1. K

    Lost in the world of projectors

    Need help choosing a projector, I currently have a very budget Topvision 6000L which cost £75 which is ok and quite good could be brighter though but as i use it with a laptop connected vlc player has a very handy effects and filters setting where you can adjust the brightness etc. Ok so i want...
  2. K

    Lost the magic smoke from my Denon AVR-X2400, options?

    First post and it's a bit longwinded, sorry. the TL;DR version is: Denon went pop, what can I realistically replace with? I got a Denon AVR-X2400 in 2018. First AV received, loved it. Last year just before Lockdown 1.0 it decided to let out a puff of magic smoke while making a crackling noise...
  3. I

    Freesat: Can only receive Vertical channels.

    I have a Humax Foxsat HDR, with 2 feeds from a Quad LNB attached to an old Sky minidish. This has all been installed and working for many years. Yesterday, I noticed that I can't receive some channels, and after a bit of checking it looks like I can receive all channels with Vertical...
  4. RobTi

    Lost video signal for a couple of seconds

    Hi just got a epson tw9300 projector last week and been casually watching stuff on it, so switched on tonight @5 and in the last hour lost video twice for 2-3 seconds each time watching 4K from Apple TV through denon 4500 connected by a 7.5m hdmi and 1m hdmi. So anyway to test the cables ? Thanks
  5. acgingersnaps

    Lost in the cartridge weeds...

    Some cartridge assistance please. I got a Project X1 last year. Love it. However, not as keen on the cart and want to upgrade. The deck replaced a Debut Carbon/Nagaoka MP110 combo, on which I'd discovered that I preferred the Nag to both the Ortofon 2M Red and the Blue. I was thinking another...
  6. F

    Lost little boy needs help with a Triax Modulator

    Hello Hope this is the appropriate place for this ? So years ago we had a distribution amp up in loft with a downfeed to the lounge where sky was added, then returned to the amp & distributed around the house with magic eyes. Then a new sky q contract was taken out which screwed it all up ...
  7. H

    Question Lost channels on Freeview

    Hi, I recently moved into a block of flats with a communal aerial system. We get our signal from Winter Hill. I have an old Panasonic 48" plasma in the lounge and a smaller 30" JVC LCD in the bedroom. I get all of the SD channels on both of the sets but no HD. I had assumed that this was down to...
  8. Dobbershot24

    Please Help! I'm lost in the sauce.

    I am just beginning my adventure into the world of audio. I'm thinking my listening will be 60% Music, 40% Movies. The only space I have available for a designated listening room is in my basement which has 6 foot ceilings. the dimensions of the room is 14'x13'x6' with three of the walls being...
  9. bag head

    Unavailable & Lost Music

    Does anyone have any favourite songs or music that are basically unavailable other than something you've managed to find on the internet? For years the only version of Tell Me from the end credits of Electraglide In Blue (by Terry Kath) was on an ancient gatefold vinyl soundtrack that I had and...
  10. Robf84

    Lost channels on sony xf9005

    I'm currently without any tv channels on my Sony kd55xf9005 TV. Does anyone know how to manually retune the channels.
  11. acgingersnaps

    WhatHifi lost the plot

    Even by WhatHifi standards, this article is ridiculous, and just blatant click bait. Verdict, we don't know as we haven't heard them yet! https://www.whathifi.com/advice/apple-airpods-max-vs-sony-wh-1000xm4-vs-bose-noise-cancelling-headphones-700-which-should-you-buy
  12. steve iow

    Question Lost channels on Samsung tv

    Anybody having trouble with the HD channels after 105 on freeview have lost them on both my samsung TVs,but they are still working on a Panasonic also seem to have lost Samsung plus tv on both sets. All back to normal
  13. pj

    Can anyone with SKY Q 4k check if raiders of the lost ark has just been added pls

    it's just popped up on sky cinema to download, it's a different version to the most recent bbc screening in April, so was just wondering (a long shot!) if the version on Q was upped in 4k? It also seems to have more LFE than the bbc version, at the moment it's download only, i couldn't see any...
  14. Beaker 2016

    Question Help lost all my iTunes library and playlists looking alternative

    Hi, Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere after the last big Microsoft update I went today to rip my new Paul Weller cd today to iTunes and found that my music library and playlists have all vanished?? I have a Marantz CD player and Denon AVR and don't know how to progress can anyone...
  15. Olly Day

    Question Denon surround sound lost set up microphone

    I wonder if anybody could possibly help me, I am refurbishing my HOME CINEMA in Norfolk and have a Denon AVR -1507 Surroundsound receiver. I have fitted two extra speakers in the hope of getting 7.1 surround sound instead of my usual 5.1. despite having turned my projection box upside down, I...
  16. Toasty

    Paradise Lost

    A mulit platform PS5 game, no mention of PS4 on their website.. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/05/paradise_lost_is_a_ps5_game_where_world_war_ii_doesnt_end
  17. M

    Question Lost Audi on HDMI Arc & HDMI port 2 (Sky Q box both times)

    Model-(LG TV 55UH625V-ZA) Is it possible for connected equipment to break the HDMI port? In March my Sky Q box lost sound, connected via LG Soundbar via Optical cable. The optical cable seemed to have a loose connection so i binned that. However still no sound via HDMI port. I changed the port...
  18. T

    Question Lost Game Cartridge

    My son had lost the game cartridge for Mario Olympics 2020, it’s still on the home screen, is there anything we can do to get a replacement or are we snookered TIA
  19. SFkilla

    Lost In Translation (Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE) (Cancelled)

    Lost In Translation (Steelbook) (Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Amazon.de(TBA) Release date: 10/07/2020 12/12/2020 Status: Available to pre-order(TBA) Artwork TBA
  20. B

    Lost channels

    Hi, ok fitted a new tv and tuned to the Antenna all great .... connect to router all great , this was an extra tv so there’s now 4 in total . After the sparky left the down stairs channels were jumpy so I got him back and he fitted a booster, now the new tv only tunes to 7 channels starting at...
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