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  1. JollyJamma

    Wanted Wanted: Apple Mac mini(Late 2012)

    Hi all I’m looking for a Apple Mac (2012) Prefer either Core i7 or i5 but not too phased. Location: belfast. shipping would be great. Regards, JJ
  2. PCambo

    For Sale Mac Mini Late 2012 Quad + Super Drive + Magic Mouse

    Late 2012 Mac Mini Quad i7 2.3ghz/16gb ram/1tb hdd Very good condition only marks I can see are on the plastic bottom. No box, official power lead £200 Apple super drive like new boxed. £30 Apple Magic Mouse very good condition £25
  3. loosend

    For Sale 2020 M1 Mac Mini 8GB/256GB as new

    Mac Mini M1 - 256GB 8GB model Nov 2020 Extremely quick with incredibly good graphics processing power. There was no additional AppleCare taken out with this Mac but of course it functions as new and will be reset for its new user. It’s had a pretty easy life. It was bought in November 2020 and...
  4. Marshall Mike

    Mac Mini - do I need one?

    I have a Dell Zino mini pc which will be well over ten years old by now. I don’t use it often, but when I do it’s slow as hell. Primary use these days is running Dirac and keeping my harmony remote up to date. I’ve been looking at replacement options including mini pc’s, laptops and the Mac...
  5. D

    For Sale New apple mouse and keyboard 2

    2x Apple Mac Mini, 2014, i5 2.6 Ghz, 8gb, 240gb ssd - SOLD 2x new apple magic mouse and keyboard 2 - 1 Left Macs - 245 each inc Keyboard and mouse set (new and Unused) - £100 inc
  6. smallangryboy

    Powering an external monitor with M1 Mac Mini ?

    Just wondered if the Mac Mini is capable of not only feeding an external monitor but powering it from the USBC connection? If so does anyone know how much power it puts through?
  7. iMohd

    Denon AVR-3700h with Mac Mini M1

    Hi, I have Denon AVR-X3700H and Mac Mini M1 i am using HDMI from Mac to HDMI Denon with port HDMI eARC but he not working ( black screen ) I try other way i am use USB-C from mac mini to HDMI eARC he work maybe 3 second after that he of and blank screen TV How i can solve this issue? i find...
  8. J

    Mac Mini for High Res?

    Hi I’m in the process of building my HiFi setup and have come across a stumbling block of streamers. Due to the limitation of airplay 2 not being able to stream at high res has made me look at a different solution for a streamer connected to the amp. Has anyone used a Mac mini just for...
  9. Lighty

    Mac Mini to Apple TV 4K with Infuse?

    Hi Guys Bought an M1 mini and have been reading up on sharing media. I currently have a NAS but I’m wondering about just plugging a USB3 HDD into the mini and sharing the media to the two ATV in the house … What do you think, anyone doing this? I’ve generally ripped my discs to mkv over the...
  10. stumchale

    PC + Macbook Pro + Mac Mini, What Monitor(s)???

    Hi, I have a PC, Mac Mini (M1) and a Macbook Pro (13" 2019). I currently have two curved monitors - one dedicated to the PC and one to the Mac Mini. Both have their own peripherals. I have my work MacBook that I want to get up on a big screen with mouse and keyboard (but want to use those from...
  11. GarethP

    Mac Mini Upgrade

    Our late 2014 (non upgradeable) bottom of the range mac mini is really struggling. It was only ever bought to test the mac water and it’s served it’s purpose with multiple iPhones, iPads, Apple TV’s and MacBook Pro’s in the house now. I’ve used it to rip our 1,500 CDs and it serves them up...
  12. Sluggster

    Will aMac Mini do what I want it to?

    I was going to get the new version of the Apple TV 4K (2021) but it does not appear to be much of an upgrade from the older version. I‘m now considering a Mac Mini 2021 with the new non Intel chipset. Before moving forward I would like to make sure it will do what I want it to first. It must be...
  13. loyalty4life

    How to connect a Mac mini to my AV receiver?

    Hello, I have spent an hour searching through posts, articles and YouTube videos without success. Files for reference: AV RX-V2085 Manual - Apple Mac Mini M1 Tech Specs: Mac mini -...
  14. neuty

    Question, Stick with Mac Mini 2012 or swap to Mini PC?

    Hi All and Mighty, Ive had my Mac Mini 2012 i5 for approx 6 to 9 months now. I have added a 500 gb ssd and extra 1 tb hard drive for storage of files. It works a treat and it streams to my Apple tv for music etc via iTunes. I have Bootcamp with Win10 on it and its refreshing to use as I am more...
  15. itn

    mac mini

    hi, looking to replace my old pc with a mac mini, I cant afford the new M1 variant so looking at the 2nd hand market. Ive used iphones but not a mac. is there a typical recommended mac mini to go for i.e specific year, model, spec, ideally SSD is the way etc....main use is web browsing via...
  16. neuty

    Help and advice. Mac mini new Macos install

    Hi, I have an old Mac mini 2009 and me trying to be clever tried installing a Mac OS that it shouldn’t run. This caused it to fail. On trying to reinstall an os via recovery I kept getting either an error, circle with a line through or if I got far enough into an install it then came back with...
  17. D

    Mac Mini M1 KVM and USB volume control won't work

    I have a PC work computer and a Mac Mini M1 for photo editing. I'm also using a SteelSeries Apex keyboard with volume control. My KVM switch uses USB audio from both the PC and Mac to go to a little amp.... I am able to control volume on my PC, but NOT on my Mac. Really strange how one works...
  18. A

    Mac mini PVR options

    Hi, I'm running a Mac mini 2014 with an auto starting virtual machine (VirtualBox VM) running Ubuntu. Ubuntu runs the tvheadend (tv streaming and recorder) software (and picks up the two usb dvb dual tuners). So I have Freeview over network so can watch on a Kodi clients on iMac, and tvheadend...
  19. killie77

    Question Mac Mini to Yamaha WXC

    Hi Have a Mac Mini 2018 coming today. I’ve read up on the specs and it appears it no longer has the Toslink option from the headphone socket. With this in mind I’m going to want to connect the MM to a Yamaha WXC50, any ideas on how to do this and if possible I’d like to send the MM audio to the...
  20. Daddy k

    mac mini plex server upgrading i5 to m1

    ive just ordered a 16gb ram m1 mac mini to replace my 2018 i5, 64gb ram model. i just use them as plex servers perhaps overkill, but my i5 mini has worked great and i watch lot of 4k HDR movies to my plex app on my main tv, kids watching on their tvs around the home and even more remotely at...
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