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The Mac Mini (marketed and branded by Apple inc. with lowercase 'mini' as Mac mini) is a small desktop computer manufactured by Apple Inc. Like earlier Mini-ITX PC designs, it is 7.7 inches (200 mm) square and 1.4 inches (36 mm) tall. It weighs 2.7 pounds (1.2 kg). Before the mid-2011 revision, all models, except the Late 2009 and Mid 2010 server models, came with an internal optical disc drive. Models pre-2010 used an external power supply and were narrower but taller at 2.0 × 6.5 × 6.5 inches (51 × 165 × 165 mm). The Mac Mini is one of three desktop computers in the current Macintosh lineup, the other two being the iMac and Mac Pro, although it generally uses components usually featured in laptops, hence its small size.
The Mac Mini was the first consumer level Macintosh desktop to ship without a display, keyboard, or mouse since Apple's success following the release of the iMac, with Apple marketing it as BYODKM (Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, and Mouse). The primary intended market for the Mac Mini was users switching from a traditional Windows PC to a Mac who might already own a compatible display, keyboard and mouse, although these could be easily purchased if needed. A special Server version of the computer was introduced in October 2009 that included the Server edition of the OS X operating system. The Server model was discontinued as of the late 2014 Mac Mini revision.
The updated unibody Mac Mini is notable as Apple's first computer to include an HDMI video port to connect to a television or other display, more readily positioning the unit as a home theater device alternative to the Apple TV.

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  1. bigjb

    For Sale Apple Mac Mini 2018 Space Grey Quad i3.

    This was purchased locally last week and was still new and sealed. However since there is no receipt on the Apple site it shows as no warranty. I set the machine up with the intention of using for Xcode but plans have changed hence selling on. So it comes boxed and as new as possible. Specs...
  2. russellsnr

    Question Using Benq Palette Master calibration Mac Mini M2?

    Hi, just bought a Mac mini M2 for photo imaging and need to calibrate my Benq monitor, I use a Colormunki Photo puck and with the xrite calibration software it works fine but when using the Palette master that is made for Benq monitors and my prefered option coming from Windows 11 I get error...
  3. G

    Wanted Mac Mini late 2014 8GB wanted

    Hi all, I'm looking for a cheap Mac Mini for my son. Ideally it would be a 8gb ram and an i7 or i5. Has anyone got one that they'd sell for about £80. Thanks Peter
  4. K

    For Sale Apple Mac Mini M1 16Gb 1Tb - REDUCED

    Mac mini Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU, 8‑core GPU and 16‑core Neural Engine 16GB unified memory 1TB SSD storage Bought new in January 2021 Excellent condition
  5. sequnces

    For Sale Mac mini M1 16 Gb 512 SSD

    Has some minor scratches front to the right, see pictures. Other that than, no other marks.
  6. thelaughingman

    For Sale Mac Mini

    Hey all I bought this Mac Mini recently but have changed my mind and prefer my MacBook Pro. It’s the late 2012 model, i5 with 4gb ram and 500gb HDD. All of which is easily upgradable. Good condition, price includes delivery.
  7. J

    Wanted Space grey Mac mini 16 GB RAM + SSD

    Anyone have one knock-on about? Doesn't need to be most recent - want to see if this can de clutter my home office set up Let me know what you have

    Apple Pricing Logic M2 Mac Mini Pro vs Mac Studio M2

    Just looking at Video Editing Systems, having been using a basic M1 Mac Mini for a couple of years then a basic M2 Mac Mini 8/256 Decided the time was right to get a more powerful system Pricing up systems, it seems in a good spec for Video Editing the Mac Studio is actually cheaper than the...
  9. PaulRamon

    M2 Mac Mini Monitor Advice

    Finally decided to upgrade my 27" Imac 2013 although it's still working well! Looking for a good 27" monitor to go with the M2 Mini without breaking the bank. Would appreciate any help or advice on this.
  10. B

    Thunderbolt 3 connection - Dell to Mac Mini

    Hi, sorry got a bit of a basic question. I am looking at a dell Monitor which has a thunder bolt 3 connection to pair up with my Mac mini. It says this cable will provide power to the laptop as well (Up to 90W). My question is that I am not using a laptop. I got a Mac mini, will there be any...
  11. M

    For Sale Mac mini

    Mac mini late 2012 specs in photo .This has Hardly been used , has been upgraded to a 500mb ssd. and 16gb Ram is in exellent condition . runs lightroom fine. has been reset £180 +pp
  12. R

    Triple monitor setup on Mac mini pro 2

    I've searched forum but couldn't find the answer to this : Hi all, could someone please help with the following, i had a triple monitor setup since 2013 ( 1 x iMac late 2013 & 2 x thunderbolt 2 cinema displays ) Imac in the middle, I've just upgraded to 2023 Mac mini pro 2 16gb & 1 tb, I've...
  13. Ashy

    PC and Mac setup

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but … I’m looking to get a new PC, and either a MacBook or Mac mini with the goal to connect to say an 42’ LG C3, using only 1 keyboard and mouse with a switch to jump between the 2. PC is for gaming mainly and Mac will be for work. Does anyone have...
  14. T

    Connecting speakers to Mac Mini

    My Mac Mini has arrived and I'm currently getting my head around the world of Mac (previously always been a Windows user) Can anyone advise please if I can connect my old Logitech S220 sub and speakers to the Mac Mini. The speakers have 2 mini jacks that previously connected to my PC but...
  15. Altabani

    2nd SSD into a Mac Mini

    I have installed a second SSD into my Mac Mini after filling up the first SSD in it - swapped the stock HDD over to a SSD a few years back and all has been running well. The second SSD though doesn’t appear on the desktop or side bar and i can’t seem to format it. Looking on the iFixit page for...
  16. Hoku

    Best streamer for Qobuz? Node? CXN V2? Wiim Pro? Mac Mini? Others?

    I have been a Tidal user for over 10 years now, but I'm trialling Qobuz at the moment and I really like it. However, I have two main systems; I'm currently trialling Qobuz on my second system: Windows laptop > USB into Quad Vena II > Ruark Epilogue II's. Nice and easy set-up. I like the...
  17. D

    M2 Mac Mini

    About to purchase the new M2 Mac Mini, should I go for upgraded CPU/GPU or 32Gb RAM - will be used mainly for photo editing?
  18. S

    New Mac Mini Thunderbolt 4 ports

    Can anyone confirm whether i can connect a USB-C hard drive to a Mac mini thunderbolt 4 drive?
  19. S

    Apple TV vs Mac Mini

    Is there any point in getting an Apple TV if I already have a Mac mini? It’s just for my home office/game room so I can watch 4k movies and WWE/AEW PPVs. Are all the outputs still the same or is Apple TV better optimised? Also is there an app to use my iPhone as a remote on the Mac mini or will...
  20. Rookies

    Mac mini which tv

    Which 32 inch tv be ok with the latest version of Mac mini pls
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