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  1. marcofloris91

    Question MacBook Pro I broke the LCD

    Hi everyone, I have 2011 13” MacBook Pro I broke the LCD display but Apple doesn't support this model any more I found local online a company NiwTech where they offer to fix the laptop for me and after they fix it they give me back the old part. But wasn't Apple it...
  2. 99P

    For Sale 16" MacBook Pro 2.3GHz i9, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 4GB 5500M, Silver - *SOLD*

    I've got a mint 16" MacBook Pro I'm selling on behalf of someone (it's in my possession ready for dispatch). It's less than 2 weeks old with warranty until September 2021. Includes all original packaging including brown outer box for shipping. Charger and cable are unused and still sealed. This...
  3. D

    2012 MacBook Pro black screen issue

    Can anyone help me please? I have a 2012 MacBook Pro, which I bought from Apple as a refurbished unit back in 2013, so I am the only owner since then. I hardly ever use it now, but it's handy for working from home, so I attempted to start it up and the following is what happens.. - I get the...
  4. M

    For Sale Macbook Pro 16" i7 16GB 512GB - Still in Warranty - £1600 collected

    Selling my Macbook Pro (512GB SSD, Intel Core i7 9th Gen., 2.60 GHz, 16GB) as I'm not currently using it for work so funding a desktop PC. This was bought in person from the apple store and has warranty until December 2020 for your own peace of mind. I also have the original receipt in my name...
  5. 28061

    Wanted MacBook Pro 512gb / 16gb

    I'm after a MacBook Pro. Must have : 16gb Ram 512gb or larger SSD 2019 or 2020 model Other than that, I'm largely flexible on rest of spec. Let me see what you have!
  6. ascender

    For Sale MacBook Pro 13 (2020 4 thunderbolt model - i5 10th gen 2.0 - 3.8GHz /16GB RAM/512GB SSD)

    This week I bought a laptop from @Neal85 which he was selling. The laptop is exactly as described in his original thread (which you can find here), I got great service from him and everything was good. (Un)fortunately a lot changes in a few days! I've got a new client where I need to be in the...
  7. hardcastle

    For Sale MacBook Pro 2009 8gb Ram 250gb SSD

    For sale, an 2009 MacBook Pro I bought over the summer to play about on, currently running Mojave (10.14.16) See pics for the system overview page , battery says service required , lasts over an hour on a charge , Includes official charger and box , in good but used condition considering its...
  8. Ste7en

    Best Case for a 13" MacBook Pro?

    As header. Any suggestions? Daughter is off to Uni and I don't want to **** away a grand on a laptop that'll come home in pieces :(
  9. H

    For Sale MacBook Pro 16” Space Grey 16GB 512GB

    A2141 April 2020 i7 Brand new and sealed. I ended up buying 2, as I needed to ensure it arrived for my son’s birthday. Collection preferred.
  10. Walxar

    Macbook pro mid 2020

    Hi expert's. What is the difference between mid versións and early version in a MacBook pro. I'm new with 🍎 products. And I'm planing to buy the 13 inch with 8 gen version. But In my local store they have only the 2020 version not the mid 2020. Do I wait ? Or the term mid is just a identifier...
  11. T3C

    Question 2019 Macbook Pro Internet Recovery Issue

    I'm really hopeful that there's a couple of Mac/Apple/OSX super gurus lurking about to help me please. My friend finally set up his 2019 Macbook Pro that he bought 6 month ago and he was unaware of the ability to transfer all his programs, data and setting from his old (2012) Macbook using...
  12. N

    For Sale Macbook Pro 2018 13" Touch - With AppleCare

    Mint mid 2018 model MacBook Pro 13” touch. About 1.5 years old and remainder of AppleCare warranty. i5 quad core, 8GB ram and 256GB memory. Kept in a protective shell case with skin on side new. Consider trades with a latest edition IPad Pro.
  13. Danoptic

    For Sale SOLD

    Barley used, probably turned on about 7 times...comes complete with charger and box. Battery was at 5 cycles before reset. Purchased from John Lewis on April 14th and will be covered with warranty. 2019 Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" Touch Bar with Touch ID, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD.
  14. Gondawanna Man

    2011 MacBook Pro for torrenting in a Home Theatre setup.

    Hi guys I’m using my daughters ex school laptop for torrenting and I’d like to get the best possible sound and also make it an integrated part of my home theatre set up. I’ve been using an old cheap miniport to hdmi cable and it does transfer audio and video but interrupts ARC. Anyone know if...
  15. N

    For Sale MacBook Pro 13 (2020 4 thunderbolt model - i5 10th gen/16GB RAM/512GB SSD)

    I'm selling my MacBook Pro 13. It's the 2020, 4 Thunderbolt port model with Iris Plus graphics and 10th gen Intel processor that retails for £1799. Condition is immaculate, fully boxed with all cables. I'll also throw in the official Mac plug extension cable. Great laptop but it's just...
  16. K

    Wanted Older Macbook pro

    Hi all, After a cheap macbook pro, just for checking emails etc. 2010 onwards would be ideal. Thanks Karl
  17. windswept321

    Cheapish DAC recommendations for MacBook Pro listening

    I will be ordering a new MBP in the near future for work, although I currently have a mid 2014 model. Would a DAC improve the listening experience for a decent set of wired vintage headphones on these machines? if so,I would appreciate recommendations for a DAC, new or used; ideally under £150...
  18. euanjohnstone

    For Sale REDUCED Macbook pro 13 2020 (16GB, 512GB, 10th Gen i5)

    Bought on 7th June. Need a bigger screen so have ordered 16 inch. Perfect condition, boxed, no issues. Powerful compact machine. £1799 new - make me an offer!
  19. stu D

    How to get Dolby Atmos from MacBook Pro 2020 to AV Receiver (Apple TV+)

    Hi Folks. Got myself a new MacBook Pro 2020. Came with 12m free subscription to Apple TV+ via the built in app. So I thought Id try out the new Greyhound film with Tom Hanks, which is streamed in 4k with dolby Atmos. I have a Dolby Atmos amp (Yamaha RXV 685) so I hooked up the MacBook to...
  20. interbear

    External Speaker recommendation for MacBook Pro

    So I have a 16 inch MacBook Pro which has excellent integral speakers. However, I'm forced to use it in clamshell mode to avoid excessive heat and fan noise when connected to an external monitor. So I'm on the look out for a decent set of stereo speakers that I can connect to the MBP. Required...
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