1. D

    Keces P8 power supply for Lumagen

    I use the above with a Lumagen 5348 and am concerned with how hot it runs. Will it lead to a short life?
  2. MyronAub

    Lumagen Pro "HDR in an SDR container"

    I've not actually watched much 4K stuff since adding a Lumagen Pro 4242+ to my system as I've been waiting for lockdown restrictions to be relaxed so I can have my system professionally calibrated first. Today though I actually had some time on my hands to play around and I've realised that the...
  3. 8

    Advice/Opinion needed for next upgrade: New PJ or Lumagen Pro or both?

    Hi all, In about one month's time I will be starting a dedicated outbuilding for Home Cinema use and considering an upgrade.... Currently have a JVC X7900, 2.7M wide Seymour XD screen 2.40 aspect ratio, HD Fury Vertex 2 (for LLDV from Apple TV, Zidoo Z1000 Pro) and PC with Madvr for movie...
  4. MyronAub

    Lumagen Pro HDMI switching delays

    Since resolving the annoying squeal and hiss from my projector and amp respectively I'm now more aware of the annoying delays I get when switching HDMI sources - first world problems I know! :) I have a Sky HD box, Sony UHD player and Nvidia Pro media player feeding a Lumagen Pro 4242+ which...
  5. M

    Cheapest lumagen that does 4k UHD tone mapping?

    I'm just wondering which cheapest version of lumagen does tone mapping? Thanks
  6. MyronAub

    Lumagen Pro no audio with 4K devices

    My 4K Denon amp developed a fault so I have temporarily swapped back in my non-4K Sony STR-DA5800ES amp. All my sources feed into a Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242+ which as usual feeds the audio to the amp and the video to the 4K projector. My non-4K Sky HD box still works fine with the Lumagen...
  7. S

    Lumagen on board tv freeview?

    Is there any way for me to use my lumagen mini with on board freeview tv tuner? I am sure that it can only be used with external freeview/sky boxes unless of course I'm missing a trick somewhere which I hope I am.
  8. S

    Lumagen mini gamma?

    I would like to change the gamma on my lumagen mini on one of my outputs from 2.20 to 2.35 is there any way to do this without doing a fresh calibration?
  9. wooferocau

    NEW Lumagen Radiance Pro 5348 Announced..

    jrp Registered Joined Jan 7, 2003 1,717 Posts #10,645 • Lumagen, Inc. is excited to announce the latest addition to the Radiance Pro family of 4k video processors, the Radiance Pro 5348. The Radiance Pro 5348 takes the ultimate video processor to the next level by minimizing output-jitter and...
  10. shaun jones

    lumagen worth it ?

    Are lumagen's worth it with an N7, just wondering if anyone on here has one with there N series JVC?
  11. Sea Eagle

    New projector or lumagen

    In short i have a jvcx5500 should i move up to nx7 jvc or lumagen with current projector. Thanks
  12. N42

    Getting Lumagen Radiance XE today

    Guys just wanted to pick your brains, won a Lumagen XE on the auction site and will be picking it up this eve. I have the current setup: TH50PF10 Plasma TV PS4 VU+ SOLO2 satellite Receiver Arcam AV9 processor/ Arcam P7 I was thinking once I get it to do the reset 'Menu 0999' save. Then plug...
  13. mb3195

    Forum members open day - 2021 - Sony Laser, Lumagen, Trinnov, Arendal +more

    Quite a few of you would have seen my build thread over the last 3 years. Over this time I’ve exchanged quite a lot of PMs, but have only actually met a few people, so I think it will be a great opportunity to put some names and faces to peoples usernames and for fellow forum members to...
  14. kenlong69

    Question Would my Samsung 82" NU8000 LED TV benefit from a Lumagen scaler?

    Hey there, I am looking into a Lumagen RadiancePro scaler for my home cinema. I have a Samsung LED model NU8000 , and use 3 digital video sources (all 4K); Xbox One, Nvidia Shield and UHD Blu Ray player. I am wondering if I would notice a big difference in the picture quality, if I used an...
  15. Gordon @ Convergent AV

    Meridian Barco Lumagen Cinema feature

    Here's a wee youtube video about a nice cinema room i was involved in earlier in the year. Old forum user X3ELS is the chap who did it (Elliot Hicks) and i was drafted in to supply the Radiance Pro and do the LUT based calibration and configure the dynamic tone mapping for the projector. It was...
  16. S

    Lumagen mini aspect ratio question.

    On the lumagen mini is it possible to take a 2.35 image on a 2.35 projector screen and then be able to shrink the image down for 16.9 viewing to fit correctly,essentially the mini would be doing the same a motor zoom memory, I was hoping to be able to switch between movie and tv watching without...
  17. S

    Lumagen rs232 cable help.

    Can anyone tell me if this cable will work with the lumagen mini 3d, if not would somebody be kind enough to link me to one that would please...
  18. KelvinS1965

    Lumagen Radiance Pro owners thread

    Welcome to the Lumagen Radiance Pro Owners club thread for the 42xx and 44xx (4k input/output) models. This is a thread for discussion of settings/tweaks/firmware updates and will contain various links, such as firmware update, tech tips and information publicly announced by Lumagen themselves...
  19. M

    Question Dual-format screens - Is Lumagen the answer?

    I've just installed an Othelloline Galileo, which is basically 2 screens, one with 1.78:1, the other is 2.35:1. I'm using a JVC X30, & lens memory to zoom out when using the wider screen, shifting the black bars out of the viewing area. This works ok, but the lens memory function isn't great on...
  20. Talgo

    JVC x5000 + lumagen pro + lightspace calibration =

    Watched War of the planet of the apes via my Apple TV 4k on Saturday night in my batcave.. excellent results..
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