1. MarrantzUser1000

    Marantz sending 4:3 signal to my TV when using Nintendo Switch

    When hooking the Nintendo Switch(NS) up to the Marantz AV7703 the AV7703 for some reason sends a 4:3 signal to my Sony XBR-75X900f 4K TV. I've hooked the NS directly to the TV and it displays fine in 16:9. Other devices I hooked up display in proper ratio as well (Blu-Ray Player, PS4, Raspberry...
  2. Kazman

    For Sale Marantz SR7005 - left field option to add channels for an ATMOS/DTS:X system

    Wow, not been here for a while. However, it is upgrade time for me. The SR7005 has served me really well, the amps in there are incredibly solid, and has led a very charmed life as I used it from day one with a Roksan Candy 5 channel Power Amplifier (not for sale). So the main channels are...
  3. 1

    ~£500 receiver for TV/Music 2.1 setup

    I currently have a Yamaha RXV671 hooked up to some Q Acoustics 2050i floor standers, a Gemini II sub, an LG OLED55B9 and a Pro-ject Elemental turntable. The ancient receiver hooked up to my PC is dying, so I was looking at pinching the RXV671 and buying a new one for the living room. This...
  4. Gregwx

    Marantz SR6014 or SR7013

    Hello! :) This is my first post, in advance I want to say thank you for your time and patience with this newcomer. A couple a months ago I got a PS5 and OLED TV LG C9 as you might guess I was looking forward to upgrade my audio gear. For 23 years I've been using a Kenwood UD505 Dolby Surround...
  5. T

    Marantz SR7015

    My set up is: Computer with Geforce GTX 1050Ti. video/sound card. Marantz AV Surround Amplifier SR7015 with updated software. Epson EH-TW9400W 4K projector connected with 12.metres of fibre optic cable. When closing a 4K file, I completely lose connection to the projector and the screen goes...
  6. simon128927

    For Sale Marantz SR6012 9.2 Channel (11.2 Processor) AV Receiver

    Marantz SR6012 9.2 Channel (11.2-channel processing) Full 4K Ultra HD Network AV Surround Receiver in Black. Bought from Peter Tyson on March 2019 and came with a 5 year warranty so will be happy to help out if there are any problems as I am aware that Peter Tyson don't do warranty transfers, I...
  7. P

    Marantz Cr603 - Dab radio problem.

    Hi The dab radio rarely works on my CR603. It says no service most of the time. When it works it's perfect. I think its a problem in the unit not the lack of coverage .Any ideas anyone?. Thank you very much.
  8. MickEire

    Question Denon / Marantz for Monitor Audio Studio speakers advice ?

    Hi, Looking around for an amp that would go well with a pair of 4 ohm Monitor audio studio speakers, i have narrowed it down to the Denon pma-800 and the marantz pm 6007. The Marantz is at the top end of my budget and is rated at 60w at 4ohms and the denon is rated at 85w at 4 ohms, i have...
  9. C

    2.1 Speakers ans Subwoofer choice

    Hi everyone, I’m trying to set up my first 2.1 hifi system, so far I have a Marantz PM 6007 and a Pro-ject Primary E. It’s exclusively focused on listening to music. The problem is that I am a newbies to the industry and frankly I don’t understand anything, I should still choose the speakers and...
  10. I

    Question Marantz PM6003 flickering red power led

    Hi all, It is my very first post in here so excuse me if I made a faux pas. I just bought 2nd hand Marantz pm6003 and I have problem with it. I can turn it on fine and it plays niecely vinyls for several minutes (10-15min) and then it’s just switches itself off and red led flickering. From...
  11. S

    4k60 hdr marantz not working.

    Hi people I finally got myself a 4k TV and am keen to try hdr so have a couple of files to try. I am trying to play them on a Windows 10 pc connected to my Marantz NR1509 which is fairly new and claims to be fully 4k hdr compliant. I have tutned the hdmi to enhanced mode in the amp settings...
  12. M

    Advice required please - speakers to replace MS25i with Marantz PM6005 amp

    Hi all New to the forum but I have owned MS25i speakers for many happy years but have a clicking on one of the speakers (been told this can't be repaired) and am looking to replace for a similar spec. I am using a Marantz amp (PM6005) and have bi wired. Any advice on good replacements...
  13. keithgchapman

    Marantz SR7013 or the new Marantz SR5015

    I'm setting up a system thats main purpose is music (we do stream a lot of music from Spotify) and some movies (will be hooking up to a 4K TV). I have decided to go with the Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2 Anniversary Edition Floorstanding loudspeaker for my fronts (starting off with these and may add...
  14. PiotrD

    Marantz NR1710 no Atmos available

    Hi, I was hoping that someone would be able to assist me with an issue that I have been having, being that my Marantz nr 1710 does not allow me to play movies using its Dolby Atmos functionality. The Marantz is connected to my PS4 (with all required dolby settings in place) via an HDMI cable...
  15. P

    Marantz CR603 with Wharfedale diamonds 9.0 speakers

    Hello My first decent Hifi. I know the speakers are basic but I have no idea what speaker cable to use to get a decent sound. All i was told was not too thick as they might not fit in the speaker if that makes sense? Do i need plugs on the end of the cable or do they screw in the back of the...
  16. D

    Marantz still doesnt work

    Is anyone still having trouble playing your ps5 at 120hz through your receiver? I have a marantz 5015 and despite their fixed bugs claim mine still doesnt work.
  17. S

    Question Please help me decide, marantz 7015 or denon 4700

    Help please! im no av expert but I’m upgrading my receiver and it’s narrowed down to these 2 units which i know are of very similar specification, I know the 7015 doesn’t have a tuner but I’ve never used this feature on my previous one. speakers are a kef 305 5.1 set. i prefer the look of the...
  18. n0chex

    Wanted Marantz SR7010-8015 or Denon 7200-8500

    Looking for a Marantz SR7010-8015 or Denon 7200-8500 must be in excellent condition and able to courier or deliver to St. Helens ......Cash Waiting.
  19. H

    Question Marantz PM6007/6 PM8006 differences?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of the difference between the Marantz PM6006/6007 and the PM8006 integrateds? The main differences according to the website are power, the ‘Marantz musical phono eq’ and the symmetrical circuit board. I’ve just bought the PM6007 and the tonal...
  20. N

    No display on TV from Marantz NR1510 menus

    I am unable to get the menus to show on the TV screen. The TV is connected with both optical and HDMI cables. HDMI-CEC is enabled on the TV but the only sound option is Optical. Pressing the TV Audio button on the Denon remote shows H=None /D=opt on the front panel display. I don't know...
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