1. smallangryboy

    Wanted M1 Mac Mini

    Looking for one in good nick, Apple Care would be a bonus 👍
  2. M

    For Sale BNIB 13 Inch Mac Book Air + (Bargain - Price Reduction £775)

    As per title - Selling Sons Laptop. Laptop bought direct from Apple (Was meant to be for work and got a promotional discount) However, he is happy with his current laptop. this is the exact link for the model Buy 13-inch MacBook Air (256GB model) 13-inch MacBook Air - Space Grey With the...
  3. S

    Wanted Mac mini 2018

    Any model considered. I3 model probably more than adequate for what it'll be used for! Thanks
  4. carlpcross

    2020 or 2021 Mac Book Pro

    Looking to update my 7 year old MBP Is there much difference in performance between last years 13 inch to this years 14 inch to justify the extra £500? ta
  5. K

    Mixed up sources for my TV soundbar and mac

    Hi I have an LG E9 OLED 55 inch TV, recently connected a Bose 300 sound bar and I am satisfied with this set up. On the network is a fairly new 24" M1 iMac. both the TV and the mac are in the same room so sometimes I will watch/listen to youtube videos using the mac speakers and more often than...
  6. killie77

    Wanted Mac Mini

    Hi Looking for a Mac Mini. Will be for internet Browsing and some Downloading. So not to worried about spec or age. So long as it’s cheap 😊
  7. N

    For Sale Apple 27 cinema Display + Mac mini, iMac 21 4k

    Both for sale in good condition. The cinema display cable is split at the end but the cable is not damaged. iMac is in very good condition, both come with wireless keyboards and mice. 550, 400.
  8. yaboy

    For Sale Mac Mini 2012 models

    Got some Mac minis up for grabs excellent working order and generally good condition, all have been tried and tested. 2012 models X 3 Intel i5 dual core , 256gb SSD, 8gb ram, os Catalina Would like 200 plus postage or can be collected from leytonstone London area .
  9. buddy777

    My Mac Book Air recently did an oat upgrade, and now won't show any E-Mails

    Can anyone tell me why I can't get e.mail it has always been ok before?
  10. A

    Wanted M1 Mac 16gb 512gb SSD

    As above, looking for an M1 Mac (will look at the Air and Pro if the price is good). Thanks in advance.
  11. iMohd

    Denon AVR-3700h with Mac Mini M1

    Hi, I have Denon AVR-X3700H and Mac Mini M1 i am using HDMI from Mac to HDMI Denon with port HDMI eARC but he not working ( black screen ) I try other way i am use USB-C from mac mini to HDMI eARC he work maybe 3 second after that he of and blank screen TV How i can solve this issue? i find...
  12. I

    Streaming TV from laptop (Mac)

    I watch TV by getting, say, BBC iPlayer running in a browser on my Mac, and then feeding output through a cable to the HDMI port of my rather ancient LG (model 32LH3000). This works fine; whatever is on the Mac screen replicates on the TV. However, sometimes my girlfriend wants to watch TV and I...
  13. B

    Office Software for Mac

    Hi All I have a 2011 MBP thats about to be replaced, I have on it a very old copy of Microsoft Office that I got as some kind of work perk years ago, I think basically it costume about £13 I do not think I can copy it over to the new Mac, so Im looking for suggestions as to what to do for...
  14. H

    Mac mail question

    Hi, Help! How do I get rid of mails that are sitting in my inbox that when I try to move them I get: The specified object was not found....?? I have probably 20 e mails stuck there. Arghhh! Many thanks harry
  15. TriggersBroom

    For Sale Mac Pro 2013 12 Core / 64GB / 2TB SSD

    Mac Pro 2013 (6,1) 12 Core 2.7GHZ CPU 64GB 1866MHZ Memory 2TB SSD (NEW) D300 Graphics Fresh installation of OSX Big Sur installed with all updates Very good, clean condition. Works perfectly. £1300 - Collection Solihull B91 Thanks Delivery (Insured) available for £30 but I appreciate people...
  16. C

    Converting Sony DVDs to Mac readable format.

    Hi all. I would be really grateful for advice on an issue that has been driving me mad. I have a number of old (around 15 years) family DVDs that were originally recorded on my Sony Video camera and then transferred to DVD using a Sony DVD recorder. The DVD title is "Sony_dvd_recorder_volume"...
  17. J

    1 Set of Speakers a Mac and a PC Help

    Hi Everyone, Hope all is well. Apologies if this is a simple one, but I need some advice. I have a set of Yamaha MSP5 Studio monitors that I use as my PC speakers and for music production. I have recently bought a 2020 Macbook pro M1 and want both the PC and the Macbook to be able to use the...
  18. S

    MiniDV tape to Mac?

    I have an old MiniDV tape with 60 minutes of footage I want to capture on my Mac. I don't have a camcorder. Someone is selling a Panasonic MiniDV recorder for £30 near me on Facebook: Log in or sign up to view It's a Panasonic NV-GS150 . I note it has USB 2 and he has the USB cable. If I were to...
  19. C

    Whats Max Resolution avail in Mac/ MacBook Screen Mirror/ Extend Display via Airplay 2 direct to TV? (LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Roku TVs)(No Apple TV)

    Whats Max Resolution avail in Mac/ MacBook Screen Mirror/ Extend Display via Airplay 2 direct to TV? (LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Roku TVs)(No Apple TV) PLS SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES: Apple Device > Airplay 2 > TV Brand Model (Not via Apple TV - From Device to Smart TV w Airplay2) Resolution/...
  20. J

    Mac Mini for High Res?

    Hi I’m in the process of building my HiFi setup and have come across a stumbling block of streamers. Due to the limitation of airplay 2 not being able to stream at high res has made me look at a different solution for a streamer connected to the amp. Has anyone used a Mac mini just for...
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