed dpa32r, analyzing the circuit I noticed that there is no voltage regulator in the place marked '' IC67 '' I could not find the scheme, there is someone who owns the dpa32r that can see the motherboard IC name in place (IC67) sorry for my English Thanks in advance Piero
  18. L

    Question Speakers for tag mclaren

    Hi I'll appreciate some suggestion for an acceptable budget speakers to tag with a Tag Mclaren 100x5R? I got a Tag Mclaren recently that has been stored in the box for quite some time and I would like to buy some "budget" speakers to try it as I can't afford the the right speakers for it right...
  19. B

    Tag Mclaren AV192R in Silver for sale in Classified Forum

    Tag McLaren AV192R now for sale in Classified Forum
  20. J

    Anthem 710 and tag mclaren 100x5

    Due to the shape of my room and restrictions on speaker positions, I think I need an Anthem, mostly due to the benefits of Arc. Most likely the 710 or 520. (The LCR speakers will not be too far away from the wall behind them and not as far apart from each other I would like. I think the overall...
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