1. A

    Question LG Magic Remote Will Not Stay Connected

    Has anyone had this issue? We have the OLED65B9PUA The magic remote worked for several months and now will not stay connected. We have to continually re-pair the remote. It works for a few minutes and then disconnects. We have called LG and have now received two replacement remotes. They...
  2. asleszyn

    Question LG magic remote + yamaha r-n602 volume control

    Hi guys :-) I own a LG OLED TV with the magic remote. I plan on buying the yamaha r-n602 stereo receiver and connecting it via an optical cable. I wonder if I will be able to configure the remote to control the volume of the yamaha receiver. In the device connector I found several presets for...
  3. jamski07

    Question Magic remote use with Sky Q and sound bar

    Hello. Loving the magic remote, but I'm struggling with the lack of a couple of buttons, and wondering if anyone knows a way around it. There's no 'R' button to record, or '?' button for turning subtitles on and off. Both of these things can be done from menus, but it's a bit of a pain. And am...
  4. kingsize

    Magic Keyboard 2017 (with numeric keypad UK) Cover?

    Just had to replace my magic keyboard as a couple of rows had become unresponsive. At £129.00 not a cheap replacement and I was looking for a silicone cover to prevent any future water damage. However, I can't find one anywhere - all thus far are for the US version with the different Return...
  5. D

    Technomate magic eye interference

    Hi, I hope someone can help, I have several TV's fed from a Labgear 8 way loft box and Technomate TM-RF-HD-IR modulator and a BT youview PVR. The picture quality is great, only problem is if anyone is using freeview on one of the tv's with a magic eye there is massive interference for the...
  6. B

    Sky+ HD magic eye - intermittent interference

    I've got 2 magic eyes in my house and both keep having intermittent interference, thinking of buying a new magic eye but not sure it's that as both playing up. Any help would be great :-) x
  7. PretzelJones

    Issues using LG Magic Remote to control Samsung Soundbar

    I have a Samsung Q6CR Soundbar connected via HDMI ARC to my LG OLED B9 TV. I have an issues I cannot find a solution for. When controlling the volume using the LG remote the volume adjustments lag when increasing or decreasing and may continue to rise or fall even after I've stopped pressing...
  8. S

    Question Sky+ Box; Magic Eye; JVC Smart TV Setup

    Hello - been along time away - happily retired now and enjoying much fiddling with things, one of which is a new Smart JVC LT-24C695 (A) TV. I'm trying to tune it in to my Sky+ box (Ch34) and present an easy way to it on the JVC remote, could someone please guide my tinkering hands...joe
  9. G


    I have a Samsung TV ( t32e390sx) 32". i have a magic eye for sky because i have it in another room .the magic eye as stopped working it wont light up. so i bought a new one one.same problem . when i try to get channels on the tv. it says' please plug ariel in to tv. it also says' there...
  10. T

    Question Magic Control with LG Nanocell 49SM8600PLA and Humax HDR1100

    Hi there, I took delivery of the 49SM86 Nanocell TV and I am absolutely delighted with it. I have it hooked up to a Humax HDR 1100 freesat box and the Magic Control controls the Humax absolutely fine. However, one thing I am really struggling with is to find out how I can get to more of the...
  11. A

    Magic Remote

    hi guys, i have LG 55UM7000PLC TV and just got myself a Magic Remote AN-MR19BA but the pointer is NOT working . can anybody help me
  12. T

    Question Strange behavior magic remote C9 with video

    Hi there, just bought a new 55“ C9 and have a very strange behavior of the cursor when trying to use it. The curser jumps around like crazy. Please see the video for better understanding. Registered yesterday at AVForums, hoping to find a fix for this. it would be Great if someone can help...
  13. J


    Hi Guys Has anyone got this particular model and is able to use the TV remote esp LG TV remote to control the volume of this soundbar? On the manual is says its possible but i can not get it to work. My TV is 60UF850V which has HDMI CEC if i am not mistaken Any ideas??
  14. mrhumble1

    Question about LG Magic Remote

    NOTE: I posted the following in the B9 forum yesterday and realized that might not be the right place to pose this question so I am posting it here for wider view. ______________________________________________________ New LG OLED owner here. B9 will be delivered today and I will likely get...
  15. L

    LG C9 Magic Remote controls PS3 ok but only if not connected directly to one of the TV's HDMI's.

    Hi, as per subject line, I've been playing about with trying to control the PS3 using the magic remote without much success (other than power off/on sync) with the PS3 plugged directly into the TV's HDMI's & I happened to stumble upon a 'fix' whereby the PS3 can be contolled fine via magic...
  16. S

    Magic Remote and Home Theater?

    i know you can use the magic remote basically as a universal remote and i have it controlling the set top box no problem. however, my home theater is an old sony home theater in a box (from a long long time ago). supports HDMI but not 4k and probably not hdmi 2.0. So i am running Xbox into HDMI...
  17. ansky

    Question Magic Remote - Want to control multiple devices all connected to HDMI ARC on TV

    I've attached a simple diagram of my setup - LG TV to Onkyo AVR that has multiple devices attached. All devices use the TV, but connect through the same TV Input (HDMI 2 - ARC). Using the Device Connections option from the TV, I can setup control of a device, but it always starts with the...
  18. J

    Using the Magic Remote pointer in LG TV apps (eg. iPlayer, 4OD, ITVPlayer, Demand5 etc)

    Has anyone managed to use the pointer on the Magic Remote to navigate the menus of iPlayer etc? _______ I have a 2018 43 inch LG ThinQ TV (43UK6470PLCW). I have just splashed out on the 2018 LG Magic Remote (AN-MR18BA). The main reason I bought the remote was to use the curser to navigate...
  19. raigraphixs

    Magic for Humans (Netflix)

    Some people are so gullible :rotfl: Discretion
  20. B

    Can't get magic eye to work on new TV

    Hi. Yesterday I purchased a new LG 24TK410V 24 inch from Argos to replace an old bedroom TV. VERY disappointed to discover I can't find the magic eye channel; the eye is working OK. From what I've read, it seems it will be on an analogue channel, but I can't find any, and no information in the...
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