1. natedogg058

    Anyone able to identify these speakers? Are they any good?

    Hi, is anyone able to eyeball these speakers and identify them? There looks to be a logo on them but I can’t quite make it out, and I’m not too familiar with speaker brands so not confident I would know what it was even if it was clear, haha. Unfortunately, this is the only photo of them as I...
  2. R

    Sony speakers for sauna

    Hi there, I'm Roman and I'm new here, I love tinkering and reusing old things that still have life in them. I want to add speakers to a small sauna. I liberated two speakers (with separate tweeters) from an old Sony projection TV. They are 20W, 8 ohm speakers and while I haven't heared how they...
  3. OldSouthern

    Can I connect speakers to a preamp while connected to integrated amp.

    Just received Nak Av2 and Yamaha MX800 today. I learned that knowing a little about something can be dangerous, so… I’m familiar with the AV 1 I had previously, but nothing of the Yamaha but very good at what it does. I wanted to know if I could add smaller speakers to the Nak (protecting them)...
  4. N

    Simple airplay 2 speakers for kitchen

    I'm a new user so hope I've put this in the right place! I have searched the forums but couldn't find a similar answer to this. For context - at the moment we listen to all our music on the small Amazon echo dots... so we are starting from a very low bar in terms of sound quality. We're moving...
  5. A

    Tweeter Replacement, or Replacement Speakers?

    Tweeter Replacement, or Replacement Speakers? Hi folks, I recently bought a pair of Monitor Audio MR6 speakers from a well-rated, commercial audio seller on a well-known web platform which were described as working perfectly. The tweeters on both speakers don't appear to be working. They came...
  6. Ash90

    Tower speakers suggestion please

    Hello , I need tower speakers L R . My AVR is Denon X1500h Living hall size - 20x24 I have two options to buy : 1. Dali Lektor 6 2. JAMO s809 studio 8 . Can anyone suggest which one to go ?? I use mainly for Music and movies equally . I like punchy bass a little from towers ..
  7. R

    Bookshelf speakers placed on subwoofers

    I'm thinking about getting a new 5.2 system. I have limited space on either side of my TV. I think there's only room for a sub on either side or a tower speaker on either side. One option I'm considering is to use bookshelf speakers on either side placed directly on top of 2 subwoofers. Are...
  8. N

    Lowther Dual Position Acousta Speakers - Where to market?

    Hello, From emptying my parents house I have acquired my father's Lowther speakers. They are old (maybe from 1970's?) but in reasonable nick and are handsome pieces of wood furniture. Old literature identifies them as Lowther Dual Position Acousta speakers. They have PM6 speakers and they were...
  9. Jaffaman

    In Ceiling Speakers and Vapour Barrier

    Hi everyone. New extension currently being constructed (getting there, very slowly, issues with the first set of builders). Anyhow, it's a single storey, flat roof (cold roof) extension in Leeds, Yorkshire (googling the issue finds quite a bit of US specific info). I'm looking at adding a...
  10. Jase

    Monoprice Encore Speakers

    Encore C6 Center https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=43151 Encore T6 Tower https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=43149 Encore B6 Bookshelf https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=43150
  11. Lesmor

    For Sale Ken Kreisel Quattro QFH Speakers

    As above a Pair of Gloss KK-QFH quattro speakers Should need no introduction Excellent speakers and a perfect match for Q-125 L/C/R A TriFX design which can be orientated as Height or surround speakers at the moment the speakers are wall mounted and if there is any firm interest will be taken...
  12. S

    Q70R Soundbar rear speakers

    I have the Q70R soundbar and want to add rear speakers, does the SWA-9100s work with the soundbar. TY.
  13. JazzJames

    Speakers WITHOUT serial numbers, what do you think?

    Evening everyone, I've spotted a pair of speakers I've been after a while at a good price (a little under market if anything), but my concern is there are no serial numbers on the back. The seller has said there weren't any when he bought them and I've no reason to believe otherwise...
  14. N

    For Sale Artcoustic White Diablo X2 Speakers

    Artcoustic X2 Diablo White Speakers Pair of white Artcoustic Diablo X2 speakers for sale….very good condition with newly refurbished grills in excellent condition….£250…collection only from Maldon in Essex
  15. R

    Any recommendations for compact rear speakers?

    Hi All I have recently dug out my old Acoustic Energy AE120 speakers from the garage (version 1’s not the new ones) I have also just bought secondhand Acoustic Energy AElite centre to try and match with the AE 120’s as best possible. I have 4 Cambridge Audio Min 22’s for Atmos and and Denon AVR...
  16. L

    For Sale M and K IW150 mkII Speakers

    I have a set of 3 MK IW150 mkII, used as a LCR set these speakers have had very little use and are in mint condition, and have never been installed in a wall. They come complete with all accessories. Purchased from [email protected] .
  17. D

    On-wall surround speakers at 1.8 meters high

    I'd like to get a pair of surround speakers to make up a 5.2 system. I am aware that ideally the surround speakers should be placed at ear level but that isn't possible. Would I get good results if I place a pair of on-wall surround speakers at 1.8 metres from floor level? Is so what speakers...
  18. W

    Wanted Pair of subs for integration on my stereo speakers

    Thinking of BK electronics or Rel T9 or open to suggestions. Delivery to London required.
  19. Shaun1985

    Ceiling speakers as rear surrounds?

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice here? I'm wondering if rather than using bookshelf speakers as my rear surrounds I could use ceiling speakers instead? These would still be avke to be mounted behind the sofa but would you get the surround effect?
  20. D

    HT bypass - do speakers run in again? 6000a, 3020is and 3700

    Hi I just bit the bullet and added in a 6000a integrated amp into the mix with a Denon 3700. Random question, as I now use the front speakers fully for stereo with turntable and CD player. Do they run in again or complete their run in 🤷🏻‍♂️ I bit the bullet after upgrading my front 3010is to...
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