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    UHD content from SKYQ through Matrix to TV HDMI problem

    I have a problem trying to send UHD content from my skyq box via a Matrix to my TV in that it appears not recognise the signal with no error messages. I am able to put the TV in UHD 8 bit mode using the sky cable directly to my TV and this works ok. I have two pink SkyQ HDMI cables which I...
  2. S

    Question 4k - which cables are required?

    Hi, I am re-wiring my house - as part of this i'm building an electrics cupboard and I am thinking to house a CCTV unit, PS4, SkyBox and maybe some other media players in there - the idea being that i can then view these from various TVs in the house (lounge, bedroom, living room, dining room)...
  3. Benpems

    Question No sound using fire stick through hdbaset matrix

    I am not getting any sound when watching my Firestick through a hdbaset 4x4 matrix, and I can’t work out why. I have other devices (Sky, Apple TV, and BT box) connected which all work fine. I have tried outputting to different TVs with no joy. I have also tried plugging the fire stick...
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    Matrix Switch or AV Receiver

    Hi, I after some guidance/suggestions, our lounge and man cave back on to each other and each has a TV. I am looking for a device that would allow me to connect the sat box, BT vision, PC & play station to it and then allow different outputs on either TV. Having done some reading as I understand...
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