1. Spurs4ever

    Wanted Macbook 12" (Prefer Space Grey)

    After consideration, I think that a 12" MacBook will do what I need... So, does anyone have one they want to get shot of? Must be in good condition and preferably boxed. Let me know what you have.
  2. Juan234

    Wanted Logitech MX keys keyboard for macbook OR an apple magic keyboard

  3. reklor

    For Sale MacBook Pro 13" 128gb with Touch Bar (2019)

    MacBook Pro 13" 128gb with Touch Bar (2019) 8gb ram in Silver Mint condition with no scratches or marks. Original box and charger included. Will add pics soon... £885 including p&p
  4. S

    For Sale MacBook Pro 13" 2.4Ghz i5 Late 2011 4gb/500gb ssd (upgraded) - Very good Condition

    hi, Selling my late 2011 MBP, as since last April I have been wfh and bought a Mac mini for this, so I dont really use the MBP a great deal anymore This has an upgraded Sandisk Ultra II SSD 480gb that I added back in 2016. This improved the performance of the machine dramatically (I was...
  5. Autopilot

    MacBook Air M1 Questions - buy it now or wait, and storage options

    So we have decided to buy a new laptop this year, and have decided to go with Apple for the first time, having read the M1 reviews, and loving Apple gear in general. I have a 256gb model on order, but I’m worried that it won’t have enough storage. Im planning to do some light phone and video...
  6. RSK21

    For Sale Drobo 5C USB C 5 bay desktop attached storage for sale

    Hi there I have one of the above for sale - purchased from Amazon in November 2018 for £390. This has worked perfectly as off board storage with both my iMac and MacBook. Also compatible with PCs. NOTE - this is the enclosure only and no drives are included. Selling owing to replacement by a...
  7. Tidy_Sammy

    For Sale 2018 15" Macbook Pro

    Selling my 2018 15" Macbook pro, it's had minimal use and is in excellent condition, there is a small nick on the underside of the laptop. Comes with original packaging/accessories. (I also have a sleeve & bag I'm willing to price up if there's interest). Thanks :)
  8. mushii

    For Sale 13" MacBook Pro Retina (A1502) Early 2015 (mint) - SOLD

    This is an Early 2015 MacBook Pro Retina in near mint condition, with very low battery cycle count (467) Processor - Intel i5 2.7Ghz Memory - 8 Gb Ram SSD - 250 Gb It currently has a fresh install of Yosimite 10.10.5 This is very lightly used and comes boxed with its magsafe power supply...
  9. PaulDavidThomas

    SoundSource for MacBook Pro into Active Speakers to control Parametric EQ's & Volume levels

    (You can down load a free version) I bought SoundSource ( SoundSource - A Superior Sound Control ). I paid about £30. The nice thing with this you can apply sound signatures ( Parametric EQ’s ) on a per application basis. Means I can tweak my Spotify application and give me a little treble...
  10. K

    Wanted macbook pro 2009 charger

    Has anyone got the old magsafe charger the one with the L shape for a macbook pro ..looking for a replacement for my daughters macbook
  11. schmurnan

    Question Recommendations on a monitor for MacBook Pro?

    Looking for some of your expert guidance, please. I’m looking for an external monitor to use with my 2017 15” MacBook Pro. I already have a Surface Laptop 3 for work, and I have a work-provided Lenovo P27 4K monitor. So I plan on getting a dual monitor arm and hooking up a monitor for personal...
  12. chez1hunts

    For Sale MacBook Pro 2012

    I have for sale a Macbook pro , brought around 2012 Only ever used for online surfing of the net. Don't know much about these machines and their worth 2nd hand Price at £280 Insured del. May even have the box in the loft. MacOS Catalina V 10.15.7 MacBook Pro 13" Mid 2012 Processor 2.5 GHz...
  13. wrighty66

    Question M1 MacBook Air compatible disc drive search

    Hi, I recently purchased an M1 MacBook Air (Big Sur) and would appreciate someone pointing me in the direction of a compatible disc drive or relevant thread (if it exists) as I am looking to digitise my dvd library. Thanks in advance
  14. D

    M1 Macbook external storage options?

    Apologies entered a world of which im pretty clueless and appear out of my depth so looking for any help and advice. I think ill need external storage for the recently bought macbook air (256gb, went cheap thinking itll be cheaper getting external storage). Id like to know all about transfer...
  15. C

    For Sale MacBook Pro 13" M1, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD - with Applecare+, in Space Gray

    Hi folks, I'm moving back to a Windows environment for work, so am sadly selling my much loved M1 MacBook Pro. This was purchased from the Apple Store in Covent Garden on 17th November 2020, so is a little under 4 months old. Comes complete with original box, charger and USB-C cable (both...
  16. D

    Question Macbook Pro Retina SSD upgrade question

    Hello Sister has asked me to upgrade her Macbook Pro Retina. I haven't got her one to hand yet but it's similar to mine I'm guessing. A1502 (Mine's a Macbook Pro Retina late 2013). I believe her one is a 2014 model with a slightly different config like memory and CPU. It's got a 500GB SSD...
  17. buddy777

    Is it possible to reset a macbook air to original out the box settings?

    I have tried factory reset but this is not like out of the box new,it just recovers what you already had in.I made a mess of original set up and would like to start new out the box settings.Is this possible?
  18. Inked

    Question What to do, what to do?! New iMac? MacBook? Monitors?

    Following on from my iMac screen failure (See thread here Question - Anyone had an iMac screen replaced? Trying to get an idea of cost before Monday ) I have today collected my iMac without it being repaired, and after some back and forth with Very they have now agreed to a return and 80%...
  19. A

    For Sale Apple Macbook Thunderbolt Adapters - VGA and Ethernet A1433 A1307

    I have 2 seldom used Thunderbolt adapters for sale that I purchased with my Macbook. 1 - VGA connector (A1307) - £8 delivered 2 - Ethernet / RJ45 connector (A1433) - £15 delivered Thanks, Andy
  20. kielson

    Question Price check please. Brand new, sealed MacBook Pro 13-inch

    As it per title, I need some help with pricing this brand new, sealed MacBook Pro (2019) Space Grey / 2.4GHz QC / 8GB / 256GB / Touch bar Model number: A1989 Not looking to put it on ebay, just a local sale. Based in London. Thanks!
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