1. J

    Wanted Dali Zensor 3 Speakers

    As title, looking for a pair of Dali Zensor 3's. Must be in black and immaculate condition.
  2. D

    Loewe speaker and sub

    Is it possible to change my Loewe individual sub for another brand but still connect the Loewe Individual stand speakers to the new sub? The reason being my tv needs replacing and I can’t find the Loewe audio link adapter anywhere. I’m thinking just to buy another brand tv and sub but keep the...
  3. darklight00

    Question about bipolar speakers

    I have an old Lexicon DC-2 Processor... I know an am living in the stone age...:laugh:. My processor only have standard and dipole as speaker types in side surround. I have a pair of Def Tech BP2x bipolar speakers as surround. The question is should I choose standard speaker or Dipole in the...
  4. Del

    Movie & Music Room Build (Japan).....Lyngdorf MP40/60 + Speakers ?

    Hi all, Having been inspired by so many other build threads over the years and having negotiated with swmbo, we’ve decided to renovate the lower ground floor of our outbuilding here in Japan where we live. The upper ground floor is already used as guest accommodation. It’s a modest 4 x 4.5m...
  5. Rawschach

    For Sale KEF R800DS Dipole Speakers Walnut

    A pair of R800DS speakers which cost £1000 and have been well looked after in a dedicated room. Sporting a lovely 'Walnut' flavour colour and with the beautiful silver 'tangerine' tweeters (or you can put black speaker grills over those if you prefer. These were hanging on the wall (very easy...
  6. RMJP

    Question Ruark R4 external speaker solution?

    A few years ago I treated myself to a Ruark R4 on the strength of its obvious quality and timeless styling. I have not been disappointed, despite a faulty on/off switch which soon became apparent. I rang the manufacturer, who was very helpful and arranged collection by courier and returned it...
  7. J

    Question Suggested 5.1 speakers for Anthem MCA525

    Hi All, Slow progress in trying to get my first 5.1 setup installed / completed in the living room. Got an Anthem AVM60 / MCA525, and will soon be out (when we're finally out of lockdown) looking for new speakers. Listening is probably around 80% music, 20% films so the front 2 are more...
  8. O

    Question Yamaha R-N602 and speakers

    Hi, Im new here and I don't have any technical knowledge about amps, speakers and ohms. So please bear with me. I'm in the process of buying the Yamaha R-N602 because it appears to be the best value for money and has all the connecttions i need. I already have a pair of new'ish Cambridge Audio...
  9. G

    Help with new setup with in-wall speakers

    Hello, I'm planning to install 5.1 speakers in a new home. I currently own a pretty basic Canton set and I'd like something a bit better although reasonably priced. The new leving room is not too big so I was looking at in-wall speakers. I was thinking about installing a pair of Polk Audio...
  10. O

    For Sale 3 x XTZ 99.25 Mk I Speakers

    I have a set of 3 XTZ 99.25 Mk I speakers I've owned these since new and are approximately 10 years old now but have been treated very well - there's a few small scratch marks on one of the speakers but they are barely noticeable. All come with the original grills but I do not have the original...
  11. Roman B

    Wanted Looking for a pair of B&W 802Dr . Welcome all ex demo or second hand speakers

    Looking for a pair of B&W 802Dr . Welcome all ex demo or second hand speakers anny Location in UK
  12. dr no

    For Sale Onkyo SKH-410B Atmos Speakers x4

    House move forces sale Need a quick sale I have 2 pairs of the Onkyo Atmos speakers. As far as I can tell they are in excellent condition. If you want to dabble with up-firing Atmos speakers then these are an excellent cost effective start.
  13. T

    Pioneer VSX-520 No Sound on Speakers

    I have a Pioneer VSX-520 Receiver, when it’s working properly, if I switch it on, it makes a distinct, little, very faint, sort of ticking sound just milliseconds before the front panel comes on and again the same sound just milliseconds before the Speakers come on. Now it only gives me the...
  14. F

    Wanted Small Study Amp and Speakers Combo

    Bit of a long shot, spending a lot of time in my study at the moment and only have my pc speakers or google speaker for sound, so looking for small cheap but good sound quality amp and speaker setup, dont want floor standers but smallish bookshelves
  15. broona

    Question Cheap but decent replacement for Canton Movie CD102 speakers

    My sub appears to have bitten the bullet, the lights are on, but there's no sound at all, it's been a trooper over the last 15yrs or so though. 😪 I'm going to pull the back off it tomorrow to see if there's anything obvious, but thought I'd post in here just in case. Can anyone recommend me a...
  16. S

    For Sale KEF THX Cinema speakers Ci3160RL-THX and Ci200RR-THX

    3 x KEF Ci3160RL-THX 2 x KEF Ci200RR-THX I need to sell as the new home will not accommodate my system. The speakers are immaculate and have been phenomenal. Speaker covers are painted very light matt grey to match the media room. They are very heavy speakers, I would recommend collecting the...
  17. B

    How to connect two active / powered speakers for stereo sound

    If I am to use two separate active / powered speakers but would want to connect them together from one single source of music (via phone or table) and also to play movie. Is there anyway to setup the connection so that I can get left / right stereo sound for each speaker? The powered speaker...
  18. Dougy59

    Question Yamaha rn602, what speakers.

    I have bought a Yamaha rn602 amp and can't wait to use it but! What speakers. They will be wall mounted (no options) budget around £250-£300 been looking at bw685 but I have no idea why and hard to find. Any suggestions for alternative 2nd hand speakers. Mainly going to be used for listening to...
  19. L

    Need some advice on Hi-Fi setup, speakers, amp etc

    Hi everyone Im after some advice on a hi fi setup. im currently having an extension done to my house which will create a room roughly 7.5m x 8.4m. This will house the main TV and will generally be where my family will be the majority of the time. My first initial thoughts as im in to music...
  20. Nobody here but us trees

    Replacement speakers needed for an old 2.1 system

    I have a 2006-ish Sony 2.1 system (SRS-D21), the speakers themselves are damaged - probably repairable once we're out of lockdown in the UK and I can take them somewhere, but that's an issue for another day. The sub, however, I believe is fine. It was connected by a 4 pin mini DIN to the...
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