1. Beaker 2016

    Question Help lost all my iTunes library and playlists looking alternative

    Hi, Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere after the last big Microsoft update I went today to rip my new Paul Weller cd today to iTunes and found that my music library and playlists have all vanished?? I have a Marantz CD player and Denon AVR and don't know how to progress can anyone...
  2. Olly Day

    Question Denon surround sound lost set up microphone

    I wonder if anybody could possibly help me, I am refurbishing my HOME CINEMA in Norfolk and have a Denon AVR -1507 Surroundsound receiver. I have fitted two extra speakers in the hope of getting 7.1 surround sound instead of my usual 5.1. despite having turned my projection box upside down, I...
  3. Toasty

    Paradise Lost

    A mulit platform PS5 game, no mention of PS4 on their website.. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/05/paradise_lost_is_a_ps5_game_where_world_war_ii_doesnt_end
  4. M

    Question Lost Audi on HDMI Arc & HDMI port 2 (Sky Q box both times)

    Model-(LG TV 55UH625V-ZA) Is it possible for connected equipment to break the HDMI port? In March my Sky Q box lost sound, connected via LG Soundbar via Optical cable. The optical cable seemed to have a loose connection so i binned that. However still no sound via HDMI port. I changed the port...
  5. T

    Question Lost Game Cartridge

    My son had lost the game cartridge for Mario Olympics 2020, it’s still on the home screen, is there anything we can do to get a replacement or are we snookered TIA
  6. SFkilla

    Lost In Translation (Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE)

    Lost In Translation (Steelbook) (Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Amazon.de(TBA) Release date: 10/07/2020 (TBA) Status: Available to pre-order(TBA) Artwork TBA
  7. B

    Lost channels

    Hi, ok fitted a new tv and tuned to the Antenna all great .... connect to router all great , this was an extra tv so there’s now 4 in total . After the sparky left the down stairs channels were jumpy so I got him back and he fitted a booster, now the new tv only tunes to 7 channels starting at...
  8. C

    lost of Dolby Atmos after Cisco 2960 connection

    Hi I used Samsung HWN950 and it can display Dolby Atmos well from appleTV 4K. Days ago, I was told that the video and audio quality will be improved if I put a Cisco 2960G switch between Reuter and apple TV 4K. I tried the connection it did show a great improvement in both video and audio...
  9. B

    Question Volume level lost

    I have a Yamaha RX-V2700 which is brilliant but I don't use it all the time simply because when I switch it off it loses the present volume setting and when I switch it back on I have to pump it up from zero using the remote, which is not very responsive, neither is the big volume control on the...
  10. P

    Panasonic FZ950 65" lost its pop

    Hello to all. I have had a panasonic fz950ou 65" for a week now and notice a weird drop in colour, what normally is an amazing vibrant colourful display is now washed out, dull, & no longer has the pop this TV is capable of displaying. Anyone had similar issues? This is actually the 3rd TV from...
  11. dasduffer

    Lost My Bung

    I was playing around with the positioning of my Q Acoustic 3050i floorstanders tonight trying to get a preferable sound. I was also trying them with and without the foam bungs in the bass port on the back. Cut a long story short, my fat sausage fingers have managed to push one of the bungs all...
  12. Snapper kuro

    Question Has anybody ‘lost’ Dolby Vision playback on a 4K UHD?

    Aquaman on 4K UHD has always played in Dolby Vision on my Oppo 203 4K player. Today it’s not playing nicely at all! Plays in HDR 10 no problem but won’t playback in Dolby Vision. Tried several other 4K discs variety of DV, HDR 10, HDR 10+ and even a ‘dual format’ with both DV and HDR10+ and...
  13. B

    Lost In Translation

    I bought a cheap fibre optic hdmi cable from amazon and it seems the Chinese instructions have been put through google translator. Most of it you can work out, but some, what’s a line card? I‘ve worked through some poorly translated instructions before, but this is bad.
  14. O

    Lost recordings from external HD

    Hello ,I have a Technomate TM-5402 receiver with 1 TB Toshiba external hard drive plugged into it. It has worked great for a year and I have transferred any programmes I wish to keep to my computer. However in the last week it has been removing all recorded programmes from the file list. However...
  15. M

    Lost 'Assassins Creed: Origins' Disc

    As in the title, have lost the disc in a house move. If I pick up a cheap 2nd hand copy at CEX or ebay, and use the disc in my console, will I have to start the whole game again, or will the saved game data on my console allow me to pick up where I got to with my original disc? Sure it's an...
  16. A

    Lost top half of TV picture

    (This is on an old Panasonic CRT, believe it or not - I think the details are in my signature) Over the past few days, I've gone out of the room a couple of times, to come back and find the top half of my picture has disappeared and been replaced by a blank screen - so I've never actually seen...
  17. L

    Retuned and channels lost on HDD recorder but not TV

    Sorry but I am not technical about this but I will try to explain my set up as best I can. On Monday I some lost channels on my Panasonic HDD recorder and assuming it was due to recent changes I retuned. The channels did not return. I retuned my Panasonic TV and that has all the channels. The...
  18. E

    Question Lost BT channels on second TV

    Hello I previously had a lot of help getting BT channels available on two TVs in my house via one BT youview box, (the second TV watching same as the first, being controlled by a magic eye). All was going swimmingly until I recently had workmen in my house and although they should have been...
  19. TheyCallMeTJ

    Lost Bear

    Just completed this charming, slight dark toned "Limbo" style VR platform game. Ultimately, its really just a 2.5D platformer but the VR element upgrades the experience to being immersed in a barnhouse theatre with your 2.5d platformer game scrolling on a stage in front of you. Whatever the...
  20. RedDevil85

    Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Zavvi Release date: 08/10/2018 Status: In Stock
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