1. C

    For Sale Marantz M-CR603 CD Receiver

    Mararantz Amplifier and CD Player combined. 50 Watts per channel 6 to 8 ohm speaker compatible Plays CDs Has many features such as aerial inputs for DAB/DAB+ FM and AM Can play MP3 and can be connected to the internet 2 Sets of speaker outputs for 2 rooms Subwoofer output Black finish, complete...
  2. D

    New AV receiver added by Marantz to my Samsung TV DPL problem.

    TV is Samsung QE75Q80 and AV was a Denon linked with optical lead. Now AV is Marantz NR 1510 linked by HDMI ARC. No problem on HD Freeview TV with 5.1 output but on SD TV Freeview it gives Stereo on Film 4 movies and Great Movies etc. previously I got Dolby Pro-Logic. What setting have I got...
  3. D

    Marantz OSD

    I have an Marantz SR8015 receiver and the OSD has stopped working randomly. I’ve seen various forums saying change cables etc which I’ve done but I can’t see anything else to point me in the right direction. Also when I’m playing IMAX content, the sound format displays Atmos. Again I’ve gone...
  4. J

    Denon PMA-350SE upgrade to Marantz PM-7001

    I have been using the Denon pma350se for a couple of years now, and found while it is a pretty good for its price, but it is sometimes a bit slow with rock music. I am thinking of upgrading to a Marantz pm7001. I want a fast amplifier. What do you guys think ?
  5. N

    Marantz pm-6006uk upgrade not as outstanding as my old Cambridge audio azur 540a ??

    I bought the Marantz pm-6006uk , with the marantz network player na6006 , monitor audio bronze 5 and I have a systemdeck iix turntable , which I’m impressed with them all BUT !! …, I moved my old Cambridge audio azur 550A into the bedroom with a little pair of Celestion f10 bookshelf speakers...
  6. groucho marx

    For Sale MARANTZ HD DAC1

  7. H

    Driving Marantz SR5007 too hard?

    Hi. First post here. I am using a Marantz SR5007 AVR to drive a 5 speaker setup. The fronts are Snell M.7 monitors (87db efficiency) and the rears are K.5 monitors (86db) with a Snell center channel (89db). The volume control ranges from 0-100 on the AVR. When either watching TV or...
  8. bonespawn

    Marantz PM6007, Dolby Atmos (Bluetooth Streaming)

    I have a few questions that I hope the community can advise me on. I've recently purchased a marantz pm6007 which I use with a Bluetooth receiver via the optical input. I stream my tidal service with a Huawei p20 using APTX HD. In sound settings there is an option which is to enable Dolby...
  9. The Eggman72

    For Sale Marantz SR 7012

    Up for sale (availble this weekend) my SR 7012,,,stunning amp looks and sounds amazing mint condition Boxed and all inlays setup mic ect non smoking home.....ideally looking for collection
  10. P

    Help with my Marantz, KEF, KLIPSCH Theater setup!

    Ok, please take it easy on a newbie member.... I just picked up a Marantz SR5012 reveiver to start my home theater/music listening room set up. Im also about to buy a pair of KEF LS50 as the front speakers because I love music. I have 2 questions: 1) Does the Marantz have enough power to get...
  11. CommonFolk

    Wanted Looking for q marantz DV9600

    Hey guys just upgraded from a Yamaha v975 to a marantz sr9600. Got it for a great price and have been looking for a dv9600 really would like to try and find that one over the dv9500 if anyone has one I'm your guy to buy it. Thank you everyone.
  12. RichieHH

    Marantz nr1711 Auto switching back to hdmi 1 input

    I've a Deutsche Telekom magenta box on the cbl/sat input. A ps4 on the DVD input. The game input we plug a PC into occasionally. Everything's working kind of fine. I had to increase the source signal on the cbl input by 2db though. The issue I have is that with both ps4 and telekom box on, the...
  13. R

    Marantz CC65 CD Player

    Can anyone please tell me the laser reader model for a Marantz CC65 CD player at all. Cheers
  14. G

    Marantz PM6007/CD6007 compatible speakers

    Hi, I have just changed my amp and CD player to the Marantz pairing and I think that my existing speakers are now the weak link (Wharfdale Diamond 220) so I am looking to replace. Looking for recommendations for a price compatible pair of stand mounters. thanks
  15. TechieSarah

    Marantz 8805 why do I feel underwhelmed

    I hope you can help me out here, but try to be kind :) I moved from an all in one Denon AVC-X4700H to Marantz 8805 (Had it upgraded) 2 x Marantz power amps m & k s150 Mk 2 speakers Subwoofer, currently Rel T9i Running 7 + 4 + 1 (was 2 subs but down to 1 :( ) In my living room which is a...
  16. LupoLoopy

    Slimline receiver needed - Marantz nr1711 seems like my only option?

    Hi I'm in the market for a modern slimline receiver to drive a 5.1 surround sound setup in a small room. I'm currently running a Yamaha RX-AS710D into a Rubicon 6 set. My only issue with my current receiver is that it doesn't support Dolby Vision, which is becoming tiresome. I never run said...
  17. InitialPineapple

    Denon S760H vs Marantz NR1711

    For the last 3 months, I have been trying to find a Denon X1700H AVR to power my 5.1.2 living room setup. Unfortunately, supply is a huge issue in my country and the local agent has advised me that they still have no clue of when it will be back in stock (most likely not any time soon)...
  18. A

    Marantz Network CD Player ND8006 - still happy like a kid on Christmas Morn' - I want to hook up my external hard drive - best options?

    I have a Marantz Network CD Player ND8006 ND8006 CD Player - Digital Source Streaming or CD with HEOS® | Marantz™ and am delighted with it. Mid-fi system with my old Yamaha A 300 amp and some 30 year old but more than adequate Celestion 3 ways and some 100% OK Yamaha outdoor speakers. The...
  19. J

    Marantz SR6014 Audio/Video problem

    I’ve had the SR 6014 for about a year now with great results. I use the cable/Sat button on remote to watch direct TV with surround sound daily. Just recently it won’t display picture on tv but the sound is fine. Also, when I try to switch over to Netflix or other streaming it won’t switch the...
  20. W

    Cambridge AXR100 + CCA to Marantz PM7000n: sideways step?

    Hello everyone. Am currently running a Chromecast audio via spidif into a Cambridge AXR100 receiver. Whilst the results strike me as generally excellent I nonetheless find myself entertaining ‘what if’ type thoughts on the subject of upgrading. To that end I’ve been looking at the Marantz...
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