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  1. PaulBLinfieldFC

    Wanted MacBook Air M1 2020

    Looking to purchase one of these for my Son for Christmas. Must be in decent condition. Many Thanks Paul
  2. J

    2010 Macbook Air Throttling when battery half empty

    For some reason, my Macbook Air is throttling and not running at full performance when the battery level is under 40 ish percent. I have iStats Menu and it seems like the CPU is peaking around 140 degrees compared to the 180-190 that I normally get when I use my computer at full load at battery...
  3. J

    For Sale Macbook air m1 2020

    Macbook air m1 2020 Only 2 months old with apple warranty Perfect condition Collection from Bolton
  4. music

    Wanted Apple Macbook Air M1

    Preferably space grey, but not an issue. 256Gb would be plenty I think. Many thanks
  5. Stanman

    MacBook Air

    Hi, My daughter's MA with the M1 chipset intermittently makes a bonging sound when on charge. Even more intermittently on opening up get a black screen with just curser showing, reboot fixes it. Any idea what could be wrong, still in warranty but "genius bar" can't find issue and suggested...
  6. RobTi

    macbook air or ipad pro

    Hi as i got a good offer offer on a trade in on my 2017 10.8" iPad pro i wondered if i should jump to the MacBook air over a 11" pro, both at just under £500 balance after deals, any help Thanks
  7. Danhifi

    Macbook Air M1 Audio out to Rotel A14

    What option(s) do I have to get "apple lossless" audio to my Rotel A14. Information on the amp below. Can I go USB-C to the USB-B in the back?
  8. noel83

    Getting a clear 4K picture on Samsung UE43TU7100 from MacBook Air M1

    Hi all, Hoping someone has cracked this already? I've just moved from using a horrible 32" 1080p Samsung 'hotel' tv as my main monitor at my stand up desk to a Samsung UE43TU7100 4K tv thinking that this would give me sharp text and make things easier on the eyes (as well as giving me a bigger...
  9. Autopilot

    MacBook Air M1 Questions - buy it now or wait, and storage options

    So we have decided to buy a new laptop this year, and have decided to go with Apple for the first time, having read the M1 reviews, and loving Apple gear in general. I have a 256gb model on order, but I’m worried that it won’t have enough storage. Im planning to do some light phone and video...
  10. wrighty66

    Question M1 MacBook Air compatible disc drive search

    Hi, I recently purchased an M1 MacBook Air (Big Sur) and would appreciate someone pointing me in the direction of a compatible disc drive or relevant thread (if it exists) as I am looking to digitise my dvd library. Thanks in advance
  11. buddy777

    Is it possible to reset a macbook air to original out the box settings?

    I have tried factory reset but this is not like out of the box new,it just recovers what you already had in.I made a mess of original set up and would like to start new out the box settings.Is this possible?
  12. Thug

    MacBook Air not coming on.

    My step daughters MacBook Air won’t come on properly. The screen does come on but just shows lines and a light/dark area. I have no idea about MacBooks so any help will be appreciated.
  13. bigdavecox90

    Question Help get my MacBook Air back up and running

    2012 MacBook Air currently starting up with a folder showing a ? I’ve started in recovering and attempting to try and erase and restore back to factory settings in the hope this might resolve the issues. Am I doing the right thing or should I do something else? When entering recovery and going...
  14. C

    MacBook Air should I get

    Am after a laptop for a bit office work such as cv and excel. Some photo stuff but not much. Browsing etc. I am used to Apple ecosystem so was looking at the basic air. how does word work on Apple if I get the office 365. ages ago I had a pc and ended up with trogon horse and virus etc. I...
  15. C

    MacBook Air

    Does anyone know if Apple are planning to release a 16-inch version of the MacBook Air? I want to buy an Apple laptop, but I like a big screen (currently got a 17-inch screen), and I don't really need a MacBook Pro.
  16. Y

    Question Macbook air or pro?

    Hello, Im looking to buy a macbook. Which configuration is better? I need a laptop for casual browsing, netflix, watching live streams on twitch, some school work. I want to be able to have multiple tabs open, keep a few apps running in the background or at the same time without slowing the...
  17. BigNevster25

    Help needed for Monitor for MacBook Air 2013

    Hello peeps, As I’m currently working from home more at the moment I’m thinking of getting a monitor to use as a second screen on my MacBook Air 2013 and trying to buy one is a bit of a minefield so some help would be much appreciated, Screen - 21 to 23 inch 4k - not needed Full HD - yes (so I...
  18. V

    Sony KDL-32BX330 (2012) -- can it mirror 2018 MacBook Air screen?

    Hello -- I have a Sony KDL-32BX330. Yes, it's small and old but it works fine. I want to mirror movies from my 2018 MacBook Air Retina to the Sony TV. I ran a new cable from the Macbook's USB-C/Thunderbolt port to the Sony's HDMI2 port. (TV is attached to cable TV; HDMI1 has a Roku attached to...
  19. U

    MacBook Air won't display properly when connected to projector via HDMI

    For years, the only connection I've used to connect my MacBook Air to my Epson projector has been a VGA cable with a VGA-to-Thunderbolt adapter. The projector has a native resolution of 1280x800 (16:10) and my MacBook Air has a native resolution of 1440x900 (16:10). Using the VGA connection...
  20. Kailash

    Question Help me buy Macbook Air or Macbook Pro

    hi looking to replace an aging macbook pro i see the new models of the air and MBP 13 are out have ruled out the MBP 16 as i don't need that sort of power (no video editing/photoshop etc + the cost 😳) specced an air and MBP. want to future proof so would likely upgrade the MBAir to 16GB RAM...
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