1. M

    Help please - unplugged sky box & all TVs lost signal

    I'm praying someone can help me as I've made a bit of an error. Well, actually, I think my husband will think it's huge. I unplugged the Sky Box in our main living room as we no longer take the Sky service. I was looking forward to the space in our cabinet so I just pulled out all the wires at...
  2. D

    Question Help with Humax lost signal

    Hi I have a Humax 1000s freesat box. A couple of weeks ago a branch came down in the high winds and broke the bracket holding the LMB on my old sky dish. Popped up and glued it back together and all was back working again. Last weekend I was away and when I got back we had lost signal again...
  3. nothingontv

    Question FoxSat HDR corrupt disk repair help

    I upgraded the original 500GB drive with a 2TB WD Green about six years ago, as you can imagine there are a lot of recordings over that amount of time which I've not got round to seeing. The other weekend I somehow got into one of the hidden menus and the FoxSat started to instantly...
  4. I

    LG OLED55B7V Lost TV & Radio Programmes

    We bought this TV about 3 weeks ago and after installation found all the Freeview programmes that we had on the previous Sony TV. Then after a week or so many of them have disappeared and are no longer shown in the 'Guide'. Retuning twice has made no difference, so I contacted LG 'Support' on...
  5. O

    Question Lost audio cable for Sony WH H900N headphones

    Hi guys, I lost my accessory pack, containing a pouch and the cables, to my Sony wireless headphones (WH H900N) on the bus going to work today. So far I’m not having much luck with finding an exact replacement for the audio cable. I’ve tried reaching out to Sony directly for a replacement as...
  6. loopee

    lost my harmony one remote lead

    simple question guys ad maybe a link if possible what lead do I need to buy?? thanks
  7. VinylHogger

    Harman/Kardon HKTS7 5.1 Lost speaker mounts!

    Hi all, I'm finally ready to set up my 5.1 system in my 'new' house I moved in to over 18 months ago. I've had to completely gut one of the rooms and redecorate. I've all my tracking done and 5 speaker wires poking out from the wall. Just another day or 2 for the plaster to dry and I'll be...
  8. Clem_Dye

    Question Lost COM7, Bilsdale, anyone?

    I seem to have lost the COM7 multiplex that I receive here in Harrogate, North Yorkshire via the Bilsdale transmitter. Is anyone else having the same problem, by chance? I have two aerials, one connected to a distribution system, and both give the same results via the connected kit. I re-tuned...
  9. A

    Need help please new tv, 4K Lg, Samsung etc im lost

    Hi All and thanks in advance At the moment we have a Samsung LE40A656A Its been a great TV and still is, but wanted to go up to a 55", so I went to our local Currys Black Friday deals now we have had a few LG tvs 2 have been good, 2 have failed volume going up on its own changing channels etc...
  10. rambits

    Lost all my equipments in Cambridge

    They were in a sholder bag, contains: Sony A7R2, S/N: 5119269 16-35 F4 ZA, S/N: 46418081 70-200 F/4 G, S/N: can't find the certificated paper :(
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