A loudspeaker (or loud-speaker or speaker) is an electroacoustic transducer; a device which converts an electrical audio signal into a corresponding sound. The first primitive loudspeakers were invented during the development of telephone systems in the late 1800s, but electronic amplification by vacuum tube beginning around 1912 made loudspeakers truly practical. By the 1920s they were used in radios, phonographs, public address systems and theatre sound systems for talking motion pictures.
The most widely-used type of speaker today is the dynamic speaker, invented in 1925 by Edward W. Kellogg and Chester W. Rice. The dynamic speaker operates on the same basic principle as a dynamic microphone, but in reverse, to produce sound from an electrical signal. When an alternating current electrical audio signal input is applied through the voice coil, a coil of wire suspended in a circular gap between the poles of a permanent magnet, the coil is forced to move rapidly back and forth due to Faraday's law of induction, which causes a diaphragm (usually conically shaped) attached to the coil to move back and forth, pushing on the air to create sound waves. Besides this most common method, there are several alternative technologies that can be used to convert an electrical signal into sound. The sound source (e.g., a sound recording or a microphone) must be amplified with an amplifier before the signal is sent to the speaker.
Speakers are typically housed in an enclosure which is often a rectangular or square box made of wood or sometimes plastic. Where high fidelity reproduction of sound is required, multiple loudspeakers may be mounted in the same enclosure, each reproducing a part of the audible frequency range (picture at right). In this case the individual speakers are referred to as "drivers" and the entire unit is called a loudspeaker. Miniature loudspeakers are found in devices such as radio and TV receivers, and many forms of music players. Larger loudspeaker systems are used for music, sound reinforcement in theatres and concerts, and in public address systems.
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  1. J

    For Sale Fyne Audio F500 loudspeakers

    Fyne Audio F500 loudspeakers in black oak with speaker covers and original transport box. Good condition but no longer needed as im selling my surround speakers and Denon avr 3400 as i have gone the soundbar route. Prefer collection but i can post if required at buyers cost. Pictures to come later
  2. P

    Bargain Nintronics - Very well priced Revel speakers

    Hi Everybody, Friends at Nintronics have some good deals on Revel speakers and thought I would provide a link to the site for people to take a look at. Speaker Bargains Hopefully some of you can grab a nice bargain.
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    For Sale B&W 805S Bowers and Wilkins speakers and stands FREE SHIPPING worldwide

    Please have the ability to communicate on this site. Absolutely, remarkable speakers in mint condition.These were grandpa owned in the north shore of Chicago. I assure you they have never been pushed very hard except when I just tested them they’re amazing. Only what you see the original boxes...
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    For Sale Yamaha HiFi separates, Denon CD player and Mission Speakers

    Yamaha Natural Sound amplifier AX-330e, tape deck KX-230, tuner TX-330. With Denon DCD-620 CD player and Mission 761 Bookshelf speakers. Comes with speaker wire, all phono leads, tuner aerial and all power leads and extension block. Fully working order.
  5. easyrider

    For Sale Denon Mission Speakers SC-M50 £39 Shipped.

    Excellent speakers designed and engineered in the UK by Mission. 50 watt power handling Nice Clean condition £39 shipped.
  6. I

    New Speakers - what do you think about placement?

    Hi, My Denon AVR X2600H was, i thought, out of warranty when it stopped working; however, it is now away being fixed :clap: I have just ordered some Monitor Audio Bronze 50's left, right and centre speakers to replace the ones that came with my Wharfedale DX-2. I have already changed the sub on...
  7. S

    Question Having two different speakers set ups pre-defined on my Denon AVC X6700H

    Hi, Just a quick question. I'm planning to have 7.1.4 system but two of the speakers (left and right surround) will be just to get me from 5.1.4 to 7.1.4 and they will be like a temporary set up so I can test if it's much better or not. The speakers will not much visually my normal 5.1 set up...
  8. D

    Question Pair Amazon Echo speakers with LG B2 OLED?

