1. B

    For Sale Death Loop PS5

    2 days old and like new £25 Delivered
  2. C

    Feedback loop issue/ Ortofon recommendation

    Hi, 2 Questions for you. And thanks in advance for reading this. I'm struggling with feedback loop issue in my room where my hifi setup is located. My turntable is a AT LP120X set to phono. My cartridge and stylus is a AT VMN95E (the one included in the LP120X) The feedback loop only appears...
  3. A

    Hearing aid echo Loop.

    Hi Everyone,I'm after some advice please,My dad is severely deaf and at the moment he has a Hearing aid loop connected to the tv (using the toslink at the moment)for his hearing aid....would it be possible to connect say a headphone amp or something similar to boost the sound for him,this is the...
  4. D

    Samsung BE55T-H Pro - USB Video on a loop?

    I have a Samsung BE55T-H Pro and a video on a USB drive. It plays beautifully 1x, but tosses me back out to the drive menu every time it ends. I've looked around in the menus, but can't seem to find a way to loop it. Samsung support wasn't very helpful. Any suggestions or hacks would be...
  5. M

    AV receiver update

    I was trying to update firmware on my STR-DS1250. When I ran the update using a new sandisk usb drive formated in fat32 I was getting a message "NO SUPPORT" I tried a different USB drive, old Kingston Fat32 and with this one the update process started but got stuck at zero percent (on display...
  6. KekoTheFox

    Slanted screen and stuck on Don’t power off Scan

    Hi there, I got a small tv off eBay to hopefully repair and use as a test tv instead of unplugging my other small screen it’s a tesco/technika LCD 19-229 however when power is applied it’s got a slanted screen that is stuck in a scan loop as seen below I saw a YouTube video of the same issue...
  7. R

    Tape loop integration

    At the moment I'm using a Audiolab 8000Q in a combined stereo/HT system Squeezebox digital out into a DAC DAC into CD input of 8000Q Lexicon L/R pre-out into Tuner input of 8000Q L/R pre-out from 8000Q into 3 channel amplifier Would it be possible to use the tape input of the 8000Q so it...
  8. D

    FireTV box stuck in setup loop since update

    I decided to do a factory reset on my 1st generation Fire TV box [Not stick or cube], During the setup it did an update, Since the update the box will no longer load, It goes through the setup process until "Loading" appears in the bottom right, But then goes back to the start of the setup...
  9. F

    Q70R boot loop - fading to black

    Hello all. I have had my 55” Q70R for just over a year with no issues until a few days ago, when the screen faded to black, as if the panel had been broken. Since then, the TV has been stuck in a boot loop, with the screen ‘burning out’ as soon as the UI appears. I am led to believe that the...
  10. kaaallen

    Does the NEXTBASE 522GW dash cam loop record

    I am looking to buy the nextbase 522 GW but cannot see anywhere in the spec that it loop records. Does anyone know thanks Ken
  11. pixelandsoda

    Tube buffer loop output question

    Hi guys, A while ago I bought Musical Fidelity X10 v3 Tube Buffer that is connected to my CD player via line input and the output to my amplifier. I'm wondering what is the loop output in the buffer for? According to the manual ‘The LOOP OUTPUT sockets are simply duplicates of the LINE INPUT...
  12. A

    Unifi web dashboard - infinite loop?!

    We had a power cut and it caused havoc with my Unifi APs and I’ve had to reset them all. I’ve just tried to go onto the unifi.ui.com page to change a few things but it just seems to put me into a loop of redirects. Is anyone else having this issue? How can I get into the web based set up?! Thanks
  13. A

    Tales From The Loop HDR

    Trying to watch this on a KD43XH8505 and the picture is very very dark. Usually HDR stuff puts the brightness up Max, which is fine, and I had already made some adjustments for HRD apps...I cant see a HRD Bright/Dark option from Prime. I have put brightness and Gamma up max and the picture is...
  14. L

    Help... PS4 stuck on safe mode loop and cant connect Controller...

    Hi, baffled by this a bit... PS4 goes between a 'serious error' and safe mode when you power up...and is asking for controller to be connected via USB..but it will not connect so stuck on the opening screen.. tried lots of wires.. different controllers... different ports...etc As I cant press...
  15. B

    Anyone ever been to the Mach Loop, Wales to geek out at jets?

    Anyone ever been to the Mach Loop, Wales to geek out at low flying jets? Looking at things to do once things open up again as doubt we will be able to go abroad. Seen some videos of this and looks proper geeky. Never been to Snowdonia so hoping to combine it with that.
  16. Facefirst

    Question Ground loop issues...but need some help

    Hi all, Firstly, a big hello to you. This is my first post. Secondly, I did search and search (promise) but cannot fully understand what issue I am having even though it seems similar to several others. I can't quite figure out what is going on, and hoped that some of you clever people might...
  17. S

    804/12 - Clearing residual image loop - No OLED Firmware

    Currently we have the problem that the 804/12 (Operating hours: 16h) runs in a loop for clearing residual image. Maybe the problem is that in the csm showsi"NO VERSION" for the OLED JB Version and OLED FW Version. Does anybody have the same problem with such a loop. Everytime he tries to clean...
  18. F

    Sony 55XG9505 stuck in boot loop

    Hi guys. This morning I switched my TV on and it's stuck in a boot loop. I started the "Factory reset" process but every time I press a button on the remote I get the "Cancel / Reset" pop up. Has anybody else had this issue? I'm sure it's probably a software thing, but I've no idea how to get...
  19. S

    Marantz NR1604 stuck in an "Update retry" Boot Loop

    Hi I have just recently purchased a NR1604 which I was very pleased with and was working absolutely fine. Unfortunately I made the mistake of trying to update the software via LAN cable without first checking if it was actually connecting to the internet, I had not previously tried any of the...
  20. O

    Samsung UE43RU7172 "Start Playback:INT" random loop key pressing

    Hello Tv is stuck in some kind of loop, displays "start playback: INT" red text on the white background left right corner. Randomly pressing keys left,right, vol up, vol down etc. No idea how to stop this (tried Factory Reset, and power off + unplug cable for 15 minutes doesn't help)
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