Marantz is a company that develops and sells high-end audio products. The company was founded in New York, but is now based in Japan.
The first Marantz audio product was designed and built by Saul Marantz in his home in Kew Gardens, New York. The company had a major influence in the development of high fidelity audio systems, and reached the high point of their success in the mid to late 1970s.
During the 1980s, while owned by Philips, a pioneer in compact disc technology, Marantz built some very well received CD players, but other products in the line were not as successful as in the past. As of the early 1990s, Marantz has focused on higher-end components. In 2001, Marantz Japan acquired the brand from Philips and owned all overseas sales subsidiaries.

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  1. NASAspacemanWho

    Yamaha MX-A5200 and marantz av8805a plug fuses.

    Hey folks. Lost my plugs (and marbles) for my mx-a5200s and av8805a.. During a house move Does anyone know if these have 5amp or 13amp fuses. I believe both are the 2pin type kettle leads.
  2. F

    Need advice on Choosing AVR. Marantz SR6010 or Denon X2700H

    this is my first avr, i lived in jakarta i have 2 option on same price i want to make dolby atmos home theathre denon newer have more features but marantz have more channel and power. i dont know which is better. Marantz SR6010 or Denon x2700H please help. thanx friends
  3. H

    Lack of bass on Marantz Cinema 50 with Bang & Olufsen speakers

    Hello experts, Here is my issue: I recently bought a Marantz Cinema 50 as my all in one AV receiver (ticked all the boxes in terms of connectivity along with being future proof). Previously I had a Yamaha RX-V3067. When I was using my system on the Yamaha amp i had previously, the sound was...
  4. beergut100

    Can't update Marantz PM7000N from GMT to BST

    Can't update Marantz PM7000N from GMT to BST. It's not a massive problem, this, but nevertheless is very annoying. I cannot update my PM7000N to BST time, meaning that it is not accurately displaying whatever is on the radio, but rather displaying what is on next. It seems that the BST timezone...
  5. Rivanov

    For Sale Marantz Cinema 70S 7.2 A/V Receiver Black

    Due to switching to a soundbar, this beautiful Marantz Cinema 70S has become obsolete. Purchased in late 2022. Looks completely like new. Always stood in a TV cabinet, as you can see in the pictures. Invoice obviously present incl original box. Sleek 7.2-channel AVR with 50 watts per...
  6. D

    For Sale Marantz NR1509 AVR

    Nearly new condition with all accessories boxed. £225 delivered
  7. Ed Selley

    Discussion thread: Marantz 50 Series Amplifier and CD Player Review

    Read the Marantz 50 Series Amplifier and CD Player Review. What could be more charmingly retro in 2024 than reviewing an amp and CD player together? When the products in question come from Marantz though, things aren’t quite as trad as they seem as the 50 Series will now demonstrate… Write...
  8. AndersT2

    Marantz Cinema 30, 40 and 50 - Any differance in the pre-amp part of it?

    My brother got the Marantz Cinema 30 last weekend, and for him it was a hugh upgrade in sound from Marantz SR-7012. I have the AV8802A, and is getting the upgrade bug, but think the AV10 is too expencive (2 times what I paid for the AV8802A at launch). Since the 30, 40 and 50 all have a 11.4...
  9. Z

    Question Marantz SR6015 stereo mode weird issue

    Dear all, Apologies in advance for a rather long description of the situation! I have bought a few days ago one of the last SR6015 AVRs available in the country stock - in order to replace my aging NAD T747. I have specifically chosen this model (instead of the new Cinema series) due to: 7.1...
  10. Clock'd 0ne

    Deal Agreed Marantz SA8005 Super Audio CD Player (SACD/CD)

    Black colourway and fully boxed in its original packaging with the remote and all accessories, purchased from another forum member previously. I would describe the condition as near mint, it has not been used a great deal at all; I'm selling it as I switched to an Arcam CD player/amp combo...
  11. M

    Marantz Switch Sound Mode Bug

    Folks, Since day one I had multiple issues with my Marantz 7015, this thread is dedicated to one of the few issues with Marantz which I can not let go because how annoying it is. Issue : 1. Marantz software has a Bug. Sound Mode switches the mode on its own , and you can not even switch it...
  12. R

    New receiver

    Hi All, After some advice. Looking to upgrade my receiver from a Yamaha RXV4600 (2005) to either maranta cinema 40, ex demo sr8015 or to a new Onkyo rz70. Open to other suggestions Thanks
  13. B

    Marantz 67se or Roksan Attessa CDT

    I'm considering upgrading my old but working well CD player, Marantz 67se for a Roksan Attessa CD Transport. I was hoping to get a demo in Richer Sounds but they don't have one at my local branch. I'm using the Cambridge Audio CXN V2 as a DAC If I get a noticeable improvement it will be worth...
  14. T

    Marantz AV10 and Verizon Fios One Issue

    Hi all, So I've had the AV10 for over a year now and at some point several months ago I noticed that when I was using any resource, DVD, Firestick, or optical streaming from the Cambridge that sometimes the FIOS cable box would reboot randomly. Later I also noticed that on other TVs which...
  15. T

    Marantz NR1510 - Low Audio Through CBL/Sat Input

    Evening, I'm having problems with the audio output from my Virgin TV box, which is plugged into the CBL/SAT input - and it started a week ago. The volume is incredibly low, but once I turn up the volume to a level that is loud enough, it's so loud that the sound is tinny - and any music seems...
  16. P

    Question Marantz SR4200

    Dear Sirs, I have a Marantz SR4200, I am trying to connect my minidisc to record in digital. Can anybody advise how can i connect the minidisc to record in digital? For exemple from CD to MiniDisc? The Dig output from Marantz to Dig input in minidisc dont send the signal to record. Thank you...
  17. PaulRamon

    Question Old Marantz Amp - Best Way to Stream?

    I have an old Marantz amplifier and was wondering what the easiest way to add a streaming device to it. I'm old school so please be gentle with the replies! Many thanks in anticipation.
  18. Arfa

    Question Downgrade/side-step options and opinions: old Primare to newish Denon/Marantz

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma, so would like to get some thoughts and opinions from you all. I have an old Primare SP31.7 processor & A30.5 power amp combo, with a HDMI switch and Cambridge Audio 752BD spinner, which is some great kit, but getting on a bit. The processor and spinner support 7.1, but...
  19. P

    Marantz Network Audioplayer NA6005 not reliable with AirPlay

    Hi! My NA6005 that i bought used does stream Webradio very well and it starts playing when switching it on. But i have trouble with connecting it to the Marantz Remote-App and AirPlay. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. And i can't figure out the issue at all. When i switch the device off and...
  20. nicovasco

    Question Q Acoustics C20 vs Concept 300

    Hi everyone, I own the q acoustics concept 20 and they are very driven by a Marantz 7000n and I am very satisfied with it. I would like to know if anyone has been able to listen, in the same room and with their own amplifier, to a blind comparison. Would the differences between C20 and C300...
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