1. P

    Manhattan T3 R - random widescreen / Fullscreen switching.

    I bought one of these at the w/end to replace my unreliable Humax HD-1100s. However, I’m noticing a problem with the picture switching between widescreen and ‘Full screen’. I first noticed watching (recorded) “Bloodlands” BBC1 HD where scene changes occasionally caused this switching. I also...
  2. S

    For Sale Manhattan Sx Freesat box

    Hi there, I'm selling my Manhattan Sx Freesat box. It's in great condition but I just don't use it anymore due to upgrade. It comes with remote and power cable. Thanks
  3. oxonjeff

    Manhattan T3R Kept recordings

    IT seems odd to have a " Kept " recording in the " All " list of recordings as well. Why aren't any Kept recordings simply moved to the Kept list? I dont know if this is a bug, but i cannot " Keep " a recording and delete it from the " All " list. This seems a bit dumb to me
  4. dave77

    Manhattan T3-R: Bluetooth audio is quiet

    Hi, I have an lg TV with some earbuds Bluetooth connected, to avoid the kids ove hearing GoT!. For some reason, when watching something on the Manhattan the volume is so much quieter. Has anybody noticed this? When watching on any other source they are fine.
  5. B

    Manhattan T2 R

    Pause button no longer works with live TV. It was until recently. It still works when playing a recording. Any ideas?
  6. markt3857

    Manhattan T3-R

    Hi all Just recently acquired this and am generally happy with everything but looking for a universal remote control that will control this Freeview box. I know the Manhattan remote can learn from the Samsung tv remote but it’s quite restrictive. Any suggestions for a good workaround? Many thanks
  7. N

    No Internet recognised on Manhattan T3-R

    I am having issues with my Manhattan T3-R Freeview top box. It does not recognise any wi-fi signal even though other items do. I have an ethernet cable attached and even this does not give a connection. My router is the latest BT one which is new as I have just received it. Can anyone please...
  8. dave77

    Manhattan T3-R: re-ordering apps

    Does anyone know if it is possible to re-order apps on the Manhattan T3-R, I can't see anything in the manual. I want to move the Freeview Explore app to the left for easier access, surely it should be on the menu alongside 'tv guide'?
  9. R

    Can you save Manhattan T3R recordings?

    Is it possible to download Manhattan T3R recordings in some way, via USB, FTP or any other means? I don't have a Manhattan; I am trying to choose between that and a Humax Aura, to replace a Humax Fox T2.
  10. D

    Manhattan T3-R freeze frame and slo-mo

    I've read claims that the Manhattan T3-R can a) advance video one frame at a time, and b) play in slow motion. But I haven't been able to find any way of doing either of these. Does anybody know if these are possible, and how to do it? Thanks very much David
  11. H

    Talk TV on Manhattan TR-3

    Hi, I am unable to locate this new channel on my box, should be on channel 237, but box will not pick up. I have tried retuning a couple of times, but no joy! I am based in Dorset, any suggestions please? thanks hall2056
  12. C

    Plex vs Freeview Play, Nvidia Shield, Humax or Manhattan!

    In UK, Have HDHOMERUN and Plex on NAS with Roku Streaming Stick and a second old FireTV. Getting a bit of stutter + slow. Thinking of getting Nvidia Shield- but wondering if Humax Aura or Manhattan T3 would be better. Mainly record free channels, Freeview Play sounds nice. Have Prime...
  13. oxonjeff


    I thought my T3R problems were over but sadly not. This is by far the most appalling DVR i have had the misfortune to own. After the other thread of AUDIO BUT NO PICTURE, i now have the situation where the remote decided to give up completely. It now does nothing at all, not even power off the...
  14. Manhattan Mike

    Manhattan Plaza HDR.S might be dying - boot problem.

    My Freesat PVR appears to be getting old and wonky, the problem is that at some point while being on standby it switches to on as in light goes from red to blue and yet the screen is blank with "no signal" message and no response from the remote. Previously I just needed to do a cold boot...
  15. H

    Manhattan T3R tuning problems

    Hi, I am hoping someone may be able to help me with something I can't seem to find an answer to on Google or I just don't know what I'm looking for. My dad had a BT youview box for quite a few years which worked perfectly before the hard drive had enough. I searched around for a replacement...
  16. oxonjeff

    Manhattan T3R Audio but no picture

    Audio but no picture. Strangely, this happened while i was watching a past recording. The screen went blank, but the audio carried on. So i switched over to TV through the Mahhattan freeview to check, and same thing. I then changed source to TV direct, avoiding outboard sources and TV is...
  17. tim1882

    Manhattan T3-R or BT DTR-T4000?

    My BT DTR T2100 stopped working (it froze so I switched it off and now it won’t power back on) so I need a new PVR. At the moment it’s between the Manhattan T3-R and the BT DTR-T4000 The Manhattan has good reviews and apparently has a very fast and slick UI. That was a real weakness of my old...
  18. C

    Manhattan t3r volume control problem

    I have recently bought a Manhattan t3r box. Connected it to the tv, which is connected to a Bose tv speaker with an optical cable. Everything seems fine, apart from the Manhattan remote controls the Bose box volume , (it hasn't been set to do it), and random buttons on the Manhattan remote seem...
  19. Hannah0603

    Manhattan T3R remote not programing

    I recently reset my remote control to amend the volume on my box. However, I my remote won't program back to my TV remote. I tried the method advised by Manhattan but no luck. Any ideas?
  20. C

    Manhattan Freesat Channel Scan failure

    Hi - been using a manhattan freesat box for a while with no issues ( also running Sky q in other rooms) so LNB etc have all been compatible. Lost ITV 1 at the weekend - tried to rescan but failed at when at 10% - 100% Sat quality and 65% strength. I can get non freesat channels ( ITV's, Channel...
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