marantz nr1506

  1. MegaKen

    help with audyssey vs manual setup (Marantz NR1506)

    Hello, I did the audyssey calibration on my AVR, but need help understanding some aspects: After I calibrated the room/speakers with audyssey, I went to manual setup and I see that speaker levels are -5.5 and -4.6 (2ch system). Q1: did audyssey set those up? why are they in the negative? I...
  2. Valen

    Question Marantz NR1506 and Bose cube's

    I have a Marantz NR1506 that seems to support 4ohms as far as I can tell, will this cause any problems at volume or will it be OK? The BOSE cubes are about 12 years old and hardly used, but 4ohms.
  3. M

    Question Marantz Remote Control Conflict ( PM6005 and NR1506 )

    Hello, Is anyone using a Marantz AVR from the NR range with a Marantz Integrated Stereo Amplifier without issues? Unfortunately, it seems like the Remote controls share the same codes and each remote controls both units at the same time. Which is especially annoying as the volume is being...
  4. K

    Question Marantz NR1506 Subwoofer won't produce sound

    Hi all, I am trying to setup my Klipsch lr106476 with my Marantz NR-1506. All of my speakers are plugged in and working, I just can not get the Sub to produce any sound no matter what I try. The left plug on the sub is going into the pre-out plug like it tells me, with a 1-1 rca cable. I have...
  5. radtv

    Question Marantz NR1506 No Video Certain Devices

    Hi all I'm perplexed! I have a Marantz NR1506 AV receiver, have had it 18 months no issues, until recently, when the Xbox One video disappeared, as did video from my Android 4K box. However my Sky Q works perfectly. So I decided to change the HDMI cables, and still the issue persists, I then...
  6. S

    Recommendations for speakers to go with a Marantz NR1506

    Hi, My receiver died a while ago and I needed something small and compact so went for the Marantz NR1506, I'm now looking to upgrade my speakers to get the best out of it. I currently have Yamaha NSP 285 which I am reliably informed are pretty cheap and terrible. I don't have a huge space...
  7. MassiveJim

    Marantz NR1506 any good ?

    I currently have a Cambridge Audio Azur 540R V2 (No HDMI) It has occasionally thrown a wobbler when turned on and refused to turn down until it was turned all the way up (then went back to zero) It also has TERRIBLE IR detection, im always having to repeat commands which is really annoying. It...
  8. yannic

    Question Marantz NR1506 2005.2 sub crackling issue

    Hey, I've recently noticed an issue with my Marantz NR1506 with my 2005.2's. The Sub I use (from the 3005 range) sometimes gives out small crackle sounds when the sound is turned up loud from the bass. A separate issue, I also want to have a 2nd pair of speakers I can drive in stereo as the...
  9. D

    Question Marantz NR1506 - Spotify connect no longer works?

    Hi Does anyone have a Marantz NR1506 receiver and Spotify connect? This had been working fine but for the last two weeks it has not worked at all. I've tried restarting all my devices etc, and Spotify connect shows my Sonos speaker but not the NR1506. Just wondered if anyone else is having...
  10. A

    Question CEC-questions/problem (LG C6 / Marantz NR1506)

    Hi! First of all, thanks for reading! A quick note at the beginning... I do own a Harmony 900 remote control, that I've used successfully for the past 5-6 years, but when I recently got a new TV I fell in love with it's Magic remote, and the possibility to "point" at the screen instead of...
  11. A

    Question (Another) CEC-question (LG C6 / Marantz NR1506)

    Hi! First of all, thanks for reading! A quick note at the beginning... I do own a Harmony 900 remote control, that I've used successfully for the past 5-6 years, but when I recently got a new TV I fell in love with it's Magic remote, and the possibility to "point" at the screen instead of...
  12. S

    Question Denon AVR-X1300W or Marantz NR1506 with Morel Solan2

    Hi, How are you? 1st of all: I know that picking almost everything is kinda subjective. I only want to advice with you, with your experience & knowledge. I'm sord of mid-range consumer - not a starter and not high end. I only watch movies, tv, series and so on...maybe Blue-Ray too. who...
  13. yannic

    Question Matching new speakers for my Marantz nr1506

    Hi all I have a quick question I have a set of Kef2005s with my marantz receiver and am looking to get a bit more out of my centre speaker for our lounge. Would swapping the centre give me more from my little nr1506? I was possibly thinking of getting perhaps a set of 3005s off eBay but not...
  14. Geoff_W

    Answered Does the Marantz NR1506 have HDMI 2.0a inputs?

    Can't seem to find a definitive answer to this question. The online manual doesn't say, Richer Sounds say "No", but Marantz Europe Technical Support say "Yes". The online manual for the NR1607 7.1 Channel Atmos model specifically states that the HDMI inputs support v2.0a and HDR. As I will want...
  15. scoobyspad

    Question Marantz nr1506 audyssey problem

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend any help with the following, I have had a Marantz Nr1506 for the past 8 months, I have just updated the firmware to the latest version and had nothing but problems since. After a short period of time the AMP will switch over to the Audyssey set up screen, I have...
  16. G

    Question Yamaha RX-S601 or Marantz NR1506 with Tannoy TFX 5.1

    Hi All, Looking for a slim 4k receiver to replace my Yamaha RX-V500D to be used with Tannoy TFXs speakers and just wanted some opinions? Kind regards Lee
  17. floyd droid62

    Answered marantz nr1506 as a processor

    HI, i have got a CXA60 stereo amp ,would i be right in thinking i can use the L&R pre outs of the NR 1506 to connect to the CXA60 stereo amp ,using the avr as a processor,so i can use audyssey ,crossovers ,speaker distances ,etc to be passed to the cxa60,if this is the case i will be buying the...
  18. meep

    Bi-Amping with Marantz NR1506

    My new Marantz NR1506 arrived today and will be unpackaged when I get home from work. (Hopefully a star bargain at £279). This is for use in a secondary TV/Music system in 2.1 mode with a pair of B&W CDM-1NT speakers and a REL Q200E subwoofer. Previously this system was driven by an Emotiva...
  19. georgiek

    Question Bad ampli, bad speakers, or bad combo? Marantz NR1506 + Teufel Ultima 40

    Hey everyone! I recently got the NR1506 Marantz and the Teufel Ultima 40 Mk2. These are the specs of the speakers: and of the ampli: Marantz US | NR1506 While testing them last night I noticed I had to push the volume to 60% to...
  20. Mr Lime

    Question Marantz NR1506 problem

    I've just bought this receiver and have had it set up for a few days. Up until now I've been running all HDMI sources through it and I had set the input mode to HDMI. However, last night I connected my CD player up via the coaxial digital input. The problem is, when I go in to change the...
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