1. Sampson

    Question Lounge mode via hue switch? IFTTT with harmony perhaps?

    I’m currently awaiting delivery of my first proper Ambilight TV, the 65OLED805. I’m installing in my finances home rather than my own so am working on moving over 9 speakers and lots of hue lights to make her cry. Anyway, anyone found a way to get the “lounge mode” feature of the TVs to turn on...
  2. PaulTHFC

    My Lounge Setup

    I decided after moving at the end of last year, I'd put together the setup that I thought would give me a nice audio/visual upgrade. Samsung UN55JS8500 Denon X4300H Pioneer N50A Naim Nait 5si Dune HD 4K Pro Virgin Media 350mb PS4 Tidal HiFi account Amazon Firestick 4K running IPTV Logitech...
  3. Jabba61

    55" for the Lounge from a Plamsa

    Hi, I have read many threads and been bouncing around on what to buy. I'm looking at getting a 55. I have a Panasonic 43" plamsa which is on its last legs and needs replacing. I use Nowtv, Netflix and other apps with just normal tv. I've got a PS4 but not a diehard. I have looked on the Sony...
  4. dryfly52

    Question TX-58GX800B - BGM (Awful lounge music)

    Hi, Does anyone know how to switch off the awful BGM which plays when the Tv is displaying images from my smartphone (SGS9) via SmartView. I've not been able to find any settings on the mobile app or the tv. Thanks
  5. I

    Lounge cinema speaker advice

    Hi Im looking to upgrade my lounge setup. I have Q acoustics 2000 series speakers and a Denon 2300 amp I have never been happy with speaker placement the fronts are too close together and center on the floor, but i have limited space due to the speaker stands. Im thinking a new speaker and...
  6. CallumRoberts61

    Question New Lounge Fix

    Hi All After some advice if possible - We are about to have our lounge fitted out with a fake chimney breast - with the TV mounted above. As the ceiling is quite low, there isnt an option for a centre speaker. Anything in the wall is out of the question as well (boss's instructions). Complete...
  7. Paul Scott

    My Cinema Lounge

    A few years ago I spent ages looking through this forum for ideas. And with advice from my mate who does home cinemas for the wealthy I designed our new extension to be a lounge and cinema. Conflicting requirements since I wanted a bright light airy lounge and a great cinema. We watch films...
  8. Funkoid

    Question 5.1.2/5.1.4 in 4.2m x 3.2m lounge?

    Have a room of this size available to me and was hoping to put a 5.1.2 setup in. I've been told straight forward 7.1 would be better but due to the layout, it's not possible to have rear speakers, only surrounds. Is it worth the effort and investment or is it simply a no go?
  9. Mayandi2

    Question Home Cinema for an open plan lounge

    We have a second home in Bangalore, India, where we plan to live 6 months of the year - November to April. I am planning a Home Cinema with surround sound for the lounge but the room is very open plan, leading on to the dining room at the back and opening out to the curved stairwell and the...
  10. W

    Ambient lounge chairs?

    Hi guys I stumbled across this brand as I need a single chair for my movie room. How comfortable are they and supportive? As I got a bad back? i was looking at the avatar the butterfly and the link single sofa style with footrest. Does anyone have these and what’s the most comfortable to sit...
  11. PaulDavidThomas

    Wife friendly Rack for the lounge

    Before I go and build one, does anyone make a wife friendly Rack that can go in the lounge. Happy with 8u high by 3 wide ... So 3 x 8 units. I've not seen any... Equally, if anyone is interested let me know the build / cut plan for making one myself.
  12. R

    New lounge tv setup

    I am currently Renovating a property. No floors or ceilings up at the moment. I plan on a 5.1.2 system Samsung 65q90r Denon x3600h Qacoustic 3050i surround package with qi65 ceiling speakers. The room is 3.9m x 5.9m. The tv will be fitted on the 5.9m wall with a door to the right. Sofa will...
  13. T

    Question 5.1.4 Atmos speaker placement in lounge

    Hi all, I have a less than ideal lounge that I have a less than ideal 5.1 setup in and I want to upgrade to 5.1.4 with ceiling mounted (not flush) speakers. I currently have a Q Acoustics 7000 system and will probably add to this with additional 7000's for the ceiling - in an attempt to keep...
  14. SillySausage

    Seating ideas for lounge. New sofa required.

    After nearly 20 years our trusty sofa is on its last legs and needs a skip. Clearly a very emotive subject but, does anybody have any suggestions for something like a 3 seater high back sofa with ideally a corner option. It's only to seat two mainly but I like high backs so I can sink my head...
  15. B

    Speakers suggestion for my 6.5 Meter by 5 Meter Lounge

    Dear members, I am extending my house and adding a 6.5 X 5 meter lounge. Just got the cables installed and received great advise from members in this forum to be able to do it which I am hugely grateful for. Now need to look for the speakers, starting scratch hence your advise will be greatly...
  16. Puntoboy

    New Build House Lounge Setup

    We are waiting for our new house to be built and I'd like to start thinking about what I need for the lounge. It's not going to be a fully fledged cinema room, but I would like to make it work really well for watching movies. I've been having some challenges in our current house with speaker...
  17. S

    Build help please (corner setup)

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with upgrading my current TV/audio setup. Our lounge is fairly spacious but we're quite limited with layout options due to the position of doors/fireplace + a partition wall. Currently running a 2013 flagship Samsung UE46 F8000 with Onkyo HTX 22 HDX 2.1 but...
  18. A

    BOSE alternatives for new lounge

    Hello, I hope I've found the correct forum to post this in. I'm in the process of building a new lounge extension and as I have the option to run cabling in walls, through ceiling etc. now, I want to use the opportunity to buy some new audio equipment to make TV, Films and PS4 a better...
  19. Gerry557

    Question Not black, media room colour schemes for WAF

    Dear all. I need some suitable colour schemes for a "modern bright" lounge/media room, (note its not a dedicated cinema room) that the missus will be happy with. She wants white walls with maybe a duck egg feature wall and is also quite against grey! Obviously not the most projector screen...
  20. F

    Home theatre lounge

    Hi guys new to the site not sure where to post this so I thought I would throw it up here . I in the market for some lounges 2 rows of 4 . Room is 5m wide , budget is $5k to $6k. Iam looking at these from gritty palace any feed back would be greatly appreciated
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