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    Technomate magic eye interference

    Hi, I hope someone can help, I have several TV's fed from a Labgear 8 way loft box and Technomate TM-RF-HD-IR modulator and a BT youview PVR. The picture quality is great, only problem is if anyone is using freeview on one of the tv's with a magic eye there is massive interference for the...
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    Sky Q Hub and Magic Eyes

    Hi. My query slightly different to recent ones. With my Sky subscription renewal they have sent me a Sky Q Hub router to replace my Sky router, approx from 2006, which works fine with my Sky+ HD box. With this box there's no HD on Sky channels tho, but am not bothered. I get Netflix thro...
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    Sky+ HD magic eye - intermittent interference

    I've got 2 magic eyes in my house and both keep having intermittent interference, thinking of buying a new magic eye but not sure it's that as both playing up. Any help would be great :-) x
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    Question Sky+ Box; Magic Eye; JVC Smart TV Setup

    Hello - been along time away - happily retired now and enjoying much fiddling with things, one of which is a new Smart JVC LT-24C695 (A) TV. I'm trying to tune it in to my Sky+ box (Ch34) and present an easy way to it on the JVC remote, could someone please guide my tinkering hands...joe
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    I have a Samsung TV ( t32e390sx) 32". i have a magic eye for sky because i have it in another room .the magic eye as stopped working it wont light up. so i bought a new one one.same problem . when i try to get channels on the tv. it says' please plug ariel in to tv. it also says' there...
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    Question Intermittent IR repeaters

    I don't know why my IR repeaters work for weeks without fault then suddenly ( seemingly out of the blue ) stop working reliably. I have the following set up: The equipment is as follows: HDMI Modulator: Technomate TM-RF HD IR, HDMI RF Modulator with 9V IR Control and HDMI Loopthrough 4 Way...
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    Question Help need with Magic eye in distribution

    I’m hoping someone can help. Some time ago we ditched Sky and bought a Humax Freesat PVR and having recently bought our own house thought it would be time to set up a distributed tv system (so we can watch our recordings whilst in the conservatory/ bed that kind of thing). So I bought a...
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    Help with projector set up

    Hi there, Apologies for the question from a clueless individual. I have tried searching for the answers on the forums albeit briefly but no joy. I have a projector that is predominantly going to be used as a golf simulator. I was also hoping to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and have it for the...
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    Sky Q - equivalent of Magic Eye required

    Hi, New to forum, not particularly well informed in terms of Tech... I have a centralised ‘Comms cupboard’ in my house that stores a 48 Port Switch, patch panels, Sonos connect Amp, Sky Box. Sky was/is pumped around the house using a digital modulator, and then utilising a Freevirw HD channel...
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    Question Sky Q RF Distribution - IR interference?

    Hi, hoping someone on here can save my sanity. I currently have Sky Q distributing around the home, but hugely struggling now with IR interference on DTV channels. Set up is output from Sky Q via HDMI to RF modulator with IR (9V supply on). DTV aerial through 4G filter into RF in on RF...
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    JBL 2.0 with SkyHD with Magic Eye - help please!

    Hi, I’m only slightly technical so forgive me if I don’t explain this correctly! I have a sky HD box connected via RF2 output cable and magic eye. I bought a Panasonic TV and discovered the sound was poor, so then I bought a JBL Soundbar 2.0. The sound on the Soundbar is terrible. It...
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    Question Help please - Sky+ with magic eye - TV Soundbar sound distortion

    Hi, I’m only slightly technical so forgive me if I don’t explain this correctly! I have a sky HD box connected via RF2 output cable and magic eye. I bought a Panasonic TV and discovered the sound was poor, so then I bought a JBL Soundbar 2.0. The sound on the Soundbar is terrible. It...
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    Can't get magic eye to work on new TV

    Hi. Yesterday I purchased a new LG 24TK410V 24 inch from Argos to replace an old bedroom TV. VERY disappointed to discover I can't find the magic eye channel; the eye is working OK. From what I've read, it seems it will be on an analogue channel, but I can't find any, and no information in the...
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    Help please. Problems in the bedroom

    We have a main Sky+ HD box in our snug and for 7 years been using 2 x Sky Magic Eyes so we can watch Sky in the bedroom and study. Been working fine until a few weeks ago the Sky picture in the bedroom has become very snowy and it's stayed like that ever since. We can change channels, the sound...
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    Freesat magic eye main tv always on

    Hi - can someone help please - I have a just installed a humax hdr1000s in my lounge and set up x2 magic eye links to 2 bedrooms using a tri link modulator and f120 2 way distribution amplifier - the link and picture works fine but really annoyingly the tv in the lounge (an LG tv) switches on...
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    Sky Magic Eye Problem

    Hi, For the last 5 years I have had just the one sky box in my living room with a co-ax cable connected to the RF2 output and fed through the floor up to a to the tv in my bedroom with a magic eye attached which allowed me to watch sky on my tv upstairs and also use the remote to change channel...
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    Extending Sky HD to another room - Cat 6 and magic eye

    Hi All I tried reading up on this and got really confused reading some of the older threads where people are trying to do 8 tvs with big HDMI splitter boxes and IR blasters etc. So here is what I want to do. I have sky in one room and want it in another room (I understand I can watch only one...
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    New TV and magic eye not working

    Looking for some techy advice please. I have Sky+ which is connect with magic eyes to a bedroom and kitchen TV’s. The kitchen TV died and I bought an LG 22MT49DF to replace it. I thought I had nothing more to do that connect it the same way and then search for C68 which is how I watched it...
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    Question RF2 Booster with magic eye and SKY + HD

    Hi all, bit advice needed. I have a SKY + HD box that has a connection from RF2 to a powered splitter in the loft and then onto two remote TV's both using magic eyes. The system has been working fine. Yesterday I had to replace one of the remote TV's, (40" Samsung HD) as the screen had broken. I...
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    Sky magic eye horizontal lines

    Hi all. Apologies if posting in wrong section but I have searched all over to help fix my problem and hoping anyone could help me on here. I have a magic eye set up and on my main tv there is no lines but on the two tv's that are serviced by the main tv I have horizontal lines moving through the...
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