    Is it possible to pair Amazon Echo speakers with LG B2 OLED without using an Amazon Fire Stick or Cube? I have an Apple TV 4K and if possible would like to continue to use it.
  9. E

    Question Advice on selling B&W speakers please.

    Good Afternoon, I have the following B&W speakers that I am looking to sell; DM601S2 x2 DM602S2 x2 HTM62 ASW610 I also have four wall brackets and everything is in very good condition. I am after some advice on how much I should ask for these speakers and where best to sell them (I’m...
  10. jonjames

    For Sale Cambridge Audio min c46 in ceiling speakers

    Two speakers used for Dolby atmos. They do an excellent job despite their size. Bought summer last year from RS. Full working order. Boxes and instructions included. £150 inc postage.
  11. M

    Marantz Melody X four Speakers

    Hi anyone tried experimenting with running four speakers in the same room, say 2 front 2 rear, from the Marantz melody X 612, understand that this would only be 30 output per channel, if so what were the findings. Thanks
  12. T

    For Sale Kef 3001 5.0 Egg Speakers (Gloss Black)

    Hey guys, Got these speakers for sale. Absolutely fantastic sound from such a small package. No damage or anything. Some small hairline scratches on the gloss finish as you'd expect. I'm happy to split these as well if anyone just wants like a pair or center etc. Wanting £250 for the lot...
  13. RiCHeeGee

    For Sale 2 x KEF HTS2001 Egg Speakers

    I have the following items for sale: KEF HTS2001 Egg Speaker £30 inc postage. KEF HTS2001 Egg Speaker £30 inc postage. Pictures available on ebay listing via above link. Some small marks but in full working order. Previously used as Atmos height speakers, ceiling mounted and pointed...
  14. S


    These outstanding ceiling speakers was installed in my DOLBY ATMOS system , but had to move house and dismantle, bought on Amazon for 50.00 plus , very powerful and easy to run, most of all the look and sond the business .
  15. A

    Question Choosing Atmos speakers for existing 5.1 system

    I've got a 5.1 setup which includes 4x Monitor Audio RS 90 speakers (can't remember the sub or center but they are also Monitor Audio which I got at the same time). My AVR is a Denon AVR-X2700H which supports 7 channels. I'm looking to add 2 atmos ceiling speakers (middle position), and I can't...
  16. BazSingh

    Question Help choosing AMP/AVR for Focal Aria K2 926 Speakers

    Hi all, I'm in the process of deciding on a set of speakers and amp to kick-start my music/home theatre setup. Currently leaning towards a pair of Focal Aria K2 926s with alongside a center speaker, with a sub/rears to follow at a later date. I'd probably listen to music daily and use the setup...
  17. U

    Bookshelf Speakers Should I Change ?

    Hi All, I'd love your opinion as to whether I should change my speakers or if I should consider changing my amplifier instead. A couple of years ago,I posted that I was in the market for new speakers which I eventually bought. However whilst I really like them, they have less bass response than...
  18. A

    Just Noticed One Pair of Speakers Crackle and Then One Speaker Go In and Out?

    I have a Non- Audiophile connection setup in my "mancave". The mancave is located in my finished basement. I have concocted a front and rear setup. The mancave is used by me, a retired guy, where I also play my Drums along to My Music almost daily as well do my PC thing there. In the front...
  19. jgauthier

    Onkyo tr-nr656 - crackling and speakers changing

    Greetings, I inherited an onkyo tr-nr656 receiver several months back. I have a 7.1 setup. It's in my basement where I do most of my work and listen to music. I noticed that I will hear a crackling over the speakers and then some of the speakers will stop working for a moment. For instance...
  20. tigermad

    Wanted Focal Sib Evo Atmos speakers

    Hi. Looking for 3 of these speakers. Already have 2 so want my other speakers to match. Would be great if you have a pair of the wall mounts too. One can be the non Atmos since it will be the centre. Thanks ☺️
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