1. C

    Paradigm Studio 100 v3 Matching Center

    Hey there, I've got an old pair of Paradigm Studio 100 V3's I dug out and started using in a 2.1 setup with my new LG OLED. I'd like to build out a 5.1 or 5.1.4 using these guys but am having a hard time finding a matching center channel for them. With some research I've seen Paradigm Signature...
  2. R

    Slim centre speakers matching with MA Silver

    Hi all, Currently have MA Silver RX6 mains, Bronze FX side surrounds, Bronze BX2 rears and 4 C165’s for Atmos. Fronts are powered my a Naim 5i and receiver will be a Denon AVR-X3600-3700 when i can find one. I currently have a Bronze centre, but im about to move rooms and the wall the TV will...
  3. R

    B+W M1 Speaker colour and stand not matching!

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone has come across this? I’ve purchase M1 speakers and stand from different merchants, as neither one had both in stock. Anyway, when they’ve arrived and put together, there is a clear difference between the colour. I assume they’re both matching by the...
  4. Spiritwalker27

    Naim nait 5i matching speakers in difficult room

    Apologies for another thread on this but I can't see the wood for the trees. My room is quite awkward meaning I have to have speakers close to the wall, spacing them is no issue, its the proximity to the wall and this seems to limit my choice as rear ported is likely to be out (i guess?) I...
  5. Castofthousands

    Speaker & Amp upgrade advice. Large open planned room.

    Speaker & Amp upgrade advice. Large open planned room. Hi there, first time posting a question on the forum (although I have been reading extensively for the last few weeks). I’d appreciate some advice. I am about to upgrade my amp as my 25 year old Marantz finally packed in and update my...
  6. Bryce in CZ

    Matching amp to multiple speakers

    Hi all, new here. Complete amateur to audio too. I can recognize a descending major or minor 6th within seconds, but electrical equations leave me clueless. That's why I'm asking for specific advice from one who understands it... I need to know how to buy a suitable receiver/amp (and speaker...
  7. kenshingintoki

    Matching Amplifiers, AVRs and receivers re: voltage - how much does it matter?

    Hi, Just wondering how much does voltage matter re: pre-outs when matching with amplifiers? For example, I have a Marantz SR6015. I want to buy a NORD amplifier or an IOTA amplifier. The Marants is rated at 1.2v but its measured as 0.7ish output. What impact does that make on me pairing a...
  8. unbearable bob

    Curry's no longer price matching PriceLulu?

    Hi all, I emailed Curry's shopliveadmin last night, asking for a code so they could match Pricelulu for an iPhone SE 2020. I have received codes from them in exactly the same way on 2 separate occasions in the last 12 months, both times for airpods, & both times they pricematched PriceLulu. On...
  9. O

    LG CX frame rate not matching

    I’m thrilled with the new LG CX. I also purchased a Denon x3700h. Connected to this is an Apple TV 4K. I’m running Apple TV at 4K SDR 50hz My issue is that when using the internal diagnostics menu (channel tuning highlight and pressing 11111) it’s saying I’m running at 50hz I can already...
  10. whitehart

    Centre speaker matching KEF R500's

    I've been using B&W CC6 as a central speaker for a long time - before with Wharfedale Glendale old school speakers, and now with KEF R500's however I'm currently looking to see if i can get a better match for my floorstanders, that are around the CC6 size The KEF centre is to large for my...
  11. F

    Question Matching Centre for Wharfdale 9.1s?

    Hey, I have had the following setup for a while: Wharfdale 9.1s Front and Rear Wharfdale SW150 Subwoofer Will the 9.1CM or 9.1CS be a better match? Are their any other options I should be looking at Thanks everyone :)
  12. M

    Focal 936 Amp matching

    Folks need some help in understanding how to best drive/develop my system. Not looking to keep spending but want to make it sing but need amplifier advice Budget £2-4K new or used. I have Focal 936 - great speaker but as I understand it hard to drive as impedance drops low (<4 Ohms). Use...
  13. M

    Matching Amplifier and Speakers (Power...)

    HI All, I have been thinking of buying a Rega Brio amp and a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 200 speakers. The power output of the Brio is 50W, and the description of the speakers say they need an amp in the 60W - 100W range. Is the mis match likely to cause a problem or be an issue? What do...
  14. N

    Help matching speakers with amp

    Hi, I recently purchased wharfedale Evo 4.4 floor standing speaker looking for recommendations to compliment them with suitable amplifier.
  15. D

    Matching receiver with M&K ss150s

    Hi, I live in the UK and I'm interested in buying a set of M&K speakers (2x ss-150, 3x s-150) 5.1. This is for my home cinema. I would like 7.1 in the future too. I have heard that I need a very warm amp / receiver with these as they can be fatiguing to listen too if not. I've also heard...
  16. C

    Pre/power amp matching

    I don't normally spend time on this side of the forums but I have a stereo only question. :) I'm thinking of replacing my power amp in a 2 channel office system. I've been reading up on matching pre-amp output voltage with power amp input sensitivity and gain. I'm currently using an old Sony...
  17. Leflorian

    B&W CWM8.3d Processor Matching

    Hello AV Folks, I am planning to build a home cinema, in a couple of stages, starting with B&W CWM8.3d in wall speakers, centre, left and right. At this stage video input will be Apple TV into a 16:9 Optima USTP projector. As for the 800s, I would like to keep the investment at that level to...
  18. R

    DVR / Camera matching

    Hi, Have been running some 720p cameras on an old KKMoon H264 AHD DVR that states it will accept up to1080p 2Mp cameras. Looking to upgrade one of our failing cameras and we can get a 2Mp camera but for just a little more we can get a 5Mp one, eg Hilook THC-T150-M which would seem to be a...
  19. meagabyte

    Question Matching network streamer to outdoor speakers

    Hi the people, Am after some advice. I want to add outdoor speakers to a largish area (about 20-25m squared) but from what i have found out. Ive been looking at devices that are rather under powered for the job like the Denon CEOL. So what are you guys using or speakers and amp combos?
  20. R

    Finding a "Impedance matching speaker selector"

    Hi All, I have an old Denon AVR X2000. I have a 5.1 set up - using Jamo A102HCS5 I have the other two speakers as part of a ZONE 2 set up. ISSUE: The sound from the Zone 2 speakers is poor. The speakers are on top of kitchen wall units I would like to buy better speakers for a richer more...
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