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  1. R

    How to connect a PC or Mac HDMI output to send audio to a Soundbar with HDMI ARC

    Hello there, I have wired the HDMI output from my PC to the eARC HDMI channel input of a Soundbar. However, I can not get any audio being played by the Soundbar. Is there a native issue with the HDMI connection here or I need an external adapter? I want to send High Res audio multichannel or...
  2. deeno65

    For Sale Mac book pro 14. 2023 m2

    I have for sale as described it has 512 ram. 16g mem. As new boxed with apple care plus into aug. 2026 boxed. Hardly used. Comes with a clear case sold by apple aswell. Pics up pm today. With my details and laptop
  3. thelaughingman

    Wanted Mac Mini

    Hey, As titled, looking for a Mac Mini, either the 2012 model or one with the M1 chip. Let me know if you have one for sale
  4. buddy777

    How to find forgotten password on a Mac?

    If i keep trying different passwords it just keeps locking me out. and i cant get anything on the pc screenThere must be a way to replace forgotten passwords. I have put this on forums before without any solution.Please help i have a lovely pc just sitting in its case.Iam housebound and cant get...
  5. ArabChris

    For Sale Mac Mini M1 256gb/8GB

    Boxed with power supply Not been used too much but had it for a year and a half, works perfectly condition wise it does have marks on top, bottom and round sides and a couple scuffs. Photos below Payment by bank transfer, will send by RMSD
  6. W

    Mac Mini Surround Sound output

    I've a complete Mac newbie here. I've recently purchased a Mac Mini M2 to replace my Windows-based HTPC. I'm outputting audio/video through the HDMI to my Pioneer VSX-S520 receiver. I'm not getting anything but 2.0 sound (the Win-HTPC was outting 5.1) What am I missing in my setup in the Mac...
  7. O

    Logofail Rootkit

    In case you haven't come across the news there is a vulnerability in boot process utilising replacing the boot with a one allows the boot process to be compromised. Applies to Windows and Linux, not sure about Mac. It does require either physical access to your device and either booting from...
  8. S

    Plex on Mac Mini

    I have a M2 Mac Mini that is purely used as a Plex server, no other apps installed from new. My media library is partly stored on a Samsung 970 Evo 2TB hard drive and the 512gb SSD on the Mac. The Samsung drive is housed in an Acasis 40gbps enclosure. The Mac is hard wired to an Orbi RBR850 and...
  9. JudgeDredd2010

    Atomic Stealer Distributes Malware to Macs Through False Browser Downloads.

    I don't have a Mac just saw this today so posting it for Info for those that do.
  10. R

    Virgin Media Hub 5 MAC Filtering

    Hello knowledgeable folk, I have a Fire TV 4K box (2nd gen) which is located approx 5 inches from the above router. It only very occasionally connects to 5ghz and works perfectly... 99% of the time however, it’ll auto connect to 2.4ghz meaning it buffers like crazy. I’m reluctant to...
  11. G

    WD My Passport for Mac no longer readable !

    After a couple of years of Time Machine use with Mac Mini M1, I tried using a USB A lead (mistakenly) instead of the existing USB C lead to connect. After re-instating original lead, My Passport no longer shown as a drive in Finder, nor will Disk Utility populate at all ! System Information...
  12. buddy777

    I have forgotten my MAC password ?

    It is only a few weeks old and i have forgotten my password, I have also forgotten my Apple password as well. Am i totally lost now or can someone help ll I can get is password hint which is no use forgot that to and then password locked try again later.I am housebound and cant get to their shop
  13. buddy777

    How do i get microsoft edge on my new Mac pc?

    I have tried edge website download,,but Apple say i must login with my Apple which i have long forgotten and getting a new Apple password with apple is just a nightmare It tells me to look at the message on my old mac, but it does not say how to find the message on my old mac.Can anyone help...
  14. russellsnr

    Question Using Benq Palette Master calibration Mac Mini M2?

    Hi, just bought a Mac mini M2 for photo imaging and need to calibrate my Benq monitor, I use a Colormunki Photo puck and with the xrite calibration software it works fine but when using the Palette master that is made for Benq monitors and my prefered option coming from Windows 11 I get error...
  15. Alps

    Mac Infected / Hacked / Trojan alerts

    Guys, all of a sudden today I'm getting various system infected / Trojan / Hacked alerts. I've attached pictures below. I've attached a picture below showing the numerous alerts. What on earth are these? And what should I do? I don't want to click on them just in case they take me to some dodgy...
  16. S

    Question Images not appearing in my emails on Apple Catalina

    I am with Talk Talk and renewed my Broadband contract with them two weeks ago. Since then I am not getting images appearing in my emails - just a small box in the middle with a ? mark in it. I have contacted Talk Talk and they say it is my browser's fault (Safari) and not them. I have checked...
  17. JollyJamma

    I used MS Office on Mac this week

    It’s just so much better. Everything on MS Office works better on Mac which is super weird. I have the same Office on my PC and it’s really hard to use and a pain since formatting and layout gets absolutely wrecked when you try something like copy past from a webpage (sometimes even when you...
  18. invisiblekid

    Mac to PC

    I need a new computer to replace my aging iMac (2013) and am thinking jumping ship to a custom pc, pre built. I know, I know but I just don’t have to time or inkling to build again. I did 20 year ago so completely out of the loop now as as far as specs go. I just look at the cost of a Mac Mini...
  19. B

    Mac - connecting to work account

    Hi Could someone give me some advice. I am able to connect to my work emails/one drive account (use your own device policy). I was wondering what is best way to do this so it’s separate from my main apple account. Would you suggest creating a seperate log in on apple Mac mini and use that...

    Apple Pricing Logic M2 Mac Mini Pro vs Mac Studio M2

    Just looking at Video Editing Systems, having been using a basic M1 Mac Mini for a couple of years then a basic M2 Mac Mini 8/256 Decided the time was right to get a more powerful system Pricing up systems, it seems in a good spec for Video Editing the Mac Studio is actually cheaper than the...
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