London, England
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    London Sunset

    HDR photo merge of 3 photos. London Sunset by iWanders, on Flickr Camera: Canon 600D Focal Length: 20mm ISO: 100 Aperture: f/8 Photo 1: (for Sky) Shutter Speed: 4 Secs Photo 2: (for building / lights) Shutter Speed: 10 Secs Photo 3: (for foreground) Shutter Speed: 30 Secs
  2. I

    Can anyone like myself remember the days when anyone could walk up Downing Street in London home of the Prime Minister.

    Can anyone as old as me or older and when anyone could walk up Downing Street and even stand outside the front door of 10 Downing Street. It’s unbelievable and so long ago that anyone could walk up...
  3. A

    For Sale Pioneer Kuro KRP-500A with wall mount

    Fully working Kuro KRP-500A including Media Box (KRP-M01), TV System Cable (KRP-CA01), remote and Wall Hanging Unit (PDK-WM02). Light scratches, mainly on mediabox. Reluctantly selling because of upgrade. At some point, it had the blue light issue on the TV but was professionally fixed. Please...
  4. S

    London Central Cinemas Best Screen/Sound

    Dad heading to London, fancies seeing No Time to Die (only day has time to see is Tues 4th Oct).. Was going to see at IMAX Cineworld L Sq but doesnt seem to be showing on that date (maybe a Premiere there or just not updated for that day). He wont go to BFI IMAX as too much £££ (in his words...
  5. T

    Question for London underground users.

    I'm a northerner, so don't have much use for the tube, but yesterday my wife and I had to make a train connection so took the tube from Euston to Victoria. We both paid contactless with separate bank debit cards. My bank statement shows a charge from TFL of just 10p. My wife's shows no charge...
  6. ClarksonRecords

    Wanted Cheap projector screen wanted (West london area but can travel)

    Considering having a go at setting up a home cinema as I've got a space that I can play around with. Viewing distance will be around 4.5m so my understanding is something in the 95" - 104" might work. Not sure how much it will be used so budget is tight at around the £60 region. Already have a...
  7. TB303

    What a joke '1GB fibre' central London

    I've had it with them, We've been with Virgin fibre for 4(?) years mostly with a 350mb connection and it just worked, then was upgraded to 1GB and the internet keeps cutting out, I have my own proper router so it's not a Wifi issue. The connection keeps disconnecting, many times the service...
  8. J

    Yet another criticism of London accents

    I see that Lord Digby Jones has criticised the BBC sports presenter Alex Scott, claiming she “spoiled” the BBC Olympics coverage because she can’t pronounce the “g” at the end of words like "swimming". He obviously doesn't realise that this is not laziness but simply a common feature of London...
  9. D

    King’s College London survey on Anabolic Steroids

    Hello, everyone. I am a PhD researcher from King’s College London and I am conducting an online survey about strategies to treat and prevent the adverse effects of anabolic steroids. Here is my Linkedin profile: Participants must be 16...
  10. snowy2004

    Anyone familiar with TFL can help please with advice on upcoming visit to London?

    Hi all. We are visiting London at the weekend. Arrive at Euston Sat afternoon and need to get to Waterloo (staying nearby) and leaving Monday morning from Euston so need to get there from Waterloo. So that's an easy tube journey. We are a family of 2 adults and 2 kids aged 9 and 11. We want...
  11. L

    Moving house to NW London and on from Tag Mclaren/B&W Nautilus - Equipment and Installation advice, please?

    Hi all, I'm looking for an installer supplier in the NW London Areaa. I'm going to be moving in with the other half in a few months and therefore some changes are required to my AV setup. the reason for the delay is that we are undertaking a house renovation and want to get some advice before...
  12. J

    Panasonic engineer in South-East London?

    Hi All, I have a Panasonic DMR BWT 740 which has an issue - it cannot find/retain TV channels. I've discussed on another thread here and it appears the unit has a fault. I called Panasonic and they informed me that the nearest authorised Panasonic repair centre is 22 miles from me (near...
  13. Drax1

    Gangs Of London - Series 2 (TBC)

    After a rollercoaster of a first season, filming looks finally about to begin on the next chapter. And I for one can't wait! I'd imagine it'll probably appear around mid 2022...
  14. I

    London Calling...

    My Original hometown is Southampton, but for the last 19 years I have lived in London. First Rotherhithe, then the Isle of Dogs, and now Greenwich. All 3 of these area's can be seen in this photo. Greenwich Park by iWanders, on Flickr Taken on my iPhone X on a cold afternoon, after the...
  15. Peteralev

    Question Vintage hifi service London

    I have a cassette player and an amplifier from 70s, if you have any good hifi repair store to suggest in London please let me know. I came across to one which is called Armstrong Audio but I wanted to see if there is any other good in London.
  16. Peteralev

    Question Speaker service London celestion

    I have a pair of Celestion UL6 with one of the speakers having no sound from the tweeter and sounds with “strong bass”. The other plays great. Do you know any good repair store in London, which will know what to do and can be trusted..! If you have any to suggest please let me know.
  17. M

    Sky Q Field engineer needed in London

    Due to COVID Sky won’t install into my home and I am seeking a field engineer who will supply the equipment (Sky Q box and Dish) install, for cash. Ground floor installation. Please get in touch. Thanks
  18. spannersatcx

    Christmas Lights London

    I had a small window of opportunity to have a quick visit to Regent Street etc, pre tier 4 etc. 1. Oxford Street _94A5000 by Mark Harris, on Flickr 2. Window display _94A4985 by Mark Harris, on Flickr 3. Spirit of Christmas, Regent Street _94A4973 by Mark Harris, on Flickr 4. _94A4968 by...
  19. RedDevil85

    An American Werewolf in London (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Zavvi (RC Slipcase/Steelbook) - Zavvi (Steelbook) Release date: 29/03/2021 Status: Available to Pre-order Red Carpet Exclusive Slipcase Edition:
  20. Casimir Harlow

    London Has Fallen 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments

    Making its 4K debut in a German trilogy, London Has Fallen gets the better presentation, even if it's the worse movie... although it does redeem itself somewhat on a lowered-expectations rewatch. Read the review. Write your own review for London Has Fallen 4K Blu-ray
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