1. dougj777

    Setup of NAD 375BEE DAC, Magnepans and Fatman Valve Tube Amp

    So I've inherited some beautiful Magnepan M1s and wanted to power them with a NAD C375BEE DAC, also intended to purchase an Auris Audifi bluetooth receiver and somehow, somehow use my iTube Valve Dock Carbon Edition by Fatman to impart the warm tube tone it can provide... but is this even...
  2. James Kantor

    Question Will the Yamaha Advantage RX-A3080 drive the Magepan LRS speakers nicely?

    The Yamaha RX-A3080 I have is the flagship and most powerful receiver Yamaha makes but I hear the Magnepan LRS Ribbon Speaker will only sound good with a exotic high current amplifier. The 3080 has an AB Amp that will drive a 4 ohm load but the power does not double at 4 ohms compared to a 8 ohm...
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