1. lemmy31

    For Sale or Trade - Macbook Pro 2020 M1, Touchbar, 512GB, 8GB for Top End Android Handset

    Fully boxed and in excellent condition. Battery count is 5 and health still at 100%, this may increase slightly though, its hardly been used. Warranty until end of April 2023. It has a wood effect skin installed (Xtreme skins) at present, this can be removed for any genuine interest, it will be...
  2. Mega Womble

    For Sale 2021 Macbook Pro M1 Pro 14", 512GB SSD, 16GB, Space Grey

    Bought new from Apple in January 2022, arrived in February. Used for work but much too much power for my needs. Was an indulgence!!! Comes boxed as it did new with the magsafe cable/charger. On closer inspection there is a tiny chip and scratch- the photos make it look worse than to the naked...
  3. F

    Netflix 4K on recent M1 mac

    I have the following setup : M1 mac, with MacOS Monterey Netflix Ultra HD subscription Latest Safari (15.5) fast internet connection (100 Mbs download verified on several tests) AV receiver Denon AVR 3500H 4K video projector However, none of the movies on Netflix are even advertised as 4K...
  4. tommyg_

    Wanted 16” M1 MacBook Pro

    Hi After a 16” M1 MacBook Pro, needs to be a great condition with low battery cycle count. Looking to pay roughly the price for last two that i could see that sold £1,500 to £1,600. Can collect locally Surrey/Kent or Canary Wharf are Monday to Wednesday. Posting is also fine if fully insured...
  5. M

    For Sale Apple M1 8GB/256GB in San Francisco

    Apple MacBook Air M1 8Gb RAM / 256 GB SSD Fresh OS installation. Good conditions. December 2021. Battery 70 cycles. No box. San Francisco. $650 cash
  6. K

    For Sale iPad Pro 12.9 (M1) Cellular 2TB with White 5th Gen Smart Keyboard

    Hi All Just saw the new M2 Air was in stock at the local store and couldn’t resist a purchase! Now looking to sell my iPad and Keyboard. The iPad and Keyboard will both have around 10 and half months warranty. Looking for a quick sale now I’ve purchased the Air before the mrs finds out! iPad...
  7. voyto

    Wanted MacBook Air M1

    Preferably 16gb RAM As Title 🙂
  8. S

    For Sale M1 Mac Mini late 2020, Magic keyboard and Magic mouse

    Hi I have an M1 Mac mini late 2020. £525 ono Magic keyboard with numeric pad (rechargeable) £85 ono Magic Mouse £50 ono. All three are boxed in good condition. I'm aware I haven't sold anything on here for some time, but I don't sell rubbish and the bits I have sold had some value to them...
  9. Zeromajor

    For Sale 2021 Macbook Pro M1 Pro 14", 1TB, 16GB, Space Grey

    Bought new from amazon in feb 2022, work gifted me a similar model so i've no need for this one. Comes boxed as it did new with the magsafe cable/charger. No noticeable marks/scratches on the shell or issues with the screen or keyboard - these things are built like tanks. Apple's currently...
  10. topgazza

    Should I Run Parallels on M1 Mac Mini ?

    I’m thing about installing Windows on my M1 Mac Mini, 1TB , 16gb men, using Parallels in order to play some PC games. It’s £60 and allows you to install Windows alongside OSX rather that use Bootcamp. I understand Bootcamp doesn’t work on an M1 as it requires an Intel processor Anyone here done...
  11. A

    Which centre speaker to upgrade current B&W M1 7.1 system?

    Hi folks, Looking for some advice on upgrading my centre speaker. My system is 7.1 with Marantz NR1603 amp, running 7 B&W M1 satellites (front 3 are mkII, surrounds and rears are mkI) with a PV1 sub. The centre has always lacked though and even with the volume turned up on the centre, it’s...
  12. C

    Mac Mini M1 and Dolby Vision

    Hi all, I can‘t manage to get my Mac Mini M1 2020 to output Dolby Vision. Monterey OS, updated to the latest version. My TV is LG B7 OLED (no problems with Dolby Vision via Nvidia Shield). I am playing some DV files on the Mac Mini with Infuse Pro app but I get only HDR. Tried several different...
  13. Moomz

    Mac Mini M1 - connect 3 screens

    I am heavily into the apple ecosystem but have always used a windows desktop PC. My current PC is ageing a bit so have decided to replace it with a Mac mini M1 (which I have just purchased on here). I currently have a triple monitor set up with 3 1080p displays connected. What is the cheapest...
  14. DoctorQ9

    LG and Mac Mini M1

    I have a new 2022 Mac Mini M1 and I want to use it with my LG 43UP7000 PUA TV/Monitor. The icons are far too small for the large screen. Does anyone know how to get these two to play nice together?
  15. thestorm

    LG C1 and Mac-mini M1: Display settings

    All, I have a Mac mini connected to my LG C1. Please can you advise what are the ideal settings to get the best out of this screen? Below is a screen shot of the display settings. I have had this mac connected from a HDMI connection & USB C Thunderbolt too. I can't really see much of a...
  16. D

    Laptop advice to replace my M1 MBA and iPad Pro 11

    Hi All, Looking for a possible move back to a Windows Laptop. Currently using a 2020 MacBook Air M1 8/256gb and a 64gb iPad Pro 11 2018 Gen 1. MBA is my daily use for general browsing, emails, Microsoft Office apps, spreadsheets etc. No video or photo editing of sorts and if I do its once in a...
  17. cybergambit

    Quick opinions please - B&W M1 or KEF T301?

    Hi all, I just wanted a quick opinion on a simple switch I can make. I’m currently running B&W M1 (mk1) speakers (7.1 arrangement) and have the chance to make a quick switch to KEF 301 for FCR, keeping the Surrounds and Rears as the M1 for the timebeing. Question is whether the LCR KEF will be...
  18. A

    Bowers and Wilkins M1 as Height/Atmos speakers?

    Hello. Im currently running a 7.2.2 Bowers and Wilkins system with Kef Q50a as my front height speakers. I'm going to add rear heights and I cannot do in-ceiling. I would like to keep with the Bowers and Wilkins brand but outside of in-ceiling they only have the M1 speakers that are mountable...
  19. Q

    M1 Clic

    Hi, Recently acquired a Musical Fidelity M1 Clic cheaply. Is there a way to stream music services direct to the unit. Thanks
  20. RAINS

    Mac Mini M1 - bluetooth keyboard issues

    I have recently purchased a Logitech MX Keys and Master 3 mouse to avoid switching keyboards when working between windows and mac. The keyboard and mouse work fine on Windows and did on the mac until i restarted. Now it does not recognise the keyboard or mouse on startup so i cant currently...
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