1. M

    Audio Matrix HELP!

    Hi all, I have asked this question before on other forums and have not got any feedback. So…I have an MHUB-S TV distribution system and I want to add speakers to various rooms. So, this is what I want to achieve… So say I am watching the football in my kitchen, I want to play the football...
  2. celtic1967

    For Sale HD Anywhere mHub2K 4x4 Matrix

    As above for sale, in good working order. Collection preferred.
  3. B

    MusicCast Input to Audio Matrix

    I am trying to get a vinyl record player in my son’s bedroom which would play through the existing speakers in his room which is a Control4/Triad system. Would the following work? 1) Yamaha Vinyl 500 record player in his bedroom 2) Yamaha WXC-50 (or WXA-50?) in the rack location where the...
  4. martian1

    For Sale Casino Royale and The Matrix UHD

    Hi I have Casino Royale and The Matrix UHD for sale. Casino Royale is new unopened with a excellent slip the Matrix is opened watched once again with a very nice slip. Casino Royale £14 delivered Matrix £12 delivered I would prefer them bought together which i could do for £23 delivered. No...
  5. S

    Can you use Denon AVR as Input Source for Savant Audio Matrix Switch?

    Hi, I have a Denon AVR, and I am considering purchasing a Savant 32x20 Audio Matrix Switcher (SSA-3220D-00). Will I be able to use my Denon AVR as an input source for the Savant Audio Matrix Switch? Thank you.
  6. T

    AV Matrix with Denon Receiver?

    I have a bit of a unique situation that I'm hoping the knowledge in this forum can help answer. I am building a mancave/fun zone out in my pole barn. I currently have a 7.1 system hooked into a Denon S750h and a few inputs hooked up (xbox 360, xbox one, N64, and nintendo). I also have two 65"...
  7. S

    HDMI Matrix and Home AV receiver

    HI all, Has anyone heard of, or seen a setup with a HDMI Matrix and AV Receiver? I have a Denon AVR-S750H Receiver. 7.0 Speaker Setup (No Sub) and life is good. I control the Cable, Computer and PS4 to my 4k HDR TV.The Receiver and TV both have Arc suppport. But I'm crazy and have decided I...
  8. SFkilla

    The Matrix 4-Film Collection (4K/Blu-ray Steelbooks) (FR/IT)

    The Matrix 4-Film Collection (4K + Blu-ray) (Steelbook) Purchase link: / Release date: 20/07/2022 ------------ The Matrix 4-Film Collection (4K + Blu-ray) (Steelbook) Purchase link: Release date: 20/07/2022
  9. RedDevil85

    The Matrix 4-Film Collection (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbooks)

    Purchase link: Zavvi Release date: 25/07/2022 Status: Available to Pre-order
  10. E

    Multiple projector matrix

    I'm looking to send video from a PC (HDMI output) to six projectors, with the video signal split into a 3x2 matrix. I'm not actually using the six final projected images in a videowall grid, I just need to split up the video into 6 parts. Anyone know a simple cost effective way to do this with...
  11. BillyBriz

    8x8 4k Matrix - Which one - New House/New Set Up Help Needed

    Hi All, First post so apologies if this is wrong forum or any breach of protocols I am after advice on which way to go choosing an 8x8 Matrix capable of distributing 4k signal 5 inputs - SkyQ, Sky Mini x2, Firestick 4k, CCtv 8 outputs - 6x4k TV, 1x 4k Projector (also need to think about...
  12. T

    Matrix Resurrections streaming?

    Hi all - looking to stream this title in the UK tonight. Where would be the best place to do that please? Ideally 4k with Atmos.... I will be using a Google TV/Chromecast to do this... Thanks
  13. V

    Zidoo media players and Kodi Matrix

    Hi. I would like to express my concern here: I'm absolutely interested in the Kodi / Real Debrid streaming service. Today I play this streaming service from tv (KD 65 "AF 8 Oled), with the application I installed from the Google play store. It plays very well, but unfortunately it can not...
  14. D

    B&W Matrix surround speakers

    I have a pair of B&W Matrix 801 speakers and am wondering if there were centre and surround speakers made to go with these for 5.1/7.1 systems? Or are they a bit too old for this? Does anyone know the answer?
  15. Johnc1993

    Matrix Machine MET Values

    Hello all, I'm new here, starting on my fitness journey and looking some advice. In my local gym the machines (bike, treadmill, etc) are all Matrix. They can display met values. I've been researching how Mets are calculated to find calories burnt (approximately). But when my workout ends it...
  16. T

    LG 55UB850v Flashing stripes on the screen.

    Hello, I've had something like this on my LG TV for over a week. Czy możesz to naprawić sam? pomóż mi, co mam zrobić z telewizorem, bo mam go od kilku lat i jest super :) In the link there is a short recording in MP4 of what is happening on the matrix. Video link LG55UB850v I am asking for...
  17. V

    Sony KD 65" AF 8 and Kodi Matrix

    Hello from Greece. I am a user of Kodi 19.3 Matrix / Real Debrid, and I have installed it on various android / Win 10 / iOS devices, and it works without any problems! I have also installed it on the tv (Sony KD 65 AF 8 Oled tv), and while it works normally on 4k files of size 10 - 20 GB...
  18. SFkilla

    The Matrix Resurrections (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE/FR/ES/IT)

    The Matrix Resurrections (Steelbook) Purchase link: (4K) / (4K) | (4K) / (4K) | / Release date: 30/06/2022 ----------- The Matrix Resurrections (Steelbook) Purchase link: Release date: 18/03/2022 ----------- The Matrix...
  19. RedDevil85

    The Matrix Resurrections (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Zavvi Release date: 21/03/2022 Status: In Stock
  20. RedDevil85

    The Matrix Resurrections (Amazon UK Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Release date: 21/03/2022 Status: In Stock
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