1. C

    Pioneer Elite VSX LX 303 mcacc setting subwoofer to -15db

    Pioneer Elite VSX LX303 mcacc setting subwoofer to -15db wonder why mcacc is setting the subwoofer volume so low after calibration gain on subwoofer is set to number 6 phase is set to 0 crossover all the way up (not sure crossover setting on sub matters) prior to running mcacc of course I...
  2. LarryOfOhio

    Answered Pioneer VSX-LX303 Receiver, MCACC - how to switch?

    I completed the automated MCACC setup procedure for 3 different listening positions on my new Pioneer 9.2 AV receiver. I can’t seem to figure out how to switch to each saved calibration as I move about the room? Any suggestions? My old receiver used to have a MCACC button on the remote. Thanks...
  3. P

    Pioneer MCACC or or off? Off sounds better?

    Hi all I hope I have posted this is in the right section of the forum...if not then I apologise. I have recently upgraded from the Pioneer VSX 930 to the VSX 1131 AVR that is used in my lounge with a 5.1.2 Atmos setup (with ceiling place height speakers). One thing I have noticed is that out...
  4. J

    Pioneer MCACC calibration mic borrow

    Hi all! I have managed to lose my Pioneer MCACC calibration mic. Would it be possible for anyone to loan one to me for a day? If you are in Surrey or south London I can pick it up, or I will pay for postage! Thanks James
  5. Anndy1972

    Pioneer 2016 New MCACC Pro (with new GUI)

    Dear All, It seems that Pionner under the influence of Onkyo has redesigned its MCACC Pro for 2016 series of Receivers. Some features are missing apparently as Auto MCACC with custom features. Only Full Auto MCACC and Manual MCACC remain. The Guide posted in the main thread How to get the best...
  6. Simtek

    Pioneer VSX 830 Flashing MCACC Light

    Can anyone help please? After 'tweaking' the outputs of the individual speakers my Pioneer VSX 830 powered off and the MCACC light started blinking. I know it's because of an overload but can't get it to stop. Does anyone know how to reset it please. I've seen combinations for just about every...
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