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  1. Webbserver

    Wanted Logitech Harmony Elite or 950

    I’m looking for either of the above as I really only need a replacement charging cradle for the Elite I already own, but can’t seem to find available to buy as a spare part.
  2. R

    For Sale Logitech Harmony Ultimate - US plugs

    Comes with all original bits and pieces in original box. It has been in use for the last 4 years or so with expected marks of usage but good condition overall.
  3. Juan234

    Wanted Logitech MX keys keyboard for macbook OR an apple magic keyboard

  4. MrFraggle

    Logitech Pro X Headset, woeful volume.

    Received these yesterday and have discovered that the volume is extremely poor. https://www.logitechg.com/en-gb/products/gaming-audio/pro-x-gaming-headset-blue-voice-mic-tech.981-000818.html Whether attached via the small DAC or direct to my PC the volume has to be at a 100% just to be able to...
  5. K

    For Sale Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset

    1 week old, used once but much prefer my Beyerdynamic headset for gaming. £85 delivered.
  6. Humanitarian

    For Sale AM4 CPU Waterblock, 10g unifi switch, monsoon reservoir

    cleaning up the old thread, Have these bits hanging about I don;t need. Chucking it all on ebay on this weekend so feel free to make me a reasonable offer. BYKSKI CPU-RYZEN-X-MK, CPU block for AM3/am4/tr4 in silver - £30 15cm plexi/nickel monsoon res - £10 unifi US‑16‑XG 10GB switch, boxed -...
  7. R

    Wanted Logitech MX Keys Keyboard

    After one of these for my office setup. Anyone looking to sell before I pull the trigger on a brand new one?
  8. mcspongy

    For Sale Logitech shifter for G29/G920/G923

    Bought as part of a bundle this week, but i won't use it, so it is unopened, brand new. £30 plus delivery.
  9. Valen

    For Sale Logitech Harmony ONE

    I have had this in storage for ages with no intention of being used again. Its in OK condition, works fine and charges (as seen in photo). Could probably do with a battery change at some stage.
  10. B

    For Sale Logitech K750 solar keyboard

    Logitech K750 solar keyboard asking £30 delivered.
  11. U

    For Sale Logitech Harmony Companion Universal Remote & Hub

    Gave this remote to my parents who hardly used it unfortunately and stuck to their old 3 remotes! Both remote and hub are in good condition. 2 rf boosters are included. The usb power brick will be a generic one. It will take me a couple of days to arrange postage and it will be a...
  12. A

    For Sale Logitech G Pro X Superlight | New Wireless Gaming Mice

    Logitech G Pro X Superlight These are wireless gaming mice powered by an integrated rechargeable battery weighing at just 63g, they come with their USB dongles and charging leads Out of stock, selling for over RRP online, hope the price I've put is fair (below RRP) Condition: Brand new...
  13. A

    Wanted Logitech Harmony Elite remote

    As per title , I'm looking for a Logitech Harmony Elite in mint condition, possibly in original box. Thanks. Adrian.
  14. B

    Anyone got a Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse, any good.

    Anyone got a Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse, any good. Thanks
  15. fragdude

    Wanted Elgato hd60s, elgato stream deck, Logitech c920 camera

    Son is getting in to twitch streaming, so wants Elgato stream deck - still needed :) Elgato hd60s- got Logitech g920 camera - got Thanks Jason
  16. E

    Logitech Harmony Ultimate passthrough setup activity

    How do I set up an activity where the amplifier is not turned on but the input is sent to AV1? I have installed the latest version of MyHarmony ( I feel that I can configure less than in a previous version. When I go to the activities tab, select the activity and click on "adjust...
  17. B

    logitech mx mouse - charging

    quick question all, is it safe to charge my mx mouse via a apple phone charger plug. won't send too much current/power to my mouse?
  18. Szjoin

    Question Logitech Media Server (in Docker), squeeze2upnp and CXN V2 - help!

    Hi, I am running an Logitech Media Server ((version 8.1.0) on an RPi (4) in a Docker instance. I installed the squeeze2upnp bridge so the LMS can serve the CXNV2. I cannot get it to work. The CXN does not 'see' the LMS nor can the LMS select the CXN as renderer. Who has ideas on this? (p.s. I...
  19. J

    Don’t know how to set up Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick for Xbox one

    Please can someone help. I’m a real novice at gaming but have bought my son squadrons and a Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick for Christmas. Reviews say the joystick is compatible with the game but I can’t get the joystick to respond at all on the Xbox one when plugged into the usb slot. No...
  20. A

    Logitech harmony automatically switches off one device when switching activities

    I've got a logitech harmony universal remote and kef lsx speakers. I have the TV remote synced in the watch tv activity and the speakers synced in the listen to music activity of the remote. The problem i have is when i click watch tv the tv turns on and it automatically switches off the...
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