1. Mayandi2

    Chapel of Love (Elton John version)

    For some unknown reason the song Chapel of Love as sung by Elton John in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral is not avaiable either on Spotify or Deezer but is there on Youtube and of course my CD of the movie's soundtrack. But the version of the song by several other artists are there on the...
  2. Tony Roberts

    Have you ever loved someone you could give your life to?

    I would love to get your experiences how you survived an heartbreak from the only person you truly loved. It been 12months today and I still cant help it. What did you do and how long did it take for the pain go away?
  3. SFkilla

    OSS 117 - From Africa With Love (2021) (Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR)

    OSS 117 - From Africa With Love (Steelbook) (Blu-Ray) Purchase link: / Release date: 08/12/2021 Status: Available to pre-order Artwork TBC
  4. 1

    I love England

    The taxes are extortionate, but that's the price you pay to live in the civilised centre of the world. I sometimes entertain the idea of moving to Singapore or Dubai to not lose 50% of my intended buisness plans, but it's safe to live here, so I just write that 50% off. You can't put a price on...
  5. FleetDS

    The Pursuit of Love

    Anyone watching? I'm finding sound track a bit off putting and it's a bit style over substance. Not sure where it's supposed to be going!
  6. Tri101

    Bargain I love this cool new TV!

    I recently was looking for this new TV when I found this. The JVC Fire edition tv. It is really great as it is compatible with amazon and fire tv. It is pretty cheap at £250 and I have had it for a month and I am really loving it. I know many people are looking for a new tv and wanted to give...
  7. voxish

    Question Love it or List it - Meridian 500 series

    OK hive mind, I've had my Meridian 551 and 555 (bi-amping) with 506.24 CD player bought new 20+ years ago. I have a Pro-Ject 2Xperience acryl with 2M bronze cartridge for my vinyl. I have a large record collection ranging from joni mitchell, caravan, pink floyd, grateful dead etc to hawkwind...
  8. Fatamorgana

    iPhone 5. Love it but the battery .....

    Do not want to bin it, but after being on charge each night, it decides to shut down. Back to full life each late morning. 5SE 64GB, plenty of storage left (55%). Maybe a new / replacement battery? Can that be done? Thanks in advance.
  9. IWC Dopplel

    Talking of Screens I think I've fallen in Love Hmmm, only £40k....
  10. B

    Finishing my modest basement theater and would love some input.

    Working on a 7.2.2 configuration and I am dealing with a wide room roughly 21’ wide by 13’ deep. A couple other compromises are that due to some existing hvac my setup is pushed about 8” right of the room centerline, and Atmos speakers are inboard of the lines between my fronts and rear...
  11. dennett316

    LG OLED55B7V: Love it, but having issues with PC connection

    Hello all...picked up this TV in June, and very happy with it so far, best TV I've owned. Has about a million settings I'm nearly constantly fiddling with, but other than that and a very mild case of banding that only rarely shows up on certain dark blocks of colour now and again, everything's...
  12. M

    Been waiting 10 years. Would love your input.

    It's been a long time coming. 10 years ago I splurged on a Sony Bravia KDL-XBR4 ($2k at the time). I've loved it, and never had a legit sound system, so the great built-in speakers were a huge perk. Since then, I've been holding off on getting a new set due to my satisfaction with the XBR4...
  13. raduv1

    Lost my love of gaming

    Don't know why this is TBH . Have a PS Pro , PS VR and Xbox One X but have not turned any of them on once this year for anything let alone gaming . Got a couple of games for Christmas but not unwrapped them let alone play them. Maybe the right time to sell all and forget ? Dunno really what to...
  14. Cocksure

    40" (Or Smaller) TV Needed, LCD Best?, Would Love a Scart Socket!

    Right you guys helped me get my excellent ZD9 and have kind of already answered this question for my parent's main TV (need to wait for small OLED TV's). However I'm hoping you can answer this question for my parents 2nd TV which hopefully is possible? My parents have asked me to get them a DVD...
  15. S

    Question No love for the SAMSUNG UE65MU6670?

    Hi guys, I was interested in maybe getting this TV, but I cannot find any user reviews for it - no mention on these here forums, and certainly no apparent love for curved TV's - which I think look great! There are several reviews here, but none of them in depth enough to warrant an accurate...
  16. Jinxy7

    Question Vivitek H1086-3D projector

    Hi, would greatly appreciate some advice please. This projector was bought whilst living in South Africa and only used a handful of times. Have manuals and leads and it’s in excellent condition. Have read that it’s been discontinued although parts are still easily available. Could anyone tell me...
  17. Sonic67

    For The Love of Port

    Today I was given a bottle of port as a thank you and I purchased a bottle for Christmas. So with this in mind are there port lovers out there? There didn't seem to be a dedicated thread. Do you know the Bishop of Norwich?
  18. Naim Audio

    Promoted Top 11 Tips to Make the Most of Mu-so Qb

    Love listening to your music on Mu-so Qb? Here are our top tips to making the most of our most versatile wireless music system, as written by staff and engineers at Naim. Number #1 High Res iRadio When choosing your iRadio stations, look for the high sample rate streams. Many will have...
  19. Chrisj17

    Question Horrendous lag on Xbox live?

    I’m having problems with lag on Xbox live. My internet speeds appear to be fine around 70mbps and the pings around 15-20. Not quite sure what is wrong but i seem to be getting a lot of message complaining about it I originall thought that it was the opponent. Anyone got any tips I could try to...
  20. L

    Question Love Shows(please help)

    Hello guys! you can see.i have a question..But before i start with my question i have to say that my english it's quite good,so i will make some mistakes.Ok,let's start.So i like Shows about love.But not the casual ones..I'm more intro shows like..When a new boy comes in High School and...
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