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  1. A

    27” monitor for a 2018 Mac Mini

    Hi I’m new here I've currently got a 24" Dell 2560x1440 monitor, connected via DisplayPort and looking to up the size to 27" I've turned my home-office into bit of a den too, with a nice comfy chair, so want bit of a bigger screen to watch Youtube/AppleTV etc whilst the wife's watching her...
  2. linnasak

    2018 /2020 Mac mini does it do 4K hdr / Dolby vision

    Hi my old Mac mini was killed by lightning so looking to replace. Has anyone tried using new one as effectively Apple TV and getting atmos and 4K hdr out of it say via the Apple TV app. Or should I just buy both Mac mini and apple tv4k. Kevin
  3. G

    Question Which Mac mini to buy

    Hi all am after some buying advice. I am looking to get a Mac mini but know nothing about them. I will only be using it for a bit of internet browsing but the main thing will be for contacting an online drum tutor via webcam. Can I use a 4k tv as a monitor as I have one set up in my room and...
  4. M

    Question Help!!! I need to upgrade my Apple Mac Mini i7 2.6GHz Quad core 16GB Ram 1TB SSD.

    Hi Everyone, I am currently using the above Mac Mini for pro recording and Mixing for commercial release. It's a great machine but it is maxed out on RAM. My problem is that I use a lot of digital effects that eat up the RAM memory so it limits me when mixing songs. I have looked at the new...
  5. D

    Help needed - NAS vs Mac Mini for Plex and more

    I currently have a Mac mini (2012, Quad core i7) with 16GB RAM and an internal 2TB HDD which I've been using for the last few years to store our collection of photos, home video clips (mostly from when the kids were young), our iTunes library (approx 100Gb), and other data amassed over the years...
  6. neuty

    Mac mini 3,1 Help.

    Hi All, rse Ive tried to be clever and install OS Catalina to my old Mac mini 3,1 which was running Mavericks. It took a fair bit of messing and playing around but I got it working. I say working is a stretch as its SOOOOOOOOOO painfully slow. I now realise I was better off leaving it as it is...
  7. virtualodin

    Monitor/monitors for 2019 Mac Mini

    I am about to upgrade my twin monitor set up run off a full spec'd 2019 Mac Mini to either a pair of 27" 4/5K monitors or a single ultrawide 4/5K with the same surface area. Part of the reason for the upgrade is the poor performance of my current HDMI/Thunderbolt3 to DVI converters. Aside from...
  8. L

    Mac Mini 2018 Ram upgrade

    I'm going to replace my aging Macbook Pro 2011 and i'm considering an i5 mac mini as a replacement. The cost of upgrading to 32gb with Apple is far higher than just buying some Crucial Ram and doing it myself, I just wondered if anyone has experience of doing it themselves? I've watched all...
  9. M

    2012 i7 Mac Mini similar performance to my 2015 Macbook Pro?

    I've recently bought a Surface Book to use away from home and I'm thinking of selling my 2015 Macbook Pro and getting a 2012 Mac Mini to use as my home computer. I do web/app design and I use apps like Figma/Sketch and a tiny amount of Photoshop. Right now my Macbook can get a bit loud when I...
  10. The Dark Horse

    Help with using an external storage device with a Mac Mini (2018)

    Hello, I am thinking of replacing my 2012 Mac Mini with the latest one. The price has gone through the roof since I bought mine 7 years ago so to keep costs down I wasn't going to bother upgrading the 256GB SSD drive. How easy is it to use an external drive to store files/photos/music on? I'm no...
  11. Surrays

    Question 55" LCD/LED TV with non-smart TV function

    I'm looking for a TV in Samsung&LG. Since I have Apple TV and Mac-Mini, I think I don't need a smart -TV function. The budget is GBP 1,000 to 1,500 (a little bit wide), and I hope the TV would be larger than 55" and LCD or OLED. I'll be looking forward to smart reply. Thanks!
  12. Jenz

    Question Anyone running 2018 Mac Mini + eGPU + Vega 64 and World of Warcraft with Ultrawide?

    This is what I am thinking of purchasing and so thought I would ask if anyone is already doing this and how it is performing. I am very happy with my old iMac (late 2012) but now want to purchase an Ultrawide monitor with Picture by Picture for my real work. I am thinking of buying a 2018 Mac...
  13. newbie1

    iMac upgrade (late 2009)

    My iMac is now 9 years old, it’s had a few upgrades - 500gb SSD, 3TB drive, 12 GB ram and it still works, just very slow rendering video in premiere pro and previewing photos in Lightroom. Photo mechanic is a much faster option for previewing photos so leaves the slow video editing as the main...
  14. N

    Question Yamaha RX-A870 - Server connection

    Hi guys. I have a Mac Mini running iTunes to play movies on a TV through Apple TV, which is connected to this new receiver. I want to be able to access the music library on the Mac Mini also, by sharing it to my phone and using the Music Cast app to control output in speaker Zone 2. The Yamaha...
  15. Walnuts

    Question Mac Mini viable as a media centre

    Hi guys - really grateful for some advice please. I previously had a WD MyCloud 4tb with another 4tb HD plugged into it. Used this to stream movies via Plex on my tv. Unfortunately, the the WDMC has packed up and won't reset so I have to consider other options. Previously I backed up both...
  16. W

    Question 27" monitor suggestion for my Mac Mini

    Looking to replace the 23" monitor I've got with a better quality (picture wise) 27" monitor and looking for suggestions. Ideally £350 or thereabouts. Ideally high quality picture (4k maybe) and needs to be HDMI compatible etc. Preferably black too Any suggestions welcome
  17. redz

    Question New mac mini or Nas Server

    Hello, i am in the process of planning a house move and AV set up. I currently use a 2009 mac mini as a plex server with 2 4tb external drives. This works ok but does stutter occasionally and think it may fall over with 4k streaming. I thought i had the answer in a 4bay Qnap was but I'm...
  18. MSW

    Question Migration Assistant iMac to Mac Mini

    Being trying for about 3 days to transfer everything from an iMac to a Mac mini in migration assistant it, it just does not work. MA just continually looks for both computers have tried WiFi Ethernet Direct Ethernet connection All os updated File sharing on Ensuring the iMac has a name...
  19. bigjb

    Question Mac Mini & Apple TV & 3D Blu Ray Rips

    I am considering ripping my 3D blu rays to hard drive and playing them through an Atv 4 assuming this is possible. Has anyone got experience of this very procedure and if so what software ( Mac mini) is used to produce the ripped file and what file format. Also what app is used on the atv4...
  20. turbo

    4K or QHD monitor for mac mini?

    I have a mac mini coming my way soon and it produces 2560 x 1600 from the mini display port and 1080p from the hdmi. I was thinking of using the higher resolution, but would I be better getting a 27" 4k monitor or a 27" QHD monitor. The 4K may be more useful in the future and comes in at around...
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