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  1. C

    For Sale Mac mini A1347 Late 2012 i5 2.5GHz with 8GB RAM + 256GB SSD

    Mac Mini late 2012, has been very well looked after so it’s almost in mint condition, comes with 8gb of ram and a 256gb ssd that was installed from new. The bottom has rubber feet on since new to prevent the bottom casing from scratching. Also comes with matching Apple keyboard and mouse both...
  2. dUnKle

    New Monitor for use with 2018 Mac mini

    Since last asked my circumstances have changed dramatically I now no longer have a pc, using instead a 2018 Mac mini I now also use my monitor for my Xbox series x for gaming and watching movies My current monitor is 28” but feel, for most things, that’s too small, and 32” be better I also...
  3. rousetafarian

    Wanted Mac Mini i7 2012 running Catalina not bothered about RAM or SSD quantity

    Hi Strict budget in place (£240.00) only for audio production (Logic) tasks, will be referring the seller to a colleague of mine (who will sign up and register on the forums), I’ll just mediate this. Delivery to Leeds, so what have you got gents? Regards
  4. awink1

    For Sale Mac mini A1347 Late 2012 i5 2.5GHz with 8GB RAM + 256GB SSD + 500GB HDD

    2012 Mac Mini in great condition with light scratches on the plastic bottom plate (see photos) and brand new 8GB Ram and 256GB SSD + 500GB HDD. Still lightning fast!! and, best of all, virtually silent. No original box, but it will come safely packaged, with power cable and a fresh install of...
  5. Lighty

    Question Sky Go - NUC or Mac Mini?

    Anyone running Sky Go on older kit? I’m going to buy a small format piece of kit and thought I’d ask here. Mac Mini 2012 upgraded or a 2014 looks adequate Or NUC 6 or 7 I’m looking at no more than £250 really. My ATV is used for NAS access so that’s not crucial. My daughter my stream...
  6. L

    How to setup my old HP Z800 as a NAS?

    I was looking at the price of QNap and Synology but the price is still steep for for me. I'm thinking of using my HP Z800 as a NAS. What are some of the options or process in turning my HP Z800 into a NAS? At this point, three things I like to have. 1. I still want to be able to use the Z800...
  7. L0thari0

    For Sale Mac mini (2010) 2.4 GHz C2D, 8GB RAM, 500 GB SSD

    For sale is my Mac mini (2010) 2.4 GHz intel Core 2 Duo, 8GB RAM, 500 GB SSD. It originally came the 320 GB HDD and I swapped it out with a Samsung EVO 500 GB a few years ago. Since the upgrade, I use SMC software as it suffers from the fan noise mentioned here: iMac fans run loud after hard...
  8. rousetafarian

    Mac Mini M1 and Dragonfly Red DAC

    Hi I was very pleasantly surprised by the Spotify audio quality out of the box, running a pair of Flare Pro IEM’s wired into the headphone socket. So now I’m wondering has anyone used a Dragonfly DAC with the new M1 Mini or MacBook and if so how does it compare with and without? Long shot I...
  9. fozziebear39

    For Sale Mac mini (2018) 3.6GHz i3, 8Gb RAM 256GB SSD

    Hi, I am selling an immaculate condition Mac mini only purchased on 27th August 2020, 5 months old. 3.6GHz i3, 8Gb RAM 256GB SSD. I am looking for a quick sale and will be happy to match the Trade-in price from Apple. I don't need anything from Apple at the moment or else I would choose that...
  10. C

    For Sale **Price Drop** Mac Mini 2018 3Ghz i5, 8Gb RAM 256Gb SSD

    I've decided to get rid of my faithful Mac mini and replace it with one of the new M1 MacBooks. It's just under a year old and has basic AppleCare until 15th Jan (as per the screenshot). It's in good condition apart from one edge having the paint scratched off on the day I bought it (scraped it...
  11. Pavey

    Question SSD into Mac Mini (late 2012)

    The HDD in my Mac Mini is really slowing down, so thought i would treat it to a 2tb SSD upgrade. There are guides out there but wondered if anyone here has done the same thing? Can i simply take out the HDD, insert the SSD and download Catalina to it (it's current OS)? Have also ordered a...
  12. Scotty Pro


    I have for sale 2 x 8GB sodimm's pulled from my 2012 MacBook Pro. specs are Speed - DDR3-1600 Warranty - Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime CAS latency - 11 DRAM family - Crucial Density - 8GB Brand - Crucial Module type - SODIMM Extended timings - CL=11 Form factor - SODIMM...
  13. S

    Would this okay as a primary display for an M1 Mac Mini?

    Would work as a primary for an M1 Mac Mini? I have a Dell 24" that's USB-C but as I only use it for internet and working from home would this be okay for the HDMI connection and use the Dell as the secondary screen...
  14. Q

    Beovision 7-32 Mk3 (2008) with new Apple Mac Mini 2020 (M1)

    I have just updated my Apple Mac Mini late 2012 model that was linked to my Beovision 7 -32 (Mk3 - 2008) screen and am having trouble with matching screen resolutions. I have a grey screen and no picture - connecting via DVI - HDMI cable. I bought a cheap 22' Samsung monitor in order to be...
  15. The Dark Horse

    Compatibility upgrading 2012 Mac Mini to new 2020 M1 model

    Hello. I have a 2012 Mac Mini running MacOS Mojave. I am considering buying the new M1 Mac Mini, will there be issues that my Mini is running an old OS? It has the ability to upgrade to Big Sur but not sure if to do that or do I have to?
  16. S

    Question Display Problems with Apple Mac Mini

    Hello everyone, The problems with my screen began after upgrading Mojave on my Apple Mac Mini to the Catalina OS. What happens seemingly randomly is, since the upgrade, the screen goes black but the moveable cursor remains visible on screen. The computer is connected via HDMI to a Samsung TV...
  17. REJI

    Question Plex with Mac mini

    So after my little embarrassing mistake getting a Mac mini to work as my plex server everything seems to be working fine. my question if someone can help is? which Mac mini could I get that would work running 2 transcodes at 1080p. If I’ve read up right I think it’s down to cpu power but not...
  18. A

    27” monitor for a 2018 Mac Mini

    Hi I’m new here I've currently got a 24" Dell 2560x1440 monitor, connected via DisplayPort and looking to up the size to 27" I've turned my home-office into bit of a den too, with a nice comfy chair, so want bit of a bigger screen to watch Youtube/AppleTV etc whilst the wife's watching her...
  19. linnasak

    2018 /2020 Mac mini does it do 4K hdr / Dolby vision

    Hi my old Mac mini was killed by lightning so looking to replace. Has anyone tried using new one as effectively Apple TV and getting atmos and 4K hdr out of it say via the Apple TV app. Or should I just buy both Mac mini and apple tv4k. Kevin
  20. G

    Question Which Mac mini to buy

    Hi all am after some buying advice. I am looking to get a Mac mini but know nothing about them. I will only be using it for a bit of internet browsing but the main thing will be for contacting an online drum tutor via webcam. Can I use a 4k tv as a monitor as I have one set up in my room and...
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