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  1. M

    For Sale Martin Logan Motion 30 Centre Speaker

    Gloss black finish in immaculate condition complete with all the original packaging and instructions. Under two years old which I have owned from new. This is a great neutral sounding speaker which should integrate well into many systems.
  2. M

    The value of 2nd hand Martin Logan speakers?

    Apologies if in wrong place. I have several Martin Logan speakers that i will be selling, to advertise here i need to put a price but i’ve no idea what they would be worth. Is there any way of determining what a reasonable price would be? Specifically: Aeon stereo pair (panels replaced)...
  3. vlawde

    Pioneer Elite VSXLX104 crossover vs Martin Logan Dynamo 600X sub

    Periodically I'll first run the Martin Logan ARC mobile calibration and move the mic around to the different locations in the room, then run the Pioneer's MCACC. Paradigm studio 60 speakers set to small. I noticed when I'm done running the MACC it says the crossover is at 100. I thought it was...
  4. Y

    Help with setting up computer with Polk TL1 speakers and Martin Logan Dynamo 300

    Hi, I already have 2 Polk TL1 satellite speakers. They only have + and - for wires in back. And Martin Logan Dynamo 300 sub. Is there any way to hook these up to a computer through 3.5mm output? I can get sound from sub using 3.5mm to rca in sub. It looks like I might need a desktop...
  5. kartdriver8

    Martin Logan ESL-X paired to Martin Logan Center Speaker

    I just purchased a pair of Martin Logan ESL X speakers and currently have a Revel C30. I have been told by at least two AV engineers/consultants and even one of my close friends to not even try to put that together. What would you recommend? I have a 18 foot wide and 21 foot deep room with...
  6. A

    Question Polk Signature vs Martin Logan Motion

    Hiya! I am looking to upgrade my home theater setup and need some help. I have a Yamaha RX-V685 receiver and 2 Musiccast 20 satellite speakers. I am looking at the either Polk Signature or Martin Logan Motions for my center and fronts: Option 1: Martin Logan 8i and 2 4i bookshelves Option 2...
  7. jwhitmire33

    Question Martin Logan Re-quest speakers

    Anyone familiar with these know if they would still be a good purchase? I have a chance to get a pair for $500 maybe less. Would kill for a new pair of ML but not familiar with this model it’s been out of production for a few years
  8. O

    Martin Logan -masterpiece CI in-wall series

    I’ve been looking through the details of Martin Logan’s new masterpiece in-wall series. They look very interesting and I’m a big fan of their folded tweeter. There has been little coverage this side of the pond, will be interesting to see if this changes...
  9. master exploderr

    Amp for Martin Logan Electromotion

    Hey guys, any suggestions on an amp for Martin Logan Electromotion speakers? Looking to spend no more than 1500$ Cad. I also need suggestions for a media streamer in the same price range. Thanks in advance!
  10. C

    Question LF Help with poor audio quality

    Hi folks, I bought my first hifi system in Feb and have been loving it but the more closely I listen, the more noticeable the abrasive as at higher volume has become. I’m wondering what the weakest link in my audio system is and hoping some of you might be able to help me out. My audio sources...
  11. bandyka

    Question Faulty AVR or sub??

    Well, my system has been acting funny lately when it comes to bass response. I cannot figure out if its the sub or the processor for certain. Components are in my signature. So the issues are: - Cannot raise test tone in AVR higher then +5db as the subwoofer cuts out completely (fine if...
  12. BlueWizard

    Audition - Kef R3, Martin Logan 60XT, and more

    I finally made it up to the big city today, and stopped in a HiFi shop. I heard the B&W 700 Series (702 and 703), still impressed by these speakers. The 702 are exceptionally nice, the outboard tweeter really does make a clear difference, I'm not now sure if it is worth the extra (nearly)...
  13. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Martin Logan announces 7 new Motion speakers

    Renowned speaker manufacturer Martin Logan has wasted little time after their UK distribution deal in adding 7 new speakers to their Motion range. Read the news.
  14. R

    Question Amp for ML Motion 20s?

    Ahoy hoy. I'm new to the world of hifi and am loving it. Through some trial and error, i really like what i'm currently working with, but am concerned that i'm not getting the most out of my setup, and could benefit from more power. I use it for 50/50 music/tv-movies, but care 95% about music...
  15. R

    Question Amp needed Motion 20s, advice?

    Ahoy hoy. I'm new to the world of hifi and am loving it. Through some trial and error, i really like what i'm currently working with, but am concerned that i'm not getting the most out of my setup, and could benefit from more power. I use it for 50/50 music/tv-movies, but care 95% about music...
  16. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Martin Logan speakers picked by PMC UK Distribution

    Renowned electrostatic speaker manufacturer, Martin Logan, has partnered with PMC UK Distribution. Read the news.
  17. T

    Question Should I buy used Martin Logan Aerius Electrostatic Speakers

    Hello, I'm hoping to get some advice. I found a pair of used Martin Logan Aerius speakers in perfect condition. The seller is getting rid of them because he moved to a smaller place. He wants $1200 Canadian for them. That is $900 US. They might be 20 years old! 1) will my Rega Brio-R (50W at...
  18. awalner

    Monitor Audio In-wall CP-WT380 v. Martin Logan Axis/edge

    Hello all, I am hiring an installer to put in a home theater in my basement. Unfortunatly, I can only do in walls. Through limited auditioning I planned to get Martin logan Axis or edge for LRC. The installer recommended Monitor Audio In-wall CP-WT380 for LR and CTWT240 for the center. The room...
  19. N

    Question Center Channel Dilemna

    I know its preferred not to mix audio brand types so a sonic consistency is maintained but here is my question. I only have a 5.25" space for a center channel speaker in my TV stand and am thinking of buying a Martin Logan Motion 6 center to accompany the Klipsch R-15M (which I currently have)...
  20. SoundPaul

    Martin Logan Stealth Speakers + Anthem MRX 720?

    Hi all, I'm building a 5.1.2 Atmos system (please see below link to my build thread) and I have a few questions. Hopefully you guys have experience with Martin Logan in-wall/ceiling speakers and Anthem AV receivers - as I want to know if the kit makes sense or if I'm missing something and need...
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