1. B

    For Sale Mac Mini 2018/20 i5 6 Core Upgraded to 64GB Ram + Apple Touchpad

    Have for Sale a Mac Mini - 3.0GHz 6-core Intel Core i5 512Gb Upgraded to 64GB RAM using the ifixit kit (easier than it seems!) Was originally bought as a machine to try out Mac OS and run a few virtual machines (hence the RAM upgrade) and hasn't seen nearly as much use as I expected. Has been on...
  2. awink1

    For Sale Mac mini Server i7 QuadCore 2.3GHz with 16GB Ram and 1.5 TB worth of SSDs

    1st one: Mac mini Server A1347 QuadCore i7 2.3GHz with 16GB RAM 1 TB SSD + 480 GB SSD with Magic Keyboard and Mouse (both 1st gen), all in awesome condition, fully boxed. £545 £530 inc p&p This thing flies!!! Powerful and mostly silent, it will edit Phots and Videos and produce music with...
  3. mudshark

    For Sale Sold - Late 2014 Mac Mini 2.6 GHz i5 dual core processor 8gb Ram 1tb storage - £240 inc but open to sensible offers

    Hi, I have recently purchased a new Mac Mini so I am selling my beloved late 2014 model, specs above. I have reformatted and reinstalled the OS. will post some pics later but it is immaculate. £260 delivered
  4. Hainesy

    For Sale 16GB RAM (2 x 8GB DDR4-2666 SODIMM) from Apple Mac Mini 2018 - OEM Apple Kit

    I just upgraded the RAM in my 2018 Mac Mini and so selling the original 16GB of RAM - a pair of OEM Apple 8GB SODIMM RAM sticks from it. Obviously would also be suitable for similar age iMac or PCs Fully working, packed in anti-static holders. £55 shipped.
  5. Theseus

    Need help making formulas on Mac Numbers

    Anyone know how to do a percentage formula for multiple cells for 2 rows? For example B2:B10/C2:C10%. So far I get an error with this formula but can set it up per pair of cells.
  6. I

    For Sale LG UltraFine 4K 22MD4KA-B 22" USB-C IPS Monitor (built for Apple version)

    Unboxed, still in excellent condition. Supplied with power cable too. No dead pixels.
  7. E

    Audacity with Mac ios Catalina

    I cannot seem to work Audacity (version 2.4.2) any longer with mac ios Catalina. Want to link the cassette recorder to copy songs into iTunes. Has anyone else had this issue or is it my lack of expertise with the technology?
  8. sebbykin

    Mac Davis
  9. votfosq

    For Sale Mac Mini 6,1

    2012 Mac Mini 6,1 2.5 i5 processor 8GB Ram 128GB SSD Figure 8 power cable Very good condition for age - reliable machine.
  10. magnsm

    43PUS7555/12 app store? disney+? Stream from mac?

    Hey, I recently bought an philips tv 2020 model. I knew it wasn't airplay compatible, but I didn't know it would be nearly impossible to share screen from iphone or mac. Or that it didn't have an app store (andriod based), but just an app gallery. I've tested the free version of "Mirror for...
  11. A

    For Sale Brand New Sealed Mac Mini Space Grey with Trackpad 2 & Magic Numeric Keyboard

    For Sale: Apple Mac Mini 2018 Space Grey Brand New and Sealed. This is as unwanted gift as i'm looking to purchase an iMac. Also includes Space Grey Numeric Magic Keyboard and Space Grey Trackpad, which is also brand new and sealed! Specs of Mac Mini 2018: 3.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i3 6MB...
  12. R

    For Sale Apple Mac Mini - Space Grey 128GB BNIB

    For sale I have a 2018 Space Grey Mac Mini brand new and sealed with 1 year Apple warranty included. Spec as follows: Intel Core i3 3.6GHz (8100B) quad-core Processor Intel UHD Graphics 630 with up to 1.5GB Shared Memory 128GB PCI-e SSD Storage 8GB RAM PC4-21300 (2666 MHz) DDR4 SO-DIMM Memory...
  13. ulrichburke

    Should a PPC Mac be able to use the Internet?

    Dear Anyone. I don't know much about Macs, hence the question. I bought this PPC Mac dead cheap because I saw it had Logic Pro on it and I wanted to practice using it. So I Ethernet-cabled it to the Internet - and it just dies. It can't play any YouTube vids, it can take 8-10 minutes to open...
  14. Garioch

    Shanling "UA" series (USB DAC/Amp Adapters for Android, iOS etc.)

    Competition for the Audioquest Dragonfly portable DACs.
  15. C

    MacBook Air

    Does anyone know if Apple are planning to release a 16-inch version of the MacBook Air? I want to buy an Apple laptop, but I like a big screen (currently got a 17-inch screen), and I don't really need a MacBook Pro.
  16. REJI

    Question Plex with Mac mini

    So after my little embarrassing mistake getting a Mac mini to work as my plex server everything seems to be working fine. my question if someone can help is? which Mac mini could I get that would work running 2 transcodes at 1080p. If I’ve read up right I think it’s down to cpu power but not...
  17. jont

    Question help with WD EX2 Ultra and Mac setup - is it this hard/arcane ?

    Hi - just got a s/hand EX2 Ultra that I want to make my new music NAS as the old Netgear Stora isn't being 'seen' anymore by Catalina ... trying to find reset options for the WD and to get it to appear on the myCloud so I can login and configure/check firmware/etc but not having any luck with WD...
  18. aVdub

    Peter Green - Co Founder of Fleetwood Mac

    Passes at the age of 73
  19. DT79

    Question Mac based IP surveillance set-up advice needed

    Hi, I’m new to this, so please be gentle. I want to set-up a home surveillance set-up based around some POE IP cameras. Mainly looking to cover the exterior of my property, but may add one or two internal cameras as well. I don’t need recording 24/7, nor do I need to keep recordings for a...
  20. peter312

    NAS or MAC

    I currently have my music files (FLAC) saved on an older Synology NAS. When I play my music files, I use the Heos app on my iPad and play the files through my Marantz PM7000N amp. Unless I am playing records, most music I stream plays from Amazon Music But I do have a number of FLAC files not...
